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On 6/15/2022 at 10:12 AM, TheConsultant said:

Quite honestly, outside of Guru in spot number 1 I cannot form a top 20 let alone top 5. Guru/Gang Starr got me in to hip hop. I followed anything Premier did and anything Guru did and it spiralled from there.

as a few have mentioned KRS One he did a collaboration with Poor Righteous Teachers who I also recommend.

I had to listen to that album, the whole thing was pretty dam good.


Woz my 2nd fave. Bit more chilled but amazing still



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1 minute ago, TheConsultant said:

I see you like PRT now :) 

Check out the ill biskits tracks I posted above, great album too although they only did one.

NAS - Illmatic is still phenomenal to me.

They're amazing man can't believe I never heard of them. And rare to have meaningful lyrics in rap music. Will check the others mate.

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Don't know if you guys know DJ P.


I used to be a big fan of DMC competition. Most djs were difficult to listen to but I studied to gain technical knowledge. But this guy used to come to the competitions and spinned with the original ethos of the competition DJ Mixing Competition, rather than do all the juggling stuff. He used to never win but was a crowd favorite with his mixing skills. Went on to win master of the mix.


His 8 mins set.....



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On 6/21/2022 at 8:54 AM, sickofallthebollocks said:

Great choices mate very similar to mine, (well, first two on your list) 
I honestly couldn't choose between KRS and Ice cube as I love cubