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Real Photo of Tall Grey


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The 5th Element is going to be one of the biggest flops in Earth human history. 

Which it confirms my theory that the Jews got their hand on ancient prophesy and a cult may have formed around what was just ancient prophesy for the future. 


Now, they put themselves right in the way admitting to EVERYTHING. Then they went around when  they found out who I was in REAL LIFE, and have me tortured and gangstalked on behalf of Lucifer or these parasite aliens. 


Ironically, has always been one of my favorite movies of all times, lol. Anyone connected to the creation and plot of the movie, their families and anyone else are ALL LUCIFERIANS. They crossed a line with that film!!!!


Here I am, Magdalene, and they gangstalked and tortured me to near death FOR YEARS. FOR YEARS!!!! They got a lot of my function correct in the movie, but they placed all the Jews in the middle of one of the biggest CRIMES OF HUMAN HISTORY!!!!! They did not help, they turned against me like rabies rabid dogs infected with the VIRUS, against my OWN HEAVENLY MOTHER AND FATHER!!!


Find me a Jew that doesn't worship Lucifer and aren't violent hybrids, and i'll give you 1 million dollars if I ever make that much. lol lol  Which that is a joke in of its self. 


Talk about how you like black people and are using them as mere shields, and I am half black!!


They turned against everyone on the planet who has any ounce of real faith and eventually they will have to explain that!!!!! 


While the moon spirit made for Earth has had multiple genders, I have reincarnated as a female 100% of the time!!! 

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For those that dont know, the story of Cain and Able 100% happened in ancient Asia, not anything like their culture, between two female twin sisters, and they took that scripture as their own. Like liars and thieves, and this is what they have done since the invasion of the Annunaki of their people, and they became pawns since then. How much of what they have is just stolen from hundreds of cultures and scriptures throughout the ages??? 


I am sick of people that have FAKE faith, that hide while they worship another different god of chaos. Its a parasite hiding as a god, but nonetheless. 


They have been beating me over the head over and over, and getting mad over my truth of your religious scam, the worst of the 3, I wont say much about the others, is NOT GOING TO STOP ME. You sit on the biggest scams of history!!!!


I deal with ancients and other ETs that are good, and I am ashamed I have people like you on MY PLANET!!!!


If you delete it, its saved already for a FREE book!!!


Cain is the moon spirit. 



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There is one group of people that have been in bed with the greys every step of the way. Building and funding their holes and torture of human beings on Earth.


Any guesses?? 


DO you realize how much damage and death that has been for all of us??? 


Yeah, I have to say I am a little mad. 


100s of millions, and if your an animal lover the extinction of countless animals, pollution, and other forms of neglect like no other. 


Your NOT hiding behind my blackness.




The Luciferian purge in the holocaust of their own, was exactly that. They sit on a loosely interpreted 5 million deaths, while we suffer with 100s of millions at their hands and manipulations. 


Your not hiding behind my blackness!!!!


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The spiritual war has always been against reptilians, greys, and mantids. What happened to the invasion of the Semites, is just an example of what has happened throughout history. It's a history lesson to the extent and maturation of evil, and why we should NOT make and reward such vile tendencies against Heaven. Its not their blood per se, this isnt racist, I am saying killing people is bad and hurting people is bad, and perversions to that level should not be rewarded. 


YOUR NOT HIDING BEHIND MY BLACKNESS!!! See if you can get support from the Latinos that are republican bc you blew up their homes and slaughtered their people. 



You best start living your lives normally and without the extra, b/c you will personally get caught!!!


Oh look, lucky number of post. Caste out the 9s, its a 4. 


I am not saying they are the only ones involved but as describing their journey of Moses lies and deceit and being the origin of how bad it has gotten. 


No one else had money like the Jews to support the greys for the last 70 years. They did though!!


Unlike other countries, treason like that is punishable by death in America, point blank!!!! So, I will not sugar the offences at hand. 


You tried to backstab us all, and now you want to hide behind my blackness as a buffer for people's anger against your crimes against humanity???? Don't play games. 






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Any ways, you will find out my personal woes have a lot to do with this thread. lol 


Any ways, so Spirits in Heaven were very angry and impatient about something around this time. It was when i got the picture of the one under the bed. 


