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Are we living under water?

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Admittedly, this is a whacked out theory in its infancy, but it crosses my mind from time to time. I have had luck in the past posting my craziest thoughts on this forum and getting a piece of information I needed in response, so please throw what you have at me.  

The crux of my theory begins with the fact that we are not living in base reality. We are living in some kind of artificial construct. As to the nature or purpose of the reality matrix that we live in..that’s where it gets hazy for me. 

Light Critters. How many of you see the translucent light creatures floating around in the sky on a sunny day? They look like enlarged strands of bacteria, or something else that you would see under a microscope. The medical community dismisses them as eye floaters. But I’ve seen on my hippie message boards that much like me, there are plenty of people that have seen these light critters for all of their lives. And just like me, they are now seeing the light critters more frequently, in larger and more complicated forms, and the critters aren’t rushing to get out of sight like they used to. I was looking at the light critters the first time it occurred to me that they moved as if they were underwater. 

Then other things came to mind. You’ve probably all seen the old Hebrew conception of the universe. The most interesting part to me is the notation of, “The waters above the firmament”. Where did the ancient Hebrews get this idea? I think scholars would likely say that the Hebrews assumed the sky was water because it was blue like the oceans. But scholars are always in a big ol’ hurry to dismiss ancient wisdom. I think there may be more to it. 

Other random thoughts on the subject:


Why is unsupervised contact with dolphins, whales, and other intelligent marine life prohibited? (I’m not buying the altruistic facade) 

Why is it not common knowledge that the dolphin and human genome are pretty much the same? We are more closely related to dolphins than apes. Dolphins just have a few extra genes that give them sonar etc. But this info is suppressed. 


Why do they downplay how much of this world is water? You always see the statistic that 71% of the earths surface is covered by water. But that is just surface area. If you take into account the depths of the oceans...95% of this planet has to be water. 

Why have we (supposedly) explored space more than our own oceans? They discover a new species every time they do a deep dive, some of which defy all laws of biology. “Oh this animal here has evolved to not need sunlight or oxygen. It just breathes nitrogen from deep sea vents and then illuminates itself.” Species like that, that challenge everything we know about what life requires...you think there would be more interest, more funding, more expeditions, more ramifications realized, connections made etc. But nah, everyone seems fairly bored with the ocean. 

Why do humans have a subcutaneous layer of fat that only fish and mammals that live in the water have? 

Why do humans all have a little webbing in between their fingers and their toes? Apes don’t. Why is it a common birth defect for us to have additional webbing between our fingers and our toes? That genetic memory wouldn’t be there if we had never lived in the water. 

Why do some humans have gills behind their ears? 

Why did the movie Waterworld get bashed so hard? (Kevin Costner had gills behind his ears) 


Why was the discovery channel’s “Mermaids” which presented the aquatic ape theory get so bashed? 

Why do we breathe fluid in the womb? 

Why do infants instinctively know how to swim? 

Doesn’t it seem like people with Down syndrome are a little closer to fish then the rest of us? The eyes and the parted mouth.. The method they use for Down syndrome testing is called FISH testing. It kind of seems to me like that is what it was casually called and then someone made up a shitty acronym, Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization to cover the truth. 

Why do so many people feel more at peace when they are close to water? I know the water is the place that most feels like home to me. 

So thats what’s flying around my brain right now. I’ve thought for a long time that a step of evolution was left out of the textbooks. That we had to have spent a significant time in the water to have the amount of telltale signs on our bodies as we do. It has just recently occurred to me to connect this line of thinking to my thoughts on the nature of the matrix. 

Could we be just be swimming around the ocean with an altered consciousness that makes us think we are experiencing this artificial land reality? 

Are there deep underwater “Abyss” style dome cities? That’s what the light critters remind me of...the tubular water entity that visits their rig in the Abyss. 

Anyhow, I don’t think I’ve honed in on it yet, but I definitely feel there is an aquatic piece of the puzzle that I am missing. Your thoughts appreciated. 




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On light critters it's great to hear I'm not the only one.


To me they look like parasites and assume that they are parasites.


Lots of talk about parasites across the whole alternative spectrum which makes me think that's what it is.





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(some) dogs have webbing between their toes. 

so do otters 😛

have considered though that the layer we live in is like another layer of water, however it's more gaseous 

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Interesting @DawnI wouldn't call it a whacked out theory at all, ill be following this closely. I love water myself, however when I really think about it, its more the sound that I am attracted to. In terms of the of the new species found in the oceans and other bodies of water, some are very strange, alien like even. Unfortunately we just do not know for sure how much of the ocean has truly been explored and certainly how truthful they would be about disclosing it . I do find it incredibly strange the vast amount of water that appears on earth 

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