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Could dimming the sun save the Earth?  Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming...

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Could dimming the sun save the Earth? 
Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming... but critics fear it could trigger calamity


This is from 2019 I shared about a year ago via social media.


Now then...

Tilt your head upward.



It’s already happening and has been happening for awhile denied as “Conspiracy Theory” and that they’re really Con-Trails!
Only nuts would even suggest anything else is going on...


No no. Only nuts are behind this and those whom can’t see it or accept this has been going on for awhile Globally in Common Accord with multiple political bodies where these International Fixed Government Controlling bodies exist...

That would potentially mean admitting a "Conspiracy' exists to take control of the world using Climate Change as a Patsy, a Scapegoat to achieve it 😱 even of you believe the intent behind it is true or false. It's a means of justification to take over the world.

We can't have that. It can't be true it sounds too much like a CONSPIRACY THEORY!

If it is true it must be the Communists behind it China or the Russians...



No matter what puppet appears to be within public office, they operate behind the charade of public office figures whom dance to their tune thanks to “The Lobby” Domination of Politics.

A smokescreen of sensationalism and "debate" exists so the majority of the population are occupied with politics in go nowhere locations, unless they're agenda and it's desired everyone think and act a certain way, or else are shunned and meet condemnation as if they're lepors.


This of course, as said all along was going to be and is being manipulated around ending the Covid-19 "Crisis". A combination of global unity to fight the holy trinity of common threats to our way of life, COVID - Climate Change - Terrorism.



I wouldn't hold my breath.



Perpetuatal War on Society, Transforming Human Behaviour - Covid-19 - Climate Change - Transgender Agenda - Transhumanism - Technocracy - Changing what it means to be human via a means of better technical control over people and the environment.


It's finished when we've won ✊

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Could dimming the sun save the Earth?  Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of dust into the stratosphere to stop global warming...

It wouldn't be smart dust by any chance

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..."The project is being funded by billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates and pioneered by scientists at Harvard University"....


....."SCoPEx is, however, on hold, (NOT!!) amid fears that it could trigger a disastrous series of chain reactions, creating climate havoc in the form of serious droughts and hurricanes, and bring death to millions of people around the world."....


Bill Gates must be getting off on the thought of all those 'millions dying'. If he can't get get us one way, he will get us by another. 

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With all that’s been going on I forgotten about a post I made on some of this 🤭
I just recently come across this again when watching Highlander 2: The Quickening


This form of technology is reminiscent of the ancients 🤔

You know, how all ancient structures conform to Ley Lines drawing power off the earth via pyramids and such and sending them to the heavens. Could such an artificial structure as this already had been made in the ancient past?

For clarity, I’d suggest our whole Fantasia existence is the product of some form of artificial filter creating the construct realm of reality, existence. The prism reality or rainbow consciousness reality, either of these statements mean the same thing.

But, from within this artificial realm of reality we call physical reality, I’m talking about a bubble within the already Fantasia reality being produced, similar to the film within ancient past?

While also asking, to what real purpose, means and end?

As we know it isn’t for a solution to climate change and damage to the earth caused via the suns UV Rays -which they’re actually trying to justify cleansing everything with to prevent covid rather than block it out 🙄

Is it just to manipulate and harness energy, a means to take control of everything?

If so, I’d be willing to bet a technological advanced Atlantis could be turned into modern day Egypt, a desert, although on a global scale eventually, like Morpheus states, while humanity marvels at their own magnificence...




For the first time, I honestly had to make myself watch both the first and second thus far as quite obviously, they have information within them that can be inferred differently than “just a movie”, just within the context presented of the movie. It appears symbolic.

It’s as though someone has made these movies with this relevant information within, if it’s to inform, indoctrinate, shit and giggles is up for debate, I suggest the latter, a laugh at our expense, while certain individuals may have certain context we don’t, to me, it’s as if the movies didn’t make it well past some form of censor and have been edited harshly to remove content and in doing so, removes certain info they don’t want people to know and in doing so, destroys the movie, there’s almost a good film in there somewhere but for many I’m sure, it’s the lack of story and background that will make it unwatchable and incoherent and seem pointless unless you’re just watching it for mindless entertainment, the flux back and forth between timelines in the first movie without background and context is enough to make you want to stop watching it I’m sure.