Another photo I over looked, its not a flash. 


This may not be alien material, it may be for the ghost hunters for those more interested in that. 


Could be the lady in the picture. lol 


Now, its Oct 19th, and its also the day of the biggest "square" incident that I had. I mentioned weird shapes that maybe look like star maps or have meaning are left in the photos.


This happened the same day and while this was happening. 






Star map or nonsense, you decide, but it did happen the same day this Spirit is filmed in a photo.





I see what could me Orion's Belt. 





I put an adjustment on it, the photo was already blue tinted and I will show more of those actually.



can see better.jpg

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It could be a star map of sorts. 


I dont know. 


I have a strong feeling that Sirius is the biggest star/square b/c its from our view one of the brightest and most known starts we have. 


But my feeling is strong. Like, they were making it easier for our more simple minded view. 


Yet again, I know the stars less then the Starbucks mystery menu I cant afford. lol Would be nice to have a gift card. lol loL :)





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So, I should tell you about the thorn that took out Satan. What, maybe I shouldn't, lol. 


Wait!! Bump that!!! Yes, I will!!!!


Its a good story.


The reptilians had married their last son, and b/c its not to a Fae, they began to cripple and break down. 


So, what you will see in coming months, is a total break down of their system. 


Its like in Harry Potter, you need the snake fang to take it out. 


Then everyone as far as Light Workers and Light Beings smelled blood and started going after them. What TV show did I get that "smelling blood" from. lol lol :)


They kicked the boy right the f'k out, must have realized it. lol  


The moon spirit was dealt with, and I am a Buddha inspired Moana that wont ever get married to a lowly non Fae. You would have to watch Moana to understand. Any ways, that is what I decided to do once I smelled blood. lol lol :) 


No one like that comes back from that. No longer having a relevant connection to anything here.


Top of the Morning to You!!!! lol



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Thus, I gave her the nickname "The THORN". lol lol 


I wonder if that means she is also hiding more????? lol 


Well, technically Heaven created that term. lol lol 




:) lol


They said she will continue to be a thorn to the main female reptile. lol Maybe to Satan is an exaggeration for the purpose of a joke, that's my job. Rose - Rosa, being one of  my nicknames. Disclaimer. 


The THORN sure did help, b/c everyone light years away smelled blood and weakness. Everyone wanted to take their shots!!!!! We already knew what it was going to do, and we were waiting to celebrate. Reptilians are the head of the REAL SPIRITUAL battle that effects other living beings. 


He took the bait, and they didnt realize until after the fact.

WE WERE WAITING THE SECOND!!!!! The very second after it happened, lol!!!!


Now, she is going to continue to be a thorn. Even better. 



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Then the forced child just happens to show up.


Another story in of itself. 


I coined the term Nemesis for him, and he was the butt of many good jokes actually on the forum. My "big boy and pink high heel jokes". lol. 


Now, he was a tough cookie. 


The first ESP message about him was "you dont want to get to know him". and I didnt believe it, he was the most innocent looking Latino I had ever met. Maybe even one of the best looking. Then I was curious ESP wise, what he was all about, and boy was I surprised. I have to subtract my normal "LOL" b/c it was intense. 


Curious cat, curious George maybe, but I had to know, and I wish I had not gone there. 


If you tell me "you dont want to know" then I am going to look for details by using my ESP to read him. Call it "free will", but ya know what?? They were right. They always are up in Heaven!!!!


I mean, the innocent face, the manners, the composure. I know, what this looks like, Heaven tells you something and you dont take the advice, but he just looked innocent. 


I guess looks dont matter much, b/c I am just a younger version of the Oracle (from the Matrix) here to prevent worse then that, and I was blessed with a healthy gut. lol lol GET THAT?? That joke, get it??  Earth's anti-body???? 5th Element. Nothing special about a younger looking Oracle, is it? 


The moral of the story, dont judge a book by its cover. 


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My esp is pretty darn good, so one of the Luciferians reading this, heard Nemesis' name, and was like "oh shit, I wouldn't even mess with that". All that they can think is "oh sh!t, I've heard". Another Luciferian reading what I said and is like "oh shit, ive heard". 


