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Winter vaccine mandatory

Maggie 1111

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We are trying our upmost to keep you and all our clients as safe as possible during this challenging time and so are trying to eliminate extra risks from the added winter pressures.  Some care homes will be asking for staff to be vaccinted for flu this winter to further protect their residents.


This requirement will be effective from 16th Nov 2020 onwards. From this date we will only be able to book shifts for staff who have had the flu vaccine from this date.

We believe there are going to be drive in clinics set up shortly at The Eden Project and Heartlands, we will let you know as soon as we have more details on this!

Keep being amazing!

Many thanks,


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I got a txt from my Dr's asking people in my age group to stop hassling them about when they can be injected with this vaccine.


From the actual text


DO NOT CALL about your flu vaccination, we will call or text to arrange your appointment as soon as the govt makes us aware of when your vaccines will be delivered. We are not expecting this to be until mid nov/dec.

Vaccines in stock now are for patients with medical conditions or are over 65. these are ordered a year in advance so current stock is specifically for these patients.


Now after reading this and thinking it through...

How did they know a whole  YEAR ago that people in my age group as well would be offered a vaccine so they could order enough of it in advance?


Not suspicious at all eh.. !


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