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Fibonacci and Life


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In any galaxy, you can count the Fibonacci sequence for distance and time, The further out you go, apparently life exists within each section. and as you go out further using the Fibonacci sequence , so does the age of a civilisation.... Unless the universe was created at the same exact time, which means all galaxies and planets and even stars are all the same age.. And if not all the same age, then life on other planets are far more ahead of us as we count the Fibonacci sequence and follow its design as we go out further. The design of the Fibonacci Sequence can tell you how old something really is.. So the outer edges of the milky way have older and more advanced civilisations.. Unless everything in the universe was created at the same time....


How do scientists examine how old a star is? maybe all stars and galaxies are the same age... Which is why all intelligent civilisations have not had the technology to visit other worlds.

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