And thats a hot mess despite no visual cues. 


The Joker no one competes with. 


Except for me. 



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"She will come to be the throne in her side". lol 


Then its official, we can get drinks. 


Actually, she can get drinks with anyone on the forum. Sure the guys will like it. 

I heard the weather is really nice in CA. lol 


I believe that statement means that she was hiding not just a little, but a lot. What is she trying to compete with Hillary Clinton??, give up now. Throw the towel in, b/c if you can get drinks with me, your the weakest link. Figure it out. 


I have always seen our new American as way beyond the possession of Hillary Clinton, like way out of it all the time. I do reiki. More possessed then the normal possessed person. What I am getting at, is that what would condone something like that??? 


I mean, I dont know what they could possibly have on her to end up a "thorn" in head reptile's side. I guess it means, getting caught with something.  


Someone even. If it comes out she is like the Smiths or something, no one hates on them for it. lol Well, not unless you go without including the hubby. 

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It wouldn't be the day of the dead without something like this. lol


Now, in the pre-photo phase, I see usually a good half a dozen of these fly shaped things zooming around in the photo. Maybe just an inch. Why on any given moment I have that many greys just zooming around is beyond me. Which is what they look like when they are transporting fast. 



new eleven one.jpg


Now, just like from the picture of the cloaking technology, the second photo, grey's collapsing and moving really fast. 



44444 (2).jpg


This is more then likely a Spirit of some sorts below from the other day. 


giant spirit.jpg


Before the second photo, you see the cloaking devices of two greys here, the first picture. Within seconds, they collapse into a ball of light and take off. 

main alien pic two.jpg



main alien pic two (2)_LI.jpg


Its the same shape beam with slightly frayed edges on the bottom, in all the photos. So, we know with my dozen or more photos of those streaks, that they are looking uniform to this confirmed grey incident. They took off when very quickly when they saw me with the camera, and understood they were actually being seen thru the lens as well. 


Took a few seconds. Very fast. 


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Now, same two entities in the room just the other night. hmmmm hmmmmmmmm


Its not as good as the first picture, but for real.......... ..... .......


I originally saw a black something right at the corner of the bed, and I looked up and I see the eye of the tall grey but its head is slightly turned. Same small entity too!! 


Dont get scared either, you can hear them on the floor boards. lol So, I also know where to point the camera. lol They materialize and break down pretty quick. 


same two (2)_LI.jpg



Even in this one you see how the shorter one is darker b/c the color of itself to the cloaking technology is not correct, so it must be darker slightly then the wall color cloaking. 


The other one is matching almost to the wall color. 


main alien pic two (2)_LI.jpg

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I pretty open to other's interpretations, and have to deal with backstabbers and people that want to kill/harm me in the millions. 


Yet, the most bogus idea that I have ever heard, is the guy who claimed that greys and mantids were good aliens. 


Hands down, and he got 100s of thousands of dollars in donations to sell that idea, while the 5th Element, Magdalene sits broke b/c of widespread Luciferian abuse. How can you make any sense of that???


When the sun spirit is here to get rid of them in the first place!!! Plus, female, b/c there is no perfect man that exist in God's eyes! 100% reincarnated female, all of the time!!!


And what group of people sold ya the idea that men were superior in the first place???? They can't even keep the sh!t off their bums as far as spirituality, kindness, and goodness is concerned. 


While, they sat there after the revolutionary war, and they could of abolished slavery and left much bigger reservations, and they conquered like white devils. In fact, they could of just stayed on the East coast and not attempted to go further, and they pressed like the greed of the worst entities FOR MORE AND MORE!!! The Civil War was the most deadly war in America.

Everything is backwards!!! and DONT let them do stuff like that and say its "Gods will" b/c no it aint. When your doing NOTHING but funky Luciferian work. 


Nothing but doing devil dances and selling FAKE ideas that were crafted to enslave humanity. 


The most divine linage on the planet!!!! 


The big man in the book, did they forget about him, then why did they come to the Americas and do them like that?????


