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Some of many starting points,

From Suspicious Observers and Ben Davidson (who makes the late Eternal member Steppewolf look like a lightweight) and has had some Congress members trying to shut his activities down and make no mistake the Earth's long term climate cycles are intimately entwined with the Sun's procession.


From See the Pattern and Gareth Samuel


And the OPR with Diamond with his knowledge of paleantology amongst other things sprinkled through his channels.


The veracity of the structure of and movements within the galaxy possibly already lies in the data gathered by Gaia and ESA if not also by others but a full understanding of what Earth goes through cyclically because of that is not mainstream. It may have something to do with powerful magnetic waves travelling out from the galactic centre and something to do with the Sun's interactions with other stars within the same helical filament or something to do with interactions with nearby filaments or indeed with unseen matter moving in either direction along the same filaments. The interaction between the galactic current sheet and the filaments themselves adds further complexity and the maths involved is certainly trickier than gravitational based cosmology.

On a practical side the Gaia mission length may miss an incoming wave of material that's travelling down the filament coming in at the same angle of approach to the Solar System as used by Oumuamua.

Who knows?


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Have a look at this:-



It was posted in Todays News -> This is the most important book you will ever read, and its implications posted by rwkt on 2020 August 12th


The book is well worth a read! And he comes to a similar conclusion of 'galactic alignments' being the cause.

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Being of an age I have vague memories of it of a copy of it passing  through the library system and not being particular impressed by the writing style along with other such tomes about Christ being a mushroom and the like in the weird end of the dewey system.


The postlude to the Adam and Eve story was declassified and partially released but the Discussion documents about it  were not. It was the Cold War era, remember.


Diamond has a lengthy breakdown in one of his channel playlists and the subject was discussed in DiF-1 and DiF-2 if I remember correctly about the time of the changeover.




"The most important book you will ever read" sounds like a good discussion thread in the making.

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