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Boris Covid-19 - "New Jerusalem, Zion" - As Presented at 2012 Zion Olympics, Covid-19 Pantomime Act - New World Order - Noahide Laws


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First off, New Jerusalem and Zion are all terms for a New World Order without necessary using such terms.

Should be fairly obvious.

That NWO which isn't taking place and is just a Conspiracy Theory.

It's not a theory but a Conspiracy being denied to exist by people either complict, in denial or too brain dead to care or admit it.



Covid-19 is the Bogeyman - Something that goes bump in the night after 10pm or only when you're having fun


Boris is playing the Piper, drawing on the whirlwinds of the gods of war, to usher in the transformation society.

Reading his masters script is his musical instrument.




Covid can change UK like 'new Jerusalem' of 1940s, Johnson claims

Prime minister tells virtual Tory conference that country must not return to status quo



Boris Johnson sets out his ‘new Jerusalem’ vision for post-Covid UK






Will you taste it, or does it smell a little like bullshit to you? 

Is someone trying to put you asleep like a poisoned pill?

Or do they already assume you've swallowed it via accepting Covid-19 and all it's implications?



Now, I know what you're thinking...

And, have you ever wondered what shit spead on toast looks like?


👌 Now we know, we can all move on with our lives and live happily ever after 😇🙏


Hopefully this post will be a relatively short post than some of my others 🤭😆 Whoops 😄


∴ The Post full of various Rainbow Symbolism  - You'll see this below what I'm referring to via the text...


Here is a post of mine that discusses the use of Covid-19 to impose Global One World Government, focusing upon the symbolic nature of the Rainbow via Covid-19, I say is being used for a specific purpose ritualistically and subliminally we are and have been being told what's going on and what to expect ever since the start of everything Corona.



Crown - Corona - Coronation of the Whore of Babylon and we are being told it's the Virgin Mary - Level of Deception - Inversion today 😇


We don't simply have a Coronation we have a Corona - Globe.

That's the transformation which is so obviously taking place, as we place the crown of nations to the crown of the Globe.

The Corona Virus is the Crown placed over man's minds as their divine rulers!

That's a Corona Virus, sticking thorns into everyone's head, like a splinter within our minds, that we are slaves, subjects, a serf class. They've hijacked "God".

The bondage we have been born into is equivalent to cuckold consciousness - imprisonment, barriers of the mind to well contained barriers of control, limited via the 1% of visible light they control and have entrained our consciousness so we don't see beyond the fantasia of false light, the label consciousness, the interface we project upon reality. That interface is their reality and when we confuse it with our reality, we create their world of control.




The Rainbow symbol in this fashion depicts central stage the global Mind Virus Wetiko that's taking place under the guise of Covid-19 and everything it has come to mean. The mind virus that's trying to justify the transformation of society via the exploitation of a peaceful unification within common accord to joint threats that threaten all of humanity.



Justifying the need, reality and logic of a Global Government via a Global Family and all the implications such inspires.



The only thing getting in their way then will be terrorism which will engineer the path to peace via war, via the "resurrection" of terrorism will occur. I'm surprised we haven't had a so called ISIS video paying lip service to the dangers of Covid-19 that they're taking time out from Terrorism until further notice 🤔




We've all been put under the rainbow...


The Rainbow now signifies a collective war on society, via many different fronts, which we call peaceful unification and the embracing of civil rights, liberties and freedoms, when in reality, while many people are busy virtue signalling one another in this manner, it's all of those things which are being taken away for a phantom image of isolation we are made to believe is oneness, unification and acceptance. It's imposition and we have people glorifying it via a false sense of pride, respect and self-righteousness made to appear sincere, that you find out just how insincere it is if you challenge them on it, encourage questioning, speculation or debate. You're more often than not met with hostility. All it takes is a little push and those counter extremes on either side turns into civil war...




The Rainbow is actually symbolic of the transformation of the world to this Unification of Peace.

The foundation stone of this order will be these Noahide Laws.


The Rainbow Symbolism is essentially an occult interpretation of transformation, from the story of Noah and the Rainbow as communication from God and his promise which followed the destruction of the old world via the cleansing of sin with a great flood.


We are having this transformation take place via the actions of man, playing at being the divinity via mimicking religious prophecy, in the hands of Dark Occult Forces, deceiving the masses via their actions and imitation of such symbolism.