I endorse, The Great Spirit!!!!

and Buddha for his work on liberation from the reincarnation system. 

Why?? I am not going to let these ICE AGE religions (the main 3) ruin my fathers name, and he has a wife. The same ones that depict me as some Cro-Magnon early man with bright blue eyes. lol lol lol 


The most imperfect thing!! Its all men, dont worry. 


In the Space Age, you dont have to wear the head coverings, is what I am getting at here. Its a ridiculous idea, just like their male superiority lies when God never trusted men in the first place. Not as perfect at least, and by perfect we mean the ability to get things done regarding spirituality and the betterment of the ALL HUMANITY!!!


My people, in the Stars, live for 100s of years, they will deliver my words directly. So, there is no 'covering up' anything.


I do stand behind what makes America great, religious freedom, believe what you want and leave me alone b/c that is in your best interest. Yet, if you expect me shut up regarding what a FREAK SHOW this looks like to Magdalene herself, I wont do that. 

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I mean, as far as sanctity and spirituality, y'all look like a darn freak show with ketchup on it. Yet, what exactly did you think I was going to say to y'all?? That's up for discussion. Look around you, and what did you expect me to think regarding the above post???? lol lol To give you an A++++???


Thats what, the Spirits. Heaven were impatient about above. So, impatient those photos will only get better and better and in HD!!! You need to evolve and expand your horizons and become more spiritual, YET more people every day "sell out" and "give up". Dont waste your life like that, b/c its worse then they tell you. In some cases, its just straight up body snatching, so you lose your everything, dont do that to yourself. 


Y'all as in society, I am the ruler of Earth and have the crown, so y'all. Know your place. The history books will most certainly remember it. Nothing will get lost in translation. He is just 89, and he lives 300 more years!!! lol Get it???? 




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3 hours ago, Albion said:

What a thread, Matcha. It has absolutely everything. I was squealing like a Japanese tourist all the way through. Reminds me of my 2nd favourite movie, The Never Ending Story. Well done.


Well, I dont expect to be believed, but the false narratives of the establishment will not make it to the future, especially considering the fact that my people, or rather my mother's devout people from other star systems not including parasite aliens, my father's devout people are Native Americans and ancient Ethiopian lines btw, will be written with accuracy to the detail of the torture they put me through. Especially considering that they live hundreds of times longer then or oldest elders. 


I don't assume your one of my father's people, Native American or ancient Ethiopian?? You know, important to him??? Maybe you can try reaching out to my mother through those old Pleiadeans genes. lol lol Have some faith, throw some holy water on it!!! lol I am getting at, REAL PEOPLE OF THE BOOK NOT FRAUDS.


Its time to evolve my story to the space age, and get to know other ETs that are not parasite aliens, dont you think so???? lol 


I am glad you like non fiction though. lol 


If you expected just an early Cro-Magnon with bright blue eyes and not a warrior Joan takes two, then yes, that makes for a good story, I cant argue with that at all.  


Speaking of Joan, did you know if she had not held off England, France would of been done in like India??? They were going to do what most would not understand or predict b/c of the brutality of it. Then what do the French do, they support America in the revolution against the red coats (England). 

Most people see things in terms of years, sometimes decades, but never see the big picture of what happens over time. 


Women like Joan and Harriet with their intuition and faith that is close to Heaven, make history. They make everything happen. 


I am sorry, if you expected the MOON SPIRIT, lol, or that blue bright eyed Cro-Magnon. lol lol :) The long brown locks with the blue eyes. Expecting Super Man to save that day, when he is a story line based off from ancient hidden text regarding the 5th Element?? Magdalene. 


Most will still be waiting for the Cro-Magnon to come back, lol, but in the future they will get the hardcore facts. Perfect story ending, am I right, am i wrong??? lol lol lol Spin the story like Space Balls, say that, perfect ending!!! lol 



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3 hours ago, Albion said:

What a thread, Matcha. It has absolutely everything. I was squealing like a Japanese tourist all the way through. Reminds me of my 2nd favourite movie, The Never Ending Story. Well done.