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7 hours ago, Mr H said:

Can just see Gisele Bundchen strutting up and down the cat walk sporting one of the jumpers from his latest range.


With her legs through the arms and some "barely there"  post modern crossover clip on braces holding up the saucy ensemble? 


Thankfully I can't picture that.


Must be the Guardian of the gates of my perception at work again. :classic_smile:

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Without even going into the subject of nefarious chemicals...

Even if it is deemed "inert," it will simply settle in days.

If it is finely ground dust the micro molecules, (microplastics?) won't have even started being evaluated in large quantities.

Whatever it is, would you want it in your lungs?

The long term effects are unknown, look at talcum powder, that was once 100% safe, inert, now it isn't, it's been found to be as bad as asbestos.

Once it settles, it ends up in the sea, in the watercourses, in the food-chain, in your body.


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On 11/5/2020 at 5:46 PM, rhydra said:

Without even going into the subject of nefarious chemicals...

Even if it is deemed "inert," it will simply settle in days.

If it is finely ground dust the micro molecules, (microplastics?) won't have even started being evaluated in large quantities.

Whatever it is, would you want it in your lungs?

The long term effects are unknown, look at talcum powder, that was once 100% safe, inert, now it isn't, it's been found to be as bad as asbestos.

Once it settles, it ends up in the sea, in the watercourses, in the food-chain, in your body.



I'll go over a few things here...

This is based on my understanding so far.

It would take some inquiry even by those whom have understood some of this is occurring I'm sure because some of this is definitely out there, but I feel it needs to be understood in more depth and context!

Blocking out the sun could be a hell of a lot more to do with these shadow entities, of which UV Light I'd imagine, especially direct, wouldn't be a productive environment for these entities to manifest. It’s as if our world is being terraformed it our consciousness allows this and remains within ignorance...




Chemtrails, GMO Foods to Vaccination 

They're a war on our nervous system, those which these actions don't kill and/or sterilise.

It's a war on our awakening and it's being sold as gaining control over the direction of our evolution, even if you wade your way past the bullshit that all of this is about protecting us from a; virus, climate change, terrorism and making us "superhuman" or "supersoldiers", "God-Like".


The Shutting up of the Heavens 

The war is on our nervous system, to stop the unlocking of this DNA sequence which would awaken and liberate many people to a more spiritual plane or at least, allow the possibility, to kill but also to suppress the energy of awakening by shutting down the Endocrine system so it doesn't work properly and our bodies stimulate illnesses as a result and so, we need to go to, or become dependent upon the same system that caused this, to fix it by way of big pharma, by some sort of pill etc


In Chemtrails...

Aluminium, Nanodust/SMART Dust, Barium, Blood...


They're all targeting the brain via these methods and our hormonal system, to keep the predator side of our mind active to overwhelm our spiritual nature, so we are kept within a state of fear, panic, low vibrational emotions, fight or flight and animal based instinct to the constant state of threat or are within a state of lust, predator which is almost sexual which overwhelms the mind with blind disobedient lust, which sets the mind into a reactionary state as something "Triggers" this to occur.


The maintaining the constant activation of these animal predator side of our instincts is what's being sought after, at any cost to create unbalance and disharmony.

It's become a war against TIME as much as we are a prisoner to it now, they've reached a dead end where they're all in.

Make or Break



Because of the high reactivity of the metal, toxicological data are available only for compounds.[30] Soluble barium compounds are poisonous. In low doses, barium ions act as a muscle stimulant, and higher doses affect the nervous system, causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, weakness, anxiety, shortness of breath, and paralysis. This toxicity may be caused by Ba2+ blocking potassium ion channels, which are critical to the proper function of the nervous system.[31] Other organs damaged by water-soluble barium compounds (i.e., barium ions) are the eyes, immune system, heart, respiratory system, and skin[30] causing, for example, blindness and sensitization.[30]



Think of this above and in tandem with the idea behind DNA manipulation and data collected by way of this virus and an otherwise fraudulent test. There's alternative motivates behind this test, that's why the offical narrative doesn't make sense, not that they're not actually doing something else through this beyond justifying false positives which are basically computer simulated. The real data harvesting is being used for alternative means...