I'm sure many people may suggest this type of deception is what has always happened and what man has called God was another man over him, pretending to be God.



They maybe right for some or even a large majority, but, these deceptions are likely original divinely inspired to be so common and global, manifesting via so many different cultures, at least that this presence being that of a higher intelligence we've called God and like everything else has been hijacked, simulating "the God's" - just as our reality is being simulated within technology - To hijack the senses of man, largely via the influence and stimulation of the subliminal mind, leading a blind and mindless society whom don't really know and don't get the urge to interact themselves, with what's going on in the world and being made to happen, research and ask questions and are just content on being led regardless-  of off what, a cliff?

As why would someone get the urge to interact, if all they've known and become use to is being browbeaten down via some form of authority figure they've just accepted as, authority must mean truth?

It doesn't but that's what any and all authority would like you to believe.




You will see from the latest comment, I have included a whole host of Rainbow spiritual interpretation from many other cultures and religions from around the world. You'll hopefully see how they all have different variations upon exactly the same thing within their own unique perspectives, of the rainbow symbolic of anything from messages from God, transformation and the gateway or bridge to another world or realm of existence.

We are having our world systematically transformed into another world, their New World Image - Order.


It's the nature of this symbolism which is being hijacked for systematic, scripted desires which are being rolled out via these Globalists and not necessarily what the symbol is supposed to represent, which is what we don't want to get confused and deceived by getting caught in this exposure of deception based on such terms and symbols.

It's very easy to do and confuse.


∴ The Post full of various Rainbow Symbolism Here 




London - Zion Olympics 2012 was completely 100% as the name suggests, a world stage to present and usher in this New Jerusalem - Zion, via the world perception of merely a global event of sports and games.




Likely this year of 2012 was used boldly to show what we are seeing happen now, this transformation of society to their NWO as a skit upon the 2012 end times prophecy of the Mayan.

To essentially present what they're going to do to transform the world via destructive acts, right under our nose as a joke we're not all necessarily in on.

This was fairly obvious by many at the time and around the event that many assumed the event itself would be the transformation period via an act of terrorism or something that would usher in that NWO within 2012.








He who control's Jerusalem in the end of Days control's the world, it really doesn't matter much if you actually are talking about London or Israel-Palestine.

They're controlled and are central to the manipulation of Global Control.

It's certainly carried out more from London, than the more obvious war front of Israel which acts as a symbol, as would King Solomon's Temple and the destruction of The Dome of the Rock.

This symbolises a war on the world and a World War III stimulating revelation isn't far from what we'd get and is exactly what the mad bastards behind global domination are trying to simulate via the need of destorying The Dome of the Rock, which doesn't have to happen to build King Solomon's Temple if all it was about was the construction of this occult temple.

Yet this has to happen by those whom are using King Solomon's Temple as a symbolic means, representative of Global Domination and calling it, a Unification of Peace after all the war that's been needed to achieve that Peace!

The event upon The Dome of the Rock is to act as a catalyst and it would likely be presented as a very alien one 




New Jerusalem - Zion 


This can mean many things to different people and potentially be positive.

If Zion is like the underground cities of "the real world" of the Matrix, to avoid destruction of machines and AI, due to a failed world of Transhumanism, setting man at war with machines that tried to take over the world, you can keep it and all that genuis which created it!



The film acts as a symbolic representation of what's real, not actually being 100% real in and of itself. 

It's symbolic of how an artificially induced society can ultimately destory itself via It's own advancements, knowledge and wisdom. Believing they know best and ultimately, it is this "progress" which eventually destorys themselves.




The whole idea behind driving this New World Order, Zion, New Jerusalem, is by a people whom assume they know how better to engineer the world and society and by doing so, destorying that whatever they say is no longer needed, a hindrance or would be better updated.




This is how society is justifiably destoryed, it isn't purely destruction but "divine transformation". This how why the world has become and is being deliberately divided to create division and revolution.




So out of the ashes of that "revolution" all their plans of New World Order can be put in place as their solution and their "true unification of peace" be put in place.





Trump does do it better though...



Maybe that's where Johnson has got it wrong? 🤔


Society is being Raped by the use of subliminal suggestion and their misuse or hijacking of symbols and terms, as they’re doing via one example of the Rainbow by supposedly representing Covid-19...




