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Boris Covid-19 - "New Jerusalem, Zion" - As Presented at 2012 Zion Olympics, Covid-19 Pantomime Act - New World Order - Noahide Laws


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9 hours ago, DannyUK said:


It doesn’t matter who wrote it, its true. People have forgot because men have become like commodities which are either a production of business or cogs in a machine. Many are still slaves but don’t know it and are within complete denial. These people are very free with the term “conspiracy theorist” and nut job and such… They’re expendable so people can take chances with someone else’s life because we are living within a manufactured state of imbalance. One which puts material price before spiritual value.

Well maybe you ought to reevaluate your spiritual values. Usually the most corruption and exploitation comes from “the owner” or those whom believe themselves to be our “owners” who we’ve allowed too much influence over our lives by the surrendering of our authority. They certainly have not got mine and if that makes me a socialist or a fascist so be it. The label isn't important. The problem exists and it comes from devaluing human life by turning man into a machine. I believe that more people need to understand this as to correct this imbalance, this doesn’t mean that all business is bad or wrong just when and where it exists to enslave man and treat him like a commodity which is expandable based upon a material value.


May you view this with new eyes…


They LIve - Preacher 



Samsara 2011 - Humans ?



Agent Smith Interrogation


Pi - Pie 

Do you see how this imbalance ends?

This is due to a “miscalculation” in the perception of life.

You should be viewing it from the heart, not the logical mind which is the workshop of the devil which only seeks to keep you within the loop, the prison reality of numbers, weights and measurements, if not kept in check and is allowed to dominate your reality. You become spellbound to the illusion, the architecture and will never see beyond the boundary, the architecture, the demiurges paradise, created to imprison the mind.


Pi (1998) Official Trailer


Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa: A Message to the World




This goes with the above information….


Black Sabbath / Killing Yourself To Live / 1974 California Jam


Killing Yourself To Live by Black Sabbath REMASTERED



If you only listen to the first 5 minutes hopefully you’ll see the relevance…



Tao Te Ching Read by Wayne Dyer with Music & Nature Sounds Binaural Beats

M-set (Tool Laterralus)


Black Sabbath - Hard Road lyrics


COVID Revival Tour - Barbenheimer “Cultural Phenomenon” - Otherwise known as behavioural engineering? - Babalon Working 


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2000 Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony…



Looks like a ritual of liberating the dead/hungry ghost spirts. Also the realm of inhuman spirits - Djinn/Demons

Once again, this has transhumanism written all over it.







Nothing to see here…


Nikki Webster - Strawberry Kisses


The Invisible Government 

RIP John Pilger


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