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Music **** HIP HOP *******

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Sometimes I find it amusing as white guy to try and rap along to these. If anyone can keep up with big pun, they deserve a fricking medal. Guy was genuis 


"Cannnibalism is livin' in my metabolism

Givin' 'em spasms and aneurysms at baby baptisms

That's all my thugs thinkin' bout, drinkin' your blood

Boriquens love, flooded rugs, bloody and bloated mugs

Even the reverend can catch a severing when I'm beheading

The Armageddon is deadening demons, Jesus in heaven

Goin' back to spiritual ritual times

What you gon' find, shiftings of Satan in critical bind

Nevermind, I do that often, have risen often

Bust out my coffin, I'm a livin' abortion

Battled the devil and deaded his demons

Treaded the beings that be in this

Different levels of Hell, still screamin'

Seein' bodies bloody and babies bloated, corroded

Know the Chinese exploded

Know they run with Gotti who know it (check it)

I never run I never ran, the fattest motherfuckin' man (what? What?)

I roll with Cuban, linkin' to the jams (what? What? What? What?)

That's all I'm knowin' and I'm never need

All on your soul I feed, I'm lettin' punk motherfuckers bleed

Fuckin' with me, better hide your seed

Better think twice, before you ride on me

'Cause I'mma lift your weight then I'm droppin' you in the incinerator

Then I'm hittin' the hospital and poppin' two in the incubator

That's how we do it pana, hardcore, no more goo-goo ga-ga

Oh, I'm sorry papa, was you the dada?"





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DAX understands. Very good interpretation.

Listen to the lyrics. If you have these kind of dialogue going you are in it. Let it go.


He's on to some spiritual shit. 😁

The calendar. 🤣


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