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  • DannyUK changed the title to Boris Covid-19 - "New Jerusalem, Zion" - As Presented at 2012 Zion Olympics, Covid-19 Pantomime Act - New World Order - Noahide Laws

The other term they are all using is "build back better."


This is why I despair of how thick as pig shit most people are; forget the Georgia guide stones they tell you on national TV what they are doing, it's blatant.


They must be laughing themselves stupid at the idiots wearing masks.

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14 minutes ago, Enforcement said:

The other term they are all using is "build back better."


This is why I despair of how thick as pig shit most people are; forget the Georgia guide stones they tell you on national TV what they are doing, it's blatant.


They must be laughing themselves stupid at the idiots wearing masks.


Yep exactly and they're using exactly the same slogan in the US to virtue signal douchebags. Yes We Can. Change.

I'm not Trump - Genuine Slogan, if they used one.

They've used the greatest douchebag they could find to see if people are actually stupid enough to vote for someone simply because they ain't Trump. This ain't a Genuine candidate, just a figure they're using to test how stupid the US actually are, by all those whom actually vote Trump as if there's a choice and those whom vote Biden as they know they don't have one but simply don't want Trump.



Yep. It is that obvious now.

People ought to look into the deeper symbolism of what's going on if and how they don't believe it or find it hard to understand. They will see how and why the symbolism has been planned to achieve something, that's why and how it's predictable then when it happens, you know and can see a pattern from the point of "Conspiracy Theorists" which you wouldn't have seen if you hadn't previously looked through the perspective of Conspiracy Theorists which are denounced and thus, you have no fucking clue what's going on and believe it to be a matter of coincidence and spontaneity 🤣

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I was reading an article a few weeks ago that said that face masks being used was a big part of monarch mind control.

At the very least the mask is a symbol of fear and also dehumanises as they cover most of the face and increases the sense of isolation due to no facial expressions being visible.

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Good post. Here's a quote from Boris if anyone's interested.



Prime Minister Boris Johnson's article in Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.



My first real experience of Israel came when I was 18, and spent several weeks working in the kitchens at kibbutz Kfar HaNassi. My fellow kibbutzniks managed to survive my contribution to their diet. I took away a profound attachment to the state of Israel.


My many visits in recent years have left a deep impression – whether the solemnity and dignity of Yad Vashem, memorial to a unique crime in world history; the extraordinary gathering of world leaders for the funeral of an old friend, Shimon Peres; or cycling down Rothschild Boulevard with the Mayor of Tel Aviv, marvelling at the vibrancy of the White City.


I am a passionate defender of Israel. Few causes are closer to my heart than ensuring its people are protected from the menace of terrorism and anti-Semitic incitement. The UK has always stood by Israel and its right to live as any nation should be able to, in peace and security. Our commitment to Israel’s security will be unshakeable while I am Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


So it is with sadness that I have followed the proposals to annex Palestinian territory. As a life-long friend, admirer and supporter of Israel, I am fearful that these proposals will fail in their objective of securing Israel’s borders and will be contrary to Israel’s own long-term interests.


Annexation would put in jeopardy the progress that Israel has made in improving relationships with the Arab and Muslim world. I have never been more convinced that Israel’s interests overlap with those of our closest partners in the Arab world, including potential security cooperation against shared threats.


I want to see an outcome that delivers justice for both Israelis and Palestinians. The UK has often stood in a small minority at the UN in defending Israel against unwarranted and wholly disproportionate criticism.


That's just some of what he said.


This country runs red with Rothschild blood money, it's disgusting.

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13 hours ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

Just watched that Boris Speech about "new jerusalem" aka the bunting cloverleaf map/Oded Yinon, third temple, Greater Israel plan and I saw something that gave me flashbacks.




This is definitely of the same merit as that.

It's as if we are within pre-catalyst times to VV Government following the events that are taking place right now - the virus history to V's world - driving such extremes which take place between 2020-30.


Prince of Darkness 


That the collapse of the US will be such a catalyst, to achieve the Agendas 21-30 and their various "zones"...




Did you hear BoJO's statement of how, Covid-19 is being used as the Trigger Event to enter us within this "New Jerusalem"?


The only thing you'd have to change is the Twin Towers for Covid-19, overlapping the London 2012 Olympic Stadium would be ideal 👌 


I've shared this before within another thread on here...

This movie could act as a pantomime to the world we are living within today.

Insanity, hell on earth via a mind virus - Archons - Wetiko - Our minds turned into their mind - the virus becomes ideas that are not our own, constant chatter within the skull...



