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In Dr Vernon Coleman's latest video on BrandNewTube called 'Debunking The Biggest Lies They Tell', he recommends near the end of the video (@ 15 minutes ) to call up talk show radio stations, ask them questions based on the vaccine fact list on Vernon Coleman's web site and arrange with your friends to do the same.




Stations like LBC now ask your number and call you back so that they have your number whereas a few years ago it didn't matter if you called up withholding your number. They just used to put you on hold and plugged you into the station chat while you waited your turn. None of that now. They want your number because the stakes are higher .

I can't get on now because they have my number although I have a land-line number which I don't want to give to them because I'm keeping that for any special occasion that may arise.


Dr Coleman's idea is that if enough people called up, the presenters would start to become paranoid about answering calls.


You can email presenters as well if you're not the type for oral confrontation. I only listen to LBC late at night in my bed usually after 12am. If they start banging on about Covid, the vaccines or lock-downs etc., I get up and send an email. They used to acknowledge the emails and named me when I first started this last May before making some sarcastic comment along with the sound effect of a letter being scrunched up. (Usually a snide comment about being a Bill Gates conspiracy theorist.) That was Darren Adam who did that. As he's from Edinburgh, I send a copy of the $16 million payment Edinburgh University received in 2015 with each email now (which was just one of many payments of course.)

Then I started becoming more toxic as the weeks and months went by.

They have to read every one and I swear on my mother's grave I'm sure what I was saying was getting to them. They seemed to quieten down a bit when the next caller came on- usually a BAME type person because that's the only people they seem to feel comfortable with now LOL.  BAMES and deranged housewives who sound like no man has ever spoken to them since they sued for every penny their ex had in the divorce.


I went OTT on Matt Standlen the most because he was the least experienced and a proper swivel eyed 'Lefty' - always boasting about being half Jewish. I asked Matt via email one time which half of him was Jewish – the top half containing his mouth or the bottom half which housed his arsehole since both excreted copious amounts of shite!

What gets right on my tits is that they all swear by multiculturalism, diversity, gay marriages and asylum seekers rights etc while now, over the last six months, they have sided with extreme right wing multi billionaires who want a police, military fascist state/ world. Hypocritical fuckers!


I just learned that Standlen is gone now. He's history and in his place is Clive Bull.

Darren Adam and Nick Abbott are the normal late night guys and at times they seem to be back peddling.  Darren Adam sounds a genuinely nice guy but fuck it – I keep writing to him that Adolf Eichmann and Herman Goering were probably just as nice but telling the judge that you were just dong your job' cut no ice with the judges and that he will be eating porridge for a long time for terrorising the entire nation on his radio platform.

These guys are terrorists in my opinion and they are spreading fear, alarm and distress through their privileged platform. If anybody had to insinuate to someone in the street that they would likely die if they didn't take their magic potion, they'd be arrested and charged with threatening behaviour.


Never underestimate the power of the written word!

Remember that they have your IP address so no swearing or worse lol.


I just write directly on their email platform now but earlier I used to use Word and C&P.

From the archives




Hi Nick,


I had to laugh at that comment that the job of news is to tell us things we don't need to know.

You had someone on just now from the University of Buckingham and this is the first time I've heard of someone from a university not listed on the Gates Foundation as being one of Gates grantees.

I'll look later to find out what's going on here.

I listen to the toxicity of LBC periodically just to hear what drivel you're feeding the gullible public with and I email some of the other presenters the info of the professor or scientist they have interviewed along with the payments their universities have received. These people are BOUGHT. Why doesn't LBC just interview Gates himself because he's telling everyone what to say.

Why are you not telling your listeners this Nick? Well we know the reason don't we. 95% of the global media is owned by just 6 companies.

Why do you call yourself a journalist when quite clearly you demonstrate you have the traits of a prostitute only a prostitute sells only her body. You and all the LBC presenters sell their body, mind, soul and spirit..the whole shebang.


Hi Darren,


What's really changed for me is my understanding of the level of psychopathy that people like yourselves in the media are capable of, regarding this planned-emic.


Everyone knows that the political and judiciary systems are run by those type of people but why would TV and radio presenters go along with this madness and scam? You couldn't be doing this just for a wage packet could you Darren? Surely not! You sound like you're packed full of scruples.


Every time they interview a professor, teacher, epidemiologist or scientist I do a quick check to find out where they work, look up the Gates Foundation website, tap in the university or institution and there they are - a recipient of Bill & Melinda Gates. You said last week that I was a conspiracy theorist you little rascal. 


For example Edinburgh University's last grant / gift was for $16 million and all the universities get anything from $100,000 to $10 million and much more periodically. It's unbelievable!

Have you looked at the World Economic Forum yet Darren to see what else the Davos playboys have in store for us?


Just look at what your local university has received from Uncle Kill Bill and that's just one of many you can find on his 'gatesfundation' website. You are a very naughty radio presenter Darren.


Date: October 2015

Purpose: to support the application of genetics, genomics, informatics, and reproductive biotechnologies to address tropical livestock constraints, to increase productivity and adaptability of chickens and dairy cows owned by poor smallholders in su

Amount: $16,000,000

Term: 78

Topic: Agricultural Development

Program: Global Growth and Opportunity

Grantee Location: Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Grantee Website





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