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Talking To Yourself?

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There is a real reason why many people talk to themselves.


People talk to themselves, only because no one is around that cares to listen.


Then you have certain people observing you, while your talking to yourself. And what do they do? They tell you that you are talking to yourself, Even when they are present and listening, and even when they are aware that you are talking to yourself.. They tell you to stop talking to yourself...


So even some people that are listening to you talking to yourself, they are not really listening to you. They have no care to listen to you, which is why really, you are talking to yourself, even when you are made aware that someone is listening to you talking. 


You talk to yourself, because no one is around that cares to listen.


You think no one is around that cares to listen? When you Pray, God is listening. God cares to listen, even when no one else does..

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I tell people who pull me up on talking to myself that they do it all the time.


It's called thinking.


Only, I do it aloud instead of contained in my head. I know that God can hear me whether I am talking junk, entertaining myself, relieving stress or plain praying.

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It’s not quite talking to myself but I do have a constant chatterbox going on in my head


its only when I take a second out and observe or notice it that I’m aware of it, I guess doing something like meditation would make me aware of it and is one of the few times I can slow it down 


it’s nothing bad, usually mundane staff like having an imaginary conversation with someone I’d seen a few days ago, hope I don’t. Sound too crazy but that’s how my mind works 

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I talk to myself an awful lot,i detest phones ,detest even more video calling and given the current situation dont see enough people to engage in conversation



I only do it when i want expert advice though

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