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The Anti Christ


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People out there that choose not to wake up. But if you are waking up, they try to pull you back into the nightmare. Don't believe this or that, you don't know the truth, no one does. Your going too far etc etc.


They will only realise it, when its too late. And many of them wont seek Jesus, in the face of their torture. But you will become lost if you deny Jesus just to save your life on the earth.


You are being Warned right now... The reason why the government is bringing in millions of Muslims is to do with Sharia law, And Jihad.. They will try and force you to become a muslim and if you refuse to convert it will be at the mercy of Sharia Law.


We are all infidels to the islamic religion, unless we convert.. So your all willing to deny Jesus just to give the antichrist religion and antichrist government the power over Freewill.

You choose to live a temporary life over an eternal life just so Sharia Law and Jihad does not treat you like they treat all their so called infidels..

You have been warned..


Accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, even in the face of the Anti Christ that would force you to choose..


Yes, The Anti Christ is a false religion that will try and force you to reject Jesus Christ.....




Once the Muslims have served their purpose, the Militaries of the One World Government will Kill all Muslims too... Thats also the truth.. We see it happening in China right now.. Christians and Muslims in concentration camps and prisons, and places of worship being torn down.. In china they are doing it the opposite way, yet still part of the New World Order.. But in the U.K. they will bring millions of muslims in, and cause Sharia Law, They will use islam as a tool to reduce the populations of the U.K.. They have already stopped people from church gatherings etc, but they sympathise with muslims not being able to have mass gatherings.. They sympathise with muslims, but not Christians..


REALISE THIS BEFORE WE LOSE OUR CHANCES.. Muslims are able to cross oceans and wonder the country without facing 14 days lockdown... They are being given more privileges over the British Public.....


THESE LAST FEW PROTESTS NEED TO GET IT DONE. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE TO FIGHT BACK.. Also, If you think China, The U.S. Or Russia Are Enemies, Think Again...





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There is some hope out there. Not much, but some.


Case in point. 


Whenever I hear stories of ex-Muslims who upon abandoning their religion have taken to speaking out against their former faith, I absolutely rejoice, as no doubt all the angels in heaven do as well. Here are people who have come to their senses and are now that much closer to raising their consciousness and expanding their hearts.


Apostates of Islam are some of the most admirable human beings on the planet, having escaped spiritual darkness and twisted ideological enslavement, these ones are to be proud of themselves, as they represent a beacon of light and hope for the worldwide family of beloved kafirs, who surely must feel heart-warmed at the brave stance these awakened souls have taken; fine examples they are for those who have yet to renounce their allegiance to an overbearing and arguably demonic theocracy.


There are thousands of examples across the world of those who have left Islam and come to Christ, and should this joyous trend continue, the future would certainly not appear so bleak as it presently does.


Truly, to be called an infidel is the highest of compliments an Islamist could offer, and many do so without any reluctance on their part, perhaps unaware of their strengthening the self-esteem of many a nonbeliever throughout the world.


Although there are many Christians who continue to hope and pray for Muslim minds to be opened to the light of a more loving God in Jesus, there are others who would simply be in praise of the divine were an Islamic Reformation to take place, one that would see to the hateful and supremacist aspects of the religion being removed from its ideology and sacred texts once and for all.


Followers would then be able to read their holy books to their hearts' content without ever the risk of their becoming deranged lunatics. That is to say, there would be no passages for the demented jihadist to try and pass the buck onto. 


This would no doubt lead to an end of numerous divisions and strife, and there might finally be peace in the Islamic lands. More genuine conversions to Islam might even occur, sans the need for coercive tactics and ultimatums.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one such admirable soul who has championed the need for an Islamic Reformation to occur, although I'm not exactly certain what in her mind this would entail.


Imagine if all Muslims were moderates who embraced freedom and democracy and sharia law was no more. There would be more of heaven on earth for sure.



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