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😇 Poor should get Covid-19 vaccine first, Pope Francis says 🙏


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Poor should get Covid-19 vaccine first, Pope Francis says

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The poor and weakest members of society should get preferential treatment when a vaccine for the coronavirus is ready, Pope Francis told the United Nations on Friday.



What a caring and compassionate man he really is 😇🙏

⛪ I'm moved and thinking about converting ✝️ 

I bet he will wait at the back of the queue until everyone else has been processed and taken care of, that's how considerate he really is.



Rejoicing in the FACT that Christ is Risen in the works of all of mankind during times of crisis, he will be so stunned, blinded by the light, he can't move until after the artificial rainbow has cleared, the heaven's have parted yet remain sealed, following a Dove of Peace back to a New Order of Government, seeking to inherent the earth upon the foundation stone of Noahide Laws, from the Altar of the Synagogue of Satan 🙌 using peace as a patsy for all those whom oppose the new Transhumanism, Technocracy Marked as cattle with a barcode, completely dehumanised, scanned upon their forehead, they most definitely be Tyrants of an evil empire seeking misery for all of mankind on behalf of Satan, most definitely godless, thus Communist...



I know it gets to me too


God Bless Capitalism, Democracy and Freemasonry -

The Unification via a Trinity 😇🙏


Especially the poor and the homeless they should be a priority for vaccination, as we care about them more than anyone else on the face of the earth.They're a priceless commodity.

Without them, where would we be?



Taking lessons from the Don, Francis decided a more appropriate mask maybe necessary in order to fool a larger audience 🤔 


Until then the Pope will be sitting on his golden throne - backstage Green Room - in a luxury Palace being fed grapes, bread and wine by angels until God's work is complete, the sinners have fallen and we can all collectively inherent a new and cleansed earth free from sin, that has arisen and been sterilised thanks to modern scientific techniques from eugenic practices and genetic harvesting.
God Works in mysterious ways, don't you know?

Unless, you do it. That's evil and demonic.





😇 The Tree of Life is Death - Via Science, the tree of life is being uprooted to reveal knowledge, only to discover they've found out all they've been looking for, only then understanding, that they have destoryed the tree - if they're lucky, some don't even notice that damage which they're inflicting 🙏 



Without ever having a need for a Noahs Ark this time because only a fool wouldn't plan better based on history with hindsight being a wonderful thing...



Only a fool would make the same mistakes twice.
Only a fool would not see this as the exploitation and rolling out of revelation by great deceivers.
Someone's gotta exercise the demons 😇👌
But just who do you think they're?



Will Pope Francis Break the Church ⛪?


"No. It was like that when I got here!"


My Sarcasm knows know bounds. Get over it 😁



A Baptism of Fire


They've done this Six times?

Destroyed the population of the earth so a new race of being could repopulate the earth, a new reality take over?



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7 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

She must have been an anti vaxxer.






Tbf, I'd have hit her also.

You're ruining my pious ego bitch, can't you see I'm busy virtue signalling the crowd 😤 ✊

You need to be vaccinated. For the good of your health because, I care about you 😇🙏

Peace be with you.


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Less than half UK population to receive vaccine, says task force head


She added: “You could make the argument that the people you need to vaccinate are people from a deprived background. The best way to shield is to be wealthy.”


Full article for those that can't get around the paywall:


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6 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Less than half UK population to receive vaccine, says task force head


She added: “You could make the argument that the people you need to vaccinate are people from a deprived background. The best way to shield is to be wealthy.”


Full article for those that can't get around the paywall:



It is quite shockingly obvious how this is, an attack on humanity, a charge towards population control - reduction - unprecedented at any other time within human history that wasn't a blatant act of war that everyone could physically see and couldn't be denied, the dropping of bombs, basically a fight against a clear an obvious enemy, where you could see there was a war and both sides fought one another.

This agenda has been helped via all the invisible enemies cultivated via the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars etc 

Anyone who said those types of wars like WWI - WWII - was only a theory and not actually wars being fought, you'd say were the mad ones, quite obviously there was a war going on, didn't matter which "side you was on" or if or not you agreed with it. A war was taking place.

Quite obviously people were being systematically killed, that's what happens in war so it's accepted but people have to be engaged and have justified in their mind just why so many people have to be killed and why such wars are need and necessary to be maintained.

That maybe possible to pull the wool over many peoples eyes in the Middle East and third world countries, but how do you justify a war on the world?

Covid-19 - Climate Change - Terrorism - Immigration vs Nationalism - Communism/Chinese or it's the Russians 


But, not to see the same war being fought again today, as it's being done by stealth and subversion. 



It's still a war to cleanse the population via great deception and contradictions, targeting first the; elderly, poor and most vulnerable and working it's way via various backgrounds and ethnic groups of society to reduce numbers of expanding population to keep them in check, with equally preconcevied ideas about "appropriate proportions" of those participating groups, via eugenic practices, using health care as a way of sterilisation, so certain numbers of society can't possibly reproduce and thus the growth of humanity is reduced and significant slowed down.



