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Manipulated Asteroid in november 2020 and probable upcoming worldwide chaos

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I have heard and seen some videos that the earth is going to the age of aqarius from age of pisces and it is going to have some great changes in frequencies and such. some major changes in general. I also saw that Jordan Maxwell says that it has to do something with the stars. and some people told "they" want to use the opportunity to scare the people against a "global treat" to offer solutions.

I also highly recommend seeing these links:










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I agree they must have some massive ff coming in order to fastforward the agenda.


We (the more aware) were expecting a second 911 and when it came it was so diabolically clever it caught most of us off guard.


The phony footage from China was a masterstroke prologue.I admit I fell for it for a couple of months until the jigsaw pieces fell into place.


Not only do we have this all-encompassing plandemic and a uniform global response but now many people are psychologically ready to be fully broken with a mega event and surrender to go to the camps for 'protection'.


All the starlink satellites,the weather manipulation,the predictive programming have set the scene for a possible ff of an 'asteroid/meteor' strike to affect the world.


All that is needed is cgi effects on tv,to a captive locked down audience' and a realistic news script.


If people can believe in the moon landing (returning astro-nots press conference an excercise in despair not jubilation)or the Challenger explosion (No one was aboard,witness the number of 'twin' siblings eg) and "plane must hit steel"(bbc reports on building 7 collapse 20mins before it does,while in background of reporter)......then a fake strike in the Atlantic triggering a massive tsunami will be a piece of cake.


Who doubts this world is run by "Psychos R Us"?


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