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Bush Snr. ..."I was killed and replaced by a rep shape shifter "


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This channeling gives an insight into the way the world is controlled , mostly it's through infiltration by reptillian shape shifters into key positions in the secret agencies CIA, MI5 etc of the various nations . These exert influence on the 'here today gone tomorrow' leaders of their countries,  and due to secrecy these agencies  are  also able to carry out operations to create  tension and conflicts , all often unknown to the leader of the particular country   ...


So although Bush Snr was from one of the elite illuminati families , it was deemed necessary to kill and replace him ... his soul was confined in an astral prison and tormented by dark spirits , until it's eventual escape... while a reptilian imposter assumed his role on the world stage  


"This replacement  happened to me prior to my  directorship  in the CIA(around age 40)  and the reason for that taking place was to put me in a position to have that appointment. This was orchestrated to happen by mind manipulation of those involved with the appointment and they were essentially grooming me for that role . The intelligence agencies world wide  only nominally serve  their governments  they have a duel loyalty and wars are generated through these intelligence agencies ....I was killed and my soul sequestered as an earth bound spirit to further subjugate and manipulate me greatly until my rescue..." 


Later on in the channeling Bush confirms that as a child he was subject to mind control torture and satanic rituals , this is common in illuminati families , the victim often ends up depraved and ready for a life of evil doing in high office  ...  Apparently this did not fully create the end result required in Bush , so he was killed and replaced. ..This highlights that all humans are victims in this drama . Bush incarnated with good intent but was immediately subject with a barrage of abuse in attempt to turn him to the dark side     




Bush before replacement marrying Allister Crowley's daughter , Barbara 


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