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Evidence that the figures are being manipulated


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Hey all,


See the image I posted.


3 days ago I screenshotted the Google COVID graph (just type coronavirus into Google). I did this because I was trolling my brother on telegram with the number spike. If you open the image I've attached this is the image on the left.


Today, I googled "coronavirus" and noticed a stark difference that seems to point in the direction that the data is being manipulated (image on the right). Thankfully I had the first image backed up on Telegram, so I was able to put todays numbers (on the right) with numbers from 3 days ago.


Note the additional numbers added to around 18th April. I posted this on Reddit and it got removed with the comment "The data compressed in the first image". This is wrong, the numbers are clearly different. There are also other odd spikes in the graph if you look. I can't get this to stick anywhere on Reddit with communities instantly deleting it. Also notice the spike around 17th of August.


As of today Google isn't showing anything for the UK from the 2nd of October onwards. I speculate the numbers are being distributed across the entire graph to hide the spike?





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Yeah ... they're different ... but the controllers of information will look you right in the eyes , with a strait face and tell you they're the same ...


They know the public are out to lunch , they can tell them anything ... the craziest thing and the public will swallow it ...


Stand by , you haven't seen anything yet , it's going to get madder and madder 

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