I mean hear me out, I am not hating, disclaimer. The faithful without extreme dogma, are the faithful and are the cream of the crop. I just make lots of jokes at times, this is an example of that. I also deliver reality checks and judgement as my main function, and thats my job. lol 


What is more crazy, my story, or expecting a Cro-Magnon from 100,000 thousand years ago from an ice age to save you, and then join you on your door to door quest with pamphlets in hand??? lol 


I got a pow-wow to go to bruh!!! lol 


The seats are filled for Thanksgiving, dont ask. 


India's going to take care of the sacred white cows of my mother, we will send post cards!!! LOL Everyone always forgets and disrespects my MOTHER, my MOTHER, stop doing that!!!! If I hear one "yo momma joke". Don't speak to me or call me for at least a decade!! You crossed the line!!! lol lol Always with the disrespect to my momma!!! Do it again, I dare you!!!! Dont ask about Thanksgiving for a decade, bruh!!!!

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In America, most history teachers and professors sell a very biased view that America could of made it without the French. The French walked into a hot mess and a people about to lose. 


So, you never see directly Joan here, but she is every time we sing the pledge of allegiance. 


Women are the one's that do the work of the Divine more accurately. 


France would of been treated like India by England, and we are now seeing the picture of a bigger scheme God/Goddess himself has been working against. The American colonies would of NEVER been sent help by the French. 


You see the work of one person, Joan of Arc, and how its been played out over the course of nearly 600 years. I am saying, this is how many women are, although not everyone is a Joan and only the best are chosen for that, but its time for us to get what we deserve b/c we have been doing more all along. 


Thats why in ancient times virgins and or women would take care of the most sacred things, b/c its something men could never do with any quality. Its not their place per se. Forcing such a place, would create a massively corrupt religious systems - of 3 religions i have in mind.


Might as well be from the dark ages, not sure what place that has in the Space Age. lol


Reality check!!! Try to sell me a Spartan as an Athenian, its not going trick me, might fool a lot of people, until the pink high heels start to show through the window curtains. lol lol :) 


Good one, right??? 


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The human flesh eating that is terribly common amongst Jews, is coming to an end!!!


What I am saying is not violent, someone does you like that, they better think again. No one should be taking away your "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" but one group of people wants that too. Well.....welll........well


As if its not bad enough, they knew about me for over 3 decades, and didnt help me along they way, they did the opposite of that on behalf of Lucifer or the parasite aliens, depending on the way you want to look at it. As in torture and harassment, opposite. 


I wouldn't want to be caught thrifting hidden Jupiter scriptures and using it to one's advantage. Word about me is Jupiter style stuff. Cain and Able were two female twins from ancient ancient Asia. Gilgamesh is from Africa. I mean, they are thieves. To make it worse, scripture thieves!! 


That's not holy inspiration, its thieves on the run!!! They had no history themselves, so you know what they did, they stole it from everyone else around them, then propped themselves up as something of integrity and divine inspiration when nothing is further from the truth. All that they have done, and they have proved time and time again that they do ONE THING THE BEST, they STEAL!!!! I am supposed to give that an A+??? I dont think so. 


I got a pow wow to go to, if I wanted to roll in the mud I would, but I got more important things to do. If you get my drift??? Try visiting real people inspired by spirituality and my Father/Mother.


They worship Lucifer any ways, and they have all this time for the most part. Known for attacking their own, like the Holocaust, that dont worship Lucifer. Then play "innocent". Anything, any price, for that "I am innocent b/c of the holocaust" ticket. WE ALL HAVE SUFFERED MORE!!! You get no special ticket. 







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Well, thats two movies to be exact of admitting to things.

Watch Jupiter, you might cry, b/c I am sitting on all these pictures of grays, and what race is Lucifer?? What have I been saying he has done to me??? Watch the movie.


SO, other ET groups come down on the 5th month (The 5th Element, or 5 being one of nicknames as well, 3 movies we are down to), I am also known as yang of the yin/yang duo, and the sun wheel, and the anti-body defeating the virus crop circles. (The parasite alien races are a virus, like grays and reptilians). 