I don't know what some other people may find scarier...

I know what I do. It's the one that actually happens all the time before many people on a daily basis. That's actually the scariest.


A shape-shifting Agent Smith before their eyes transforming into someone else physically, of this world or not?


Or someone appearing exactly the same as they're to you all the time and the moment you challenge their beliefs, ideology and world view - you touch them - you hit a nerve, the system comes to the surface of their minds immediately and they transform into someone else mentally, a drone, but appear to be themselves and are convinced those thoughts are their own and you're the one that's mad not them, very resistant and defensive.

A robot, a repeater of the system, the Wetiko Mind Virus, distracted by blind disobedient lust, the shadow of the subconscious mind, overwhelming the senses of the conscious awareness, rendering you mindlessly driven via, "Triggering" you may not even be consciously aware of, if you was, you should be aware of this deception over your mind if you had any sense left at all. Thus, we live a reactionary society, blind, deaf, dumb, docile...

Not that the nature of us being this way is wrong or stupid. But that it's been hijacked by a people seeking to exploit the direction and destiny of humanity.


It's as if we are being led into this chaotic state and all those whom follow blindly without questioning it or challenging what's happening, deserve the hell on earth they're going to get out of it, by walking into the devils mouth willingly of their own freewill...


🙏 Thank God it's just a ride 😇


While attacking others who are trying to alert them that hell on earth is being systematically planned out, created and made to happen.

We don't have to follow this insanity and nor should we.
We get laughed at and attacked as insane for saying that...


The World has been this way for awhile, it has just got more extreme and this reality is becoming ever more obvious to those whom realised it beforehand.
It's what makes it so irritating to see others whom haven't got it yet 🙄 


Even the Eiffel Tower was only temporary, just like Covid-19 "Preventative Measures and Restrictions..."


Who the F**k is Alice? - Alan Watts - Phantom Self - Involution 



That's what happens when we're led via these extremes to become more serious, that's what leads to pure insanity.

We need to recover our senses!



So, BoJo is creating this New World Order, his New Jerusalem, from within the TEETH of this pandemic?

Can someone remind me 🤔

Just who's mouth are we in again?

While everyone else's mouth have symbolically been closed up with a mask of subjugation and mass online censorship?

The Mouth of Madness?

The Devils?

Or are they one in the same?



I'd prefer to climb out and find an alternative route round if possible!

But, that's not an option.

Probably be treated as cowardice in the face of the enemy, a Conscientious objector, a quisling or a traitor even...

It's called not being a fucking idiot and walking off a cliff because some jumped up little shit in a suit has tried to manipulate the idea that doing so is a good idea, when we can see that all of this has actually been planned out to lead a people toward their own demise if they'd accept it, a path towards sure doom and nothing but failure, ruin and misery.


It's organised system failure!


I've written at least two different copies of this and lost it and it wasn't saved as a draft 🤨

Maybe updates on here or my phone but was a pain in the arse, sure I've missed stuff out 🤔

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Can anyone help me out as I'm curious.

I have always had a great love and respect for Rastafarianism. 

They talk of Zion as a place of peace and unity, the opposite of Babylon. 


Would this mean there are technically two different (or more) of the word/place as Zion? 


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1 hour ago, allymisfit said:

Can anyone help me out as I'm curious.

I have always had a great love and respect for Rastafarianism. 

They talk of Zion as a place of peace and unity, the opposite of Babylon. 


Would this mean there are technically two different (or more) of the word/place as Zion? 





The way I see it, the original versions or intentions of Zion, New Jerusalem, has been hijacked in the same sense as Hindu and Buddhists ideals of Global Unification and Peace have been hijacked for the creation of this New World Order to be achieved via the deception upon the true meaning and intent of those religious prophecies and understanding.


This is to achieve this New World Order via the deception of religious and spiritual prophecies of essentially peace on earth via society on mass collectively seeing their interconnectedness and that they're one consciousness, which when realised can change the state of reality on earth by liberating earth to the heavens or decending us into hell, via mass consciousness entrainment.

This historically seems to have almost if not always been entrianed upon Warfare...



Those whom wish to maintain this entrainment as they do currently, do so to control humanity via influence, manipulation and great deception.

Nothing is better at doing this than the TV, MSM and now Social Media and the informational Warfare on our minds to bring Order out of that Chaos they have created.