Some even with the ideas that humanity may no longer be able to reproduce by themselves or such to be considered unclean, unethical or needing to be officially sanctioned and scientifically induced...


A "Superman" Man of Steel, is a Man which is a Robot, Scientifically induced - Eugenics, Transhuman.


If there's not a well defined role and purpose for the creation of that life, it isn't necessary and therefore isn't needed. It's a waste of energy and why would you want to cause that suffering to create something without meaning nor purpose? - Like the majority of people on welfare, living upon a council estate said every Tory?


Every program must have a purpose, if not, it is deleted as it has no meaning, no reason being.


This is how the thought process of a machine works and how it can manipulate human thinking and emotions which it lacks and is devoid of, knowing only patterns of logic and can't see the spiritual essence otherwise where logic maybe able to lead you.

The replication of something, always leaves something out, it is an imperfect copy. Which is A.I. and the attempts to copy the human brain into a computer. Yet this is by a people whom even yet still fail to comprehend the human brain itself...




It leaves something out regardless, and it can also be made to leave something out, like the connection to heart, the attempted eradication of the soul from a major population of slaves would be a more ideal serf class etc etc 

That thus, won't and can't be calculated in decision making and eventually, people may even fail to notice and remember that something is and has been deliberately left out.

The New Normal?


Isn't this like the splinter within your mind already?

You know something there already now, that's not quite right, something you've forgotten but can't quite put your finger on?


Society has been coldly and calculated artificially reproduced to synthesis greater numbers of people via eugenic practices already, so people could spread forth and take over populations via greater numbers, breeding out natives and what have you, changing people's cultures and trampling their ways of life and developing a national flag bullying your way to supremacy and "divine" rule...


Now, this campaign has gone global, those higher inflated numbers of society that where already artificially produced, are no longer necessary and need to be depopulated and that's how the people behind this see society, as a commodity and the balancing of an equation like a "chequebook".

The excess bagade is like fat on an athlete needing to be trimmed via a systematic regime plan to remove it. This, more people can see and understand as rational, but can't compute how the same logic can and will be used via systematic people upon collective society... 🤔

It's actually very simple and easy to understand so I don't know why or how people can't get their heads around this?



It's done via acts of "kindness".



The enemy doesn't scream and shout profanity at you and hit you over your head until your brains are splattered all over the floor, they smile and grin at you as though they're God's chosen people, a gift to humanity, humble and soliciting, until they slowly but surely take you over and turn you into their image and ideals, their way of thinking, so you can't see them as the problem as their ideals you've accepted as your own but believe to be purely of your own making and free will, as patterns of thought have become your way of thought via reflex action. Nothing has been better at doing this than religion and has more recently become politically driven which uses and abuses religion to shakedown society.


. It's the law meaning it's correct and has to be followed because it's the right thing.


. The acceptance of the imposition of ideas from institutional authority meaning truth and always for the greatest good, being the ultimate deception...

Yet, you being the source of your own authority is the ultimate truth hidden right under our nose.


So, unless you reexamine yourself and your mind, you won't see this form of indoctrination.

You don't see the evil s playing being the good.


When he is right under your nose, hidden in plain sight...


This has very obviously got to this stage via the use of the very same ideals behind ISIS and such a war, as we have now by this phantom enemy of Covid-19 used exactly the same as a Globalist model to wage war on collective society.


Where an invisible enemy has been deliberately cultivated so a never ending war can perpetuatally continue around the world, until the world has been completely invaded and under the thumb of the Globalists.


Any intelligent person already here and doing this type of research would know these wankers already dominate and control the earth.

Most wars on third world shit hole countries aren't always to take over countries they don't control. They already control them, it's about a transition and transforming that country and the world via the use of such systematic wars with longer term goals and than people perceive within the immediate who may not see or understand what that war was all about. As they're not supposed to see or understand what it ultimately was all about, otherwise, they simply wouldn't do it.

They'd know they're being deceived!



It's about destorying third world infrastructure that's in the way of development, while dispersing large numbers of the population within those third world countries that hadn't been westernised or couldn't be westernised and invaded via the TV, Internet all roads of concrete and tarmac paving way so every town leads to Mcdonalds.

It only makes good sense to be shiva the destoryer and you go in and rebuild what you had planned to rebuild out of the rubble as that was always the point.

A transformation out of destruction, use and abuse of that civilisation.


You may even go in and "offer aid" afterwards and inject people with God only knows what then, if they die it was because of the war in some way if they even get acknowledged as a casualty at all, while systematically spreading the lucky ones who survive these campaigns, around the world to be pitted against Nationalists everywhere ultimately to destory Nationalism and build this Multicultural Ethos of the NWO Unification.

Turning all nations into a singular culture as if the whole world has become communised, and every individual has become genderless unable to speak their mind, only limited vocabulary thanks to Newspeak - Political Correction Indoctrination, so you can't even remember what you've been browbeaten to forget anymore... 🤔


There are no differing appreciations of culture, it's our way or the highway.