So, they have some nerve admitting to everything. This aint no hoax shooting, its people's beliefs from many different cultures ALL over the world. These movies were boasting about everything, like they have done and got away with hoaxes as well. Its a common practice is what I am saying. Multi-million dollar movies, and they had me homeless before b/c my gangstalking and abuse was so intense, so I picked up and left --- moved 1000 miles, built my self up, and it started again.


It's a freak show, and I have the front row seat. 


I am 32, didnt get to enjoy my 20s b/c of Luciferian BS, and I am standing my ground b/c I will not have that happen to my 30s+.


Just like I lived in fear all these years, they will have to live in fear the rest of their lives, b/c the ETs who made those crop circles and are my ancestors, can come down at any moment and we can make broad caste that can change the WORLD!!!! You get, what you give. 




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At this rate, I could probably get to talk to a variety of ETs, more then will be seen for at least 100 years. Minus the parasite aliens, they are not actual living beings. 


Little ole me. 


Dabbin' on the air force, on Tesla, and NASA!!! We got to clean our lenses for the freak show beast called NASA. lol :)


Those satellites best not be hurting people. 


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A lot of what countries, history, and life has been built off lies. That's everything, and it doesn't mean that light wont eventually be shed on it. In regards to spirituality, for the most part no one is more relevant then the other b/c Heaven is always looking for those that are good hearted. Its not rocket science to get favor. lol 


What I am getting at, is that peace will never be achieved bickering about things, and that is what to keep in mind as more truths come out in the future. I guess I have flipped enough burgers to know that if you bicker at a team member for being an a$$ whole, the drive thru wont be taken care of. Basically dealing with those with 7 year old intelligences, and if we play the right cards --- that's all they are going to have to show for. 


Nothing is perfect about society, almost everything has been built off a false patriarchy and its that I stand behind over anything else b/c I am the forgotten abused forced bred female of history. 

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South Park did a really nice skit on the creation of Mormonism, so when they unbiasedly do an episode about Jews, it will be people snatching other people's works of art. lol lol 


Hey man, lets go steal and modify history. 


Lets go steal scriptures b/c we have none and are the newest newbies on the planet. 


Lets money change and steal, but that dosent take rocket science, not divine inspiration. lol Or maybe it will take rocket science to finally put them in their place, no space for you, dishes for the next 300 Semite!!! 


Im keeping it real, so when is South Park going to man up, and do an unbiased version of the same thing on Jews, it dosent happen. Scripture stealing, money changing, thugs, nothing has changed --- and NO -- THATS NOT divine inspiration. Its a scheme of money changing for an ancient hybrid peoples. 


I am a Reiki master, you know that I can give you percentages of Jews that are dealing with the the dark night of their souls, and NOT with my Father. lol Probably 9 out of 10 besides Amish country. 

I dont see any other group of people with percentages that high, and that is how I knew a lot of the so called conspiracy theories are true, just b/c I have a knack for Reiki and reading people's energy. 


That ugly stuff that was idealized as maybe a lineage of gods in Assyrian times, when they would out in the open make statues and craft items of themselves that showed how ugly they really were. It was LOOKED at by the privatives as a class of gods in the ancient world (until they prob became skeptical and suspicious), I am saying that never really went away completely. WE also know of their brutality, which has continued on to this day. I mean, research adrenochrome use. Thats just the tip of the ice berg to the level of abuse they put on us, the rest of humanity. TO THIS DAY. THIS VERY DAY!!!!


A disclaimer: is that I will quote what I remember a Native American Chieftain said, and he said "you can blame whites all you want to for their lust of gold, but when that same lust has come to our own people too, then who are we to judge all them??"


I also, disclaimer, and I am not censoring data, hiding evidence, and editing history on the behalf of ANY ONE!!!! 


Nor am I stealing any scriptures, good one, right?? HAHAHAHAHA lol :)


Am I right, am I wrong, it would make an epic episode of South Park, on the hunt for scriptures, like the 7 of Swords in the standard tarot deck. Then like they can put in the Jamaican song "in the middle of the night, i've been walking my sleep". lol While the South Park silly characters are stealing scriptures from different types of people all over the world. 


If the Mormon guy is a fraud in SP, then Jews are scripture thieves and known money changers. 


WIN_20201016_04_33_19_Pro (6).jpg



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