They want to be the great destroyers and then the liberators, so out of the destruction of our old world image, they can create their new world order.


We are within in a void on earth, a vacuum, cut off from the consciousness of the heavens above until we transcend this physical experience rat race prison limitation of consciousness, through spiritual ascension and/or transformation via death of the body.

The waters above the firmament may have been misunderstood, these waters are of the spirit and consciousness which we are connected, but are like a computer firewalled off from certain spiritual knowledge and wisdom of the heavens until we have reached a certain state of receptivity within the mind for it not to perverted or blow our minds as if someone hooked our brain into a mains electrical socket. It can do you more bad than good if you hook up the wrong equipment.

It can create a state of self destruction via the perversion of that knowledge as those behind this Globalist Death Cult pervert this knowledge as a means to control society.

This is how I see it anyway.


Norse Tree of Life 



You maybe interested in this post on Rainbow Symbolism via many different cultures around the world and how this may translate to the deception of Covid-19 and Spiritual Awareness...


The UN have used people associated with the occult to collect, document and archive materials of religious and spiritual prophecies from around the world to create a method and means of a Global Unification out of the deception upon widely held beliefs within all these various groups of the world to be successful in this great deception of achieving their New World Order.

A couple of them are Helena Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley. This doesn't mean all they had to say was bad and evil, in the same way all the information they had collected was bad and evil. Just that the intent behind the use of those whom archived this information was to deceive the masses based on coordinating global events around would be the fulfilment of divine spiritual prophecies in the eyes of many onlookers, so they will drink from the poisoned chalice...



So a people are led into believing that the positive aspects of their beliefs coming to fruition are genuine and not that of exploitation which is what it is.

Just how the exploitation of Judaism was achieved by way of the theftem of Palestine - Israel - and the use of Zionism.


Israel in Palestine 



It has nothing to do with Judaism and it's religious beliefs beyond the hijacking of those religious beliefs for political leverage and control.

It's an occult racket, a political philosophy idolised by the Globalist Death Cult, the great deceivers and inverters of others beliefs to achieve their end goals of control and playing God.


Wouldn't say I totally agree with all of this and the Christian narrative, but it is a good starting point to understand the nature of this scam taking place, because what's being said is true in that sense.

But, Christianity is just as deceptive in my mind and some of the works of these people in the occult aren't all evil but their works are being used for evil intent just as Christianity itself is being used for such evil. We should make the distinction and not confuse either as being absolutes, otherwise we won't see the truth when it is present somewhere we have closed our minds off from seeing it because "it's evil".

Just as many do by saying they're a "Conspiracy Theorist" so their minds become closed off to any truth or understanding which may exist in anything they have to say because they've made their minds up, don't want to hear it or can't hear it...


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The left and right arm of one body. One can't be the other and it don't matter how hard it tries it never will be either. Deception is the only true weapon they have and they have mastered it to perfection. Once you break free from the matrix they have created it's very easy to spot the lies. The inversions jump out at you on the billboards like a scene from They Live.

Great post Danny.

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19 minutes ago, Brad the lad said:

The left and right arm of one body. One can't be the other and it don't matter how hard it tries it never will be either. Deception is the only true weapon they have and they have mastered it to perfection. Once you break free from the matrix they have created it's very easy to spot the lies. The inversions jump out at you on the billboards like a scene from They Live.

Great post Danny.

I would agree with that except that their only weapon is deception. They have tentacles in every facet of our world and the financial/technology to implement it. I think deception is just another tool in the toolbox of control, when deception doesn't work they use brute force to get what they want. 

Follow the money as they say...


Here's a clip from the movie Network (still need to watch it lol) which completely captures the essence of the world we live in today.



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So, what we are essentially saying is...



Metropolis is here - The World of Bliss and Peace, we are now giving birth to her...

We call this Dystopian of Global Control a Utopia. That certainly would be a brave new world to do so. We are calling it, the a great reset, reboot, New Jerusalem, Zion.

Not walking into The Mouth of Madness, the mouth of the beast...










Or better put...

Metropolis, is being made to happen!

Mans being made to feel as though he is powerless to do anything other than to "go with the flow" of what's being made to happen to him, imposed and some people have the idea that this imposition is just the way thing's are, or the way thing's always have been and always will be...




A breakdown of whats being shown here...

My opinion


The mouth of the beasts the slaves are voluntary entering into.