This has been happening over time, this is an indirect and indiscriminate attack, but now, they’re taking the next step of vaccination to directly suppress this awakening within the activation of DNA sequences, they intend to subdue them, switch them off if possible or if not, essentially wreck havoc.


Honestly, nothing describes this better from the way I see it than these two clips...


What we may call shadow entities that make up the backbone of our technological infrastructure from an artificial, possibly alien intelligence, counter-mimicking and using this as a tool to understand and learn human behaviour, is being placed directly into us. Thats the crux of Transhumanism.

Up until now, it's largely influenced human behaviour externally and mimicked, now, it's becoming and taking over the human condition by way of A.I. and everything SMART after it has learnt our patterns of behaviour it seems.

We are becoming possessed by technology essential and becoming the interface for something very alien and what we may call, Demonic, our minds are becoming someone's minds, these are "The Mind Invaders" parasites upon human consciousness...



It’s also obviously being used to eugenically cleanse undesirable genetic types - Characteristics - and the sourcing and isolation of rare bloodlines and types of various abilities and reasoning.


Should sound completely mad to people whom haven’t researched this.



It’s not that this idea put forward is mad, so therefore, obviously no one could be doing this. It’s that those behind these ideas, agendas and actions are completely mad or are completely alien to us and they're a force which desires to become manifest in our world by the creation of a door way.



This door way is via technology, imposed from the military as a surveillance tool and apparatus, but also could very well have been gained by communication with an alien intelligence, or by way of occult esoteric understanding and created out of the structure of numerological codes which seek to imitate and assimilate human behaviour into an artificial void so this can be possible.

For me, the understanding and background of mimicking all of our human life into technological form, has to have been created by some form of advanced intelligence with a unique perspective and understanding of our already, fantasia reality construct, some form of engineers which may very well have been adapted by occult forces to be used by humanity and not appear so alien. By essentially, giving what is an alien form an acceptable human interface to interact with something which would otherwise, very obviously be alien.

Giving it a Mask!

No different than the ego, the phantom self in many respects...

V is for Lucifer- Downwards Arrow - Hypnotisation of the mind by way of Fantasia, the Artificial Construct - Mind Virus, Chatter in the Skull, Devil on your shoulder...




This seems to have been created by a desire of a perverse form of Immortality.

Or, is at least what has led here and this whole agenda rests upon using humanity as a vehicle for this very real technological virus - Transhumanism/Technocracy - which is permeating through society like a spiders web, mimicking Indras Net 🕸 


This and the drinking of children’s blood, the fountain of youth, the blood of the innocence, is what this scene within The Simpsons is all about.
Adrenochrome and Rare Blood types/lines being within the “elites” such as the Rothschild’s which is what Mr. Burns represents, Master of the Atom, Master of the Physical Matrix Fantasia reality, this is what's being imitated here. 
Take note of the drinking motion Mr. Burns makes when he says, he has tried every potion and tonic known to man and all he ever really needed, was the blood 🩸 of a young boy...
Makes drinking motion...🙄









"Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria"

Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells 
It’s pretty terrifying to imagine that foreign blood cells that have been freeze dried are falling from the sky only to be swallowed by unsuspecting citizens, but there is indeed evidence by researchers of Chemtrails to suggest that this is indeed happening globally.






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I wonder why they’d want to parasite off of the human brain, contaminate and distort spiritual connection by way of all these tools of corruption, their drugs, suppression of higher emotion, consciousness and true intelligence, stimulation of animal instincts, desire, lust, low vibrational emotion and implanting A.I. - for these shadow entities to be made manifest, to be able to use the human body as their physical vehicle which they desire to take over and transform - as being a solution to all the problems they’re causing so this can be justified, that we wouldn’t have if we all decided to say enough is enough and see through the problems they’re causing to justify all of this? 🤔





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