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Best way for secret private encrypted communication


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From my experience in software world , i am always searching the best privacy and anonymity i can provide for myself and for people , in this post i will tell you about the most secure app you can use for messaging , voice and video calls.

There are two types of networking connections , Client-Server model and Peer to Peer model , What does this mean ?

Client-Server model:
This is when you connect to facebook for example , you send a message to facebook telling him that you are requesting your profile page , facebook sends you back the profile page after authentication , simply you (the client) sends data to the server and then the server sends you data back. Same happens with whatsapp for example , you wants to call your daddy at work , you send a request to the masonic whatsapp (facebook) servers , whatsapp forwards this request to your daddy , your daddy sees that you are calling him , then the call starts , one thing to notice here is that the server in the middle man and the one forwarding the data. The server can see all your data , he knows who is calling who , he knows the IP addresses of both users and that mean he knows their locations , he has access to all the calls , messages etc. Nearly all the traffic on the internet is Client-Server model.

Peer to Peer:
This is when you send data to someone directly without needing a server in the middle , he knows you ip and you know his ip and you simply start communicating , as long as you both are connected to the internet and listening for connections you can send data.

The Most famous and best Peer to Peer app you can use is called qtox (i will put the link below) , what happens is , you wanna send data(text, voice, video etc) , the data is encrypted first on your pc and then sent directly to the other user. same happens when the other user want to send you something , there is no server in between. the only drawback for this technology is that in order to send data to someone , he must be opening the app , he must be listening for traffic , you will not get notifications if you are not opening the app and the data will not be sent to you , thats because the apps which has servers in the middle works differently. If you are sleeping and someone called you , your phone is turned off , after you wake up and open your phone(meaning connects to internet) , the server sends you notifications telling you that daddy called you , but in Peer to Peer model no daddy occurs , i mean no server occurs.

Qtox in written in C++ and qt framework , its fully open source and very very secure , no body can intercept or listen to the connection cuz its encrypted using PGP which is one of the best encryption algorithms available , but if your computer in already hacked , the hacker will be able to get all the data. You can also easily use tor with qtox to make yourself both private and anonymous , i will include the way below if you want maximum security.

You can do as follow , send the person you wanna call a message through whatsapp for example telling him to open qtox , and then start communicating via qtox.

Qtox repo for download:

How to use tor with qtox:
after downloading qtox , download tor browser , open it , if it refuses to connect , use bridges , that means that your gov is filtering tor traffic , open qtox , go to settings , go to advanced , change the Proxy Type to "SOCKS5" , change the Address to "" , change the port to "9150" , restart qtox. thats all , you have to keep tor running in the background , otherwise you will lose the connection , there is another way using the tor router only but its more complicated , the router one is the one i use. thanks for reading.

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