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Dr. LI Meng Yan


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So a while ago Dr. Li Meng Yan had a talk on London Real about the Origins of the Covid19 virus, talked about masks and social distancing.

Last night she was guest on Tucker Carlssons Show, which was about her mother and how she got arrested by the chinese government for speaking out.


If i learned one thing in this year, which is the most important thing ever, is to always question everything no matter from which person it comes from and only if you have proof/or enough evidence combined with common sense (meaning it needs to make sense), you can be sure to be somewhat save about information that is handed to you.


I dont know Dr. Li Meng Yan and i have not done a full research on her or if that is even available, but from my standpoint things do not add up. This can have several reasons and again even there i need to be open for many possibilities.


My observation on the whole "Pandemic" is this.


a) Either there is a new virus, so called Covid19, which shows flu like symptoms and has flu like numbers such as infection rate and death rate or

b) There is no new virus and we are merely talking about a normal flu season that got rebranded into the name Covid19, as to make it seem we have some new threat.


In both cases, it really does not matter from where this virus originated. (of course with no virus there is no origination, but you get the point). Why? Because the numbers we see are nothing out of the extrodinary, nothing dangerous is happening at all. Hospitals are empty, old people die as they always did at a certain age through a weakend immun system.

Sweden, which had no lockdown at all and had not made masks mandatory, nor sicial distancing had a curve as everyone else. So there is evidence that masks (virus or not) are not helping.


You didnt wear masks when the flu season happend last year and the years of decades before. No one cared and i understand why no one cared. Because it doesent do anything other than to harm yourself. If you felt sick, you stay at home. Thats about that.


So what the doctor said in the interview in the London Real talk is that masks and social distancing are good means to protect yourself from the virus. Again my question:


a) what virus? The virus that has flu like symptoms and on top of it, never got isolated? There is no proof for this virus at all. All we have are symptoms.

b) How is it dangerous? As seen the virus (if it even exists as they say, with no proof showing for it, other than symptoms), is not more deadly than a common flu.


So my conclusion is that either this person is misguided, or this is an attempt to bring people back that already question this whole narrativ about the Covid19 Virus into a somehwat more official standpoint.


I cannot say if the virus exists or doesent exist. But from obersvation the question about it, became meaningless, because what we see is nothing to be afraid about it at all.

This also includes the origin of the virus. How does this matter? It would matter if we talk about something seriously dangerous, but it isnt.


Has anyone any idea about this doctor?

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I haven't seen this talk. I shall watch. But you're right about one thing ... people should always question what they're told by whomever they're told. Obtain facts. Scrutinize the details. If you don't understand something, go to people who do and ask them to explain it.


We live in an age where people want the details yesterday. They expect information on demand. Genuine research takes an awfully long time and some degree of literacy. Most will take the headlines, trust the source, and go about their daily business. It's this trap of being stuck in the cycle of "daily business" that stops people having the time to sit down and think/read/write. And I think that's the point ... the more distracted people are the less likely they want to entertain anything outside of what they're told.

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