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How They Manipulate The Behaviour Of A Protest


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Simple. They Employ A Few Dozen Protest Insiders... ( People That Don't Really Agree Or Accept What The Protest Stands For )..


What do they Do? They Cause The Protest To Dismantle Itself. How? When the protesters have had their mass gathering and talks from VIPs Etc, the protesters make their way to their main objective, which is The Government, either buildings or to people that manage government.


Once the protesters are at their point of objective something happens that causes them to dismantle the protest.. The Government Insiders That Pretended To Be Part Of The Protest Receive A Text Message Telling The Few Dozen Insiders To Leave And Walk Away. And They all leave at the same time.


Not shortly after these fake protesters leave, the real protesters subconsciously feel the need to leave and walk away too. The fake protesters created a chain reaction that caused others to feel the need to leave. And gradually the protest is dismantled.


You modify their Behaviour by placing fake protesters in the crowd and if it works the fake protesters will cause a chain reaction that makes others leave.


You would need a % of fake protesters employed by the government for every 1000 real protesters. So 1 fake protester for every 1000 real protesters. So " The March For Freedom Protest " Was Dismantled By about 40 fake protesters employed by the government.


The VIPs giving their speeches failed to inform the protesters that some people did not believe in their cause. They failed to alert the crowd that some protesters there were actually pretending.


Protesters need to be mindful about fake protesters and what their tactics are. Fake protesters could either dismantle the protest or they could escalate people's Behaviour designed to cause a riot. Be Mindful Of fake protesters.


NOTE. Watch " The March For Freedom Protest " When They Reach Downing Street... Watch Those Fake Protestors Who Leave At The Same Exact Moment. Maybe About 30 to 40 Protestors All Leave Like A Group Of Programmed Pigeons All At The Same Exact Time. " Unite For Freedom Protest in London, Covered By RT " Its a Section where RT had been able to cover the crowed from a higher Angle.. You need the eyes of a Hawk and it did happen but i forget how many minutes in... Im watching now so i can tell you..




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Or you smuggle in enemy combatants under the guise of asylum seekers.Single males,no wives,children or ties.


Boatloads at a time with promises of work as 'police enforcement or covid marshalls.Lured in until they have served their purpose,when autonomous drones can take over.


Imagine it is now 2025.


Lockdown is eternal,even if you take the shots.Those who won't are social pariahs starved out or 'quarantined' in camps where many disappear,allegedly victims of the lurgy.


Masking up is mandatory everywhere with drone enforcement equipped with loudspeakers to issue warning or fire tasers upon transgressors.


Many poorer areas have to mask up indoors,you are monitored via alexa,your tv,your smart devices.


Non compliance is a fine at best.


In a world with no cash and no power to stop them,the government can take the fine automatically.


Three strikes and they close you down.


No money?


"No Soup For You!"













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