People can argue over what to call this beast as some people worship the names given to this association as being positive and others evil, particularly since Christianity has been used to invert the beliefs of others, God's and deities by those using religion as a control system and the ideal structure for the imposition of fascism!

Just in the same way American Native cultures, either Aztec or Mayan have equivalently been used to present this evil beast of predominantly Christian perspective, thus Christian imposition can triumph along with the facist system...


Regardless of all this, what is important to note and understand, is the voluntary act and path of man marching toward his own demise and doom by his own will and the great ironoy being, many of them doing this "to survive". To not be the nail that stands out, thus getting hammered, they can all collectively be hammered, "taking their fair share", "pulling their weight" of self assured suffering, in the hope this systematic form of self perpetuated suffering is better than trying to go against the machine, as if such is to go against the flow, the tao, when it's the machine that's been setup deliberately to divide man from himself and go against and destroy his own nature by the progression of this system, as if we are alien to ourselves, environment and call this normal because they're all mutually getting the same "deal".

While not having the balls or gumption to call out those who are doing this on top of the hill, not living by the same standards and expectations upon everyone else and the quite obvious imposition and contradictions, they hit a man they already perceive as being down, doing the systems bidding that they may not necessarily see...




In the game of the survival of the fittest, these people are not fit to survive if they do this, go along with it and be it upon their own heads, not those behind the imposition of action of mindlessness and ignorance, creating the world stage which presents and imposes it.

While ufortunately, there's some truth to this. You need to recover your senses...


The Baal Cycle is an Ugaritic cycle of stories about the Canaanite god Baʿal (lit. "Owner", "Lord"), a storm god associated with fertility. It is one of the Ugarit texts.



Symbolic of man fighting against the clock, fighting against the inevitability of time within his system of mind he has been entrained to perceive and live our reality and thus is at war with himself to survive, if he wins, he dies.

Trying to hold off sure doom and self destruction.

The search for immortality - Transhumanism...


Man's search for it is usually driven by the same nature of his blind disobedient lust.

The perversion of true love is boiled down to a chemical reaction brought about and thus a chronic hypnotisation takes over the mind. This of course, should be where the Whore of Babylon excels herself over the minds eye of many.



A nature of himself that somehow sets him apart from his own nature 🤔

That it's something to fight against, resist, beat into submission or br triumph over by the planting of a flag and transcend the boundaries of it's natural forces instead of going with them and adapting.


Ironically, this is likely because it is him which is beaten into submission via the system, only, this duality has him playing the systems game of survival...


It's likely because he is aware of his own physical prison, yet if you had this conversation of how this prison is a construct system for your mind, the very same person would look at you as if you was mad?

A state of denial or the feeling as if you yourself is being split open into two, self destructive, or if the ground of being which you walk on was destroyed. You're being swallowed up - Ironic



Thus, via mans blind disobedient lust, the use of technology, Transhumanism and their own success, they gave birth to the Whore of Babylon, the fall of man etc 

A.I. - Transgender Agenda to Transhumanism - Evolution of the human condition via eugenics and memetics, newspeak to restructure and destory culture, all via the Globalist Death Cult 




Which all the peoples venerated.





They're all eyes of God making and watching Shiva dance but they didn't and don't know it, due to hijacking of their minds via a perverse system of thought seeking to bamboozle them from their own senses for the purposes of control and exploitation of consciousness as if it were energy to power machines, as if we are ultimately machines without spirit, as this system is counterspirt and soul destorying, so we maintain our existence as slaves to that system, which is paving us toward our own demise, simply because we are hypnotised and bamboozled via a train of thought.

While some may perceive that they're seeing this happening to them outside of their control, as they see it, but not the hijacking of their consciousness that is behind it, due to the nature of this Wetiko, Mind Virus and the splitting of self...





Microcosms and Macrocosms - Trap of consciousness is the physical, the flesh or to be, the technological prison, which is designed to evolve the human condition to a Heartless Society, devoid of emotion.

Into mathematical prisons, the "perfect system". So, we trade the label consciousness projection for a mathematical one, rather than using them as a tool to identify what's beyond what those things are telling and representing to us, as we confuse the the symbol with the reality, due to the nature of how they're both projections of our mind and equivocally illusive.



This went on longer than I had hoped or anticipated 😱👌

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  • 2 weeks later...

Copied from my other threads added at the bottom...