Every country becoming a carbon copy clone and we can then remove "decadent" history.

Our roots. They're no longer necessary and we no longer need that infrastructure like we no longer need certain peoples. The job is done now, their meaning and purpose has gone, so they can go...



While the dopey mfers who see this as an attack on Nationalism see the problem as being the foreign peoples and culture?

Not the systematic clash that has been generated quite deliberately...

So out of the ashes of Nationalism misused and misdirected in this manner, Nationalism can be destoryed in the very same way as the shit hole countries these peoples came from?

As we have the same enemies, a single agenda behind all of this and a people blinded by hate and vengeance...



This "hidden" war has spilled over from third world countries and people who didn't give a shit about this type of systematic cleansing of the population previously, have now been forced to take notice, where before it wasn't their concern. They may like to think they didn't know but they genuinely didn't care unless it was impacting them, it wasn't their concern and what reason did they therefore have in finding out if what "Conspiracy Theorists" where saying was true or not?

It was easier to ignore or shun them and not want to be associated with those ideas for what it could do to me, my ego/image/persona should someone else associate me with such ideas I may even feel are somewhat true. It's more about what other people may think about them through one thing or another through sharing an unpopular idea among people they maybe associated...


Whereas, previously, this was all Conspiracy Theory as these people didn't have to pay attention until someone busted their bubble world view. Shame on them!

It's on some level hard to have sympathy for them even though you want these people to finally wake up and admit what's going on!

It still had to come to personal impact to take notice, while others have been banging on about these things for some time and being ignored and that means they're in the same trap and prison of only caring about their own bubble world view...


The exact same bubble mentality, even more closed than this are the ones whom have still gone on to accept this Covid-19 narrative with a badge of pride as they virtue signal all the propaganda they hear through the msm and carry out this bullshit!


Peoples minds are being turned into the Russian Dolls idea of the Collective Conspiracy of control.

It depends which shell you want to limit the scope of your mind.


You could symbolise this either way around it doesn't matter for the purpose of difference between perspective.

Seeing, only the very most Inner shell is the scope of your reality and you want see all the others expanded beyond it, as you've imprisoned your mind in the very most inner cocoon, so you only have to beaware of your limited bubble world view existence and not those shells of existence that exist beyond your smaller bubble.

These are the people whom have accepted the official story and narrative.

The ones in the outer shell, can see all of this and have the capability to see all these as limitations for the scope of perspective without having to limit their perspective down to most narrow band of perspective.

These act as a method of expansion or constricting the awareness of the mind from dots on a page, what you're told is all there is to see, the full story, to expanded awareness and drawing back and seeing the bigger picture which all those dots collectively make up in a pattern you wouldn't have seen if you didn't draw back your attention from the dots on a page that looked random form that POV.




Just because we don't like what we see doesn't mean we should pretend it doesn't exist and that it isn't systematically being made to happen... 


UN welcomes nearly $1 billion in recent pledges - to bolster access to lifesaving tests, treatments and vaccines to end COVID-19

Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said “One thing I've learned studying the history of pandemics is that they create a surprising dynamic when it comes to self-interest and altruism. Pandemics are rare cases where a country’s instinct to help itself is tightly aligned with its instinct to help others. The self-interested thing and the altruistic thing–making sure poor nations have access to vaccines–are one and the same.”

“A number of countries, most recently the United Kingdom and Canada, are good models for what other wealthy nations should do. They have donated enough money for COVAX, the vaccine pillar of the ACT-Accelerator, to procure, probably, hundreds of millions of vaccine doses for poor countries. But more will be needed and I hope wealthy nations will continue to be generous.”  

The World Bank unveiled plans this week for a significant financial commitment to support developing countries to purchase COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they are available. "




So why are so many fuckers complying with this Conspiracy of facism and population control and actually helping carry it out, instead of acknowledging it and saying I'm not going to be apart of this game, these contradictions and overall Conspiracy and just see what happens?

I don't get it...

What bit aren't they getting, unable to see, accept or get their heads around?

I'd personally love to hear from em so either they could straighten things out for me or me for them?


They don't even have to do anything. 

Simply doing nothing is better than complying with what's going on.

Just do whatever it is you've got to do and say no to all this bs and if that means you can't do whatever without complying with it don't do it and encourage others to act likewise if an when necessary - but you can't force others to accept this way of thinking, they need to see it or they won't get it.


The Passion - Time/The Artificial Construct = Our Crown of Thornes

Suffering as Jesus symbolically on the cross, we do this through the state of our existence as prisoners to time the atom (since atom/adam was a lad) creating suffering.

We are bound, tethered to a wheel perpetuatally chasing our own arse, like tying a wild horse to a merry-go-round and he continues to run around in circles believing itself to be free and tethered to nothing?

Or does it realise this?


Passion Flower - Clock-Flower 


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