Here’s a thought if you listen to this latest information in David Icke’s Video Cast...




It makes sense why the cult would use Bill Gates as an asset when you realise the level of fraud taking place upon the level of software simulations and statistic. Much of this is already known by way of the phoney computer models of predictions etc

But this goes further with the so called “testing”


I’d advise anyone reading this to check what I’m saying for themselves to see if I’ve understood all this properly...

The testing suggest, they take already tainted data collections, accumulated via PCR tests which just so happens to have been bought up in 2017-2018 with $476 Billion while it just so happens, that PCR test would come in handy for a Novel Virus outbreak in 2020 😆

They didn’t spend £476 Billion on any other tests during 2017-2020 did they?


Why then?

What made PCR tests a profitable incentive and a necessity back then?


They then take a number of samples from the genetic materials accumulated from the already fraudulent PCR test and enter that information into a computer, which then goes on to plug holes of unknown data sets via artificially simulating data which syncs all the relevant genetic material together.
In other words it’s bogus and you can be basing your outcomes more off those artificially inputted data sets as you could any real data previously collected and inputted.

This is a technique to potentially allow Bill Gates RNA Vaccinations which fucks with our genetic code.

Like filling in bits of a DNA sequence and you only have so many strings, you don’t truly know the data between point A and B and so on, that data is plugged by a computer simulation to fill gaps by at best, a best guess, at worse, a deliberate fraudulent action so false data can be simulated into tests and make anyone and everyone appear to have a virus based on “an accumulation of error” via the phoney data sets inputted via the software simulation!

In other words, this can be made to happen, deliberately by such tools being in the wrong hands as they evidently are!

The study suggests, the only way to successfully get or spread a virus, such as these tests with COVID, is by first poisoning and starving cells, then introducing the virus via inoculation, you inject the so called virus into the cells already under stress.

If this it be when it’s actually injected into the human body, while having a lowered immune system response due to the immune system already being under stress caused by other elements which don’t have to have anything to do with the said virus.

So, like the Hunger Games Society?
Exactly as the name suggests, malnutrition etc 

They simulate a fraudulent crisis so as a “fire-sale”, everything must go, so they shelves are empty and they’ve created the Hunger Games Society, which they can justify their intervention to bring about their “New Jerusalem”, their “New World Order”.

Out of taking us to the brink of insanity, putting masses of unnecessary stress upon individuals and via a war on the human psyche!



Even if this first starts with a said Fire”Break” as though these actions are supposed to prevent the situation of a Fire-Sale from occurring.

While they’re actually designed to bring about such a state of panic and simulating a psychological war upon the minds of humanity, just like as was first accomplished with bog roll!

Just like the first lockdown was supposed to “prevent the possibility of the virus from spreading” to save the long term via surrendering in the short term. Look how that’s worked out? 
It was and is a scam, just as this is!


While, of course, they couldn’t be trial running a method of poisoning people by any chance could they?



Ummm yer greater Manchester, don't worry, you can still drink it!!!

Unlikely to be harmful!!🤔😳

Ffs 🙈🤮

I new it wouldn't be long before they upped there game using the water we ingest.
More poisens to dumb people down so people comply to the mass tyranny being inflicted upon the planet !

If you dont have a water distiller, now is the time to bue one! Simple water filters will not do the job! - Pixie Rose

No I doubt it. They wouldn’t do that!
If you want to live forever, starve yourself now, until the Bill Gates RNA vaccination and then let me know how it works out for you 🤞🏻


They’ve even come up with an even better method of censorship on social media.

You attack the whole group, and get the admins to police the group or else that group can be completely banned and removed because one piece of so called “false information” was shared via that group and then, they don’t have to so obviously attack multiple truthful information being shared via such a group!

Obvious scam and Censorship of the truth and FreeFlow or information but many drunk on power and want to feel important, of course, will love it!






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Boris Johnson is a sell out puppet, he wears the flag of the World Economic Forum (The Great Reset) and the UN  - the New World Order organisation that plans to eventually enslave every human on the planet under nefarious conditions. 

He is NOT in control of the UK,  he's a puppet doing what his masters command. - Christopher Buckley 

Who could argue with that? 
Get the idea?

It’s control over all these resources and the implications of placing all that power and control into a centralised source.





You must listen to this if you haven’t yet! 


Just the small businesses that are non-essential then. What a load of fucking bollocks!!!

- Chris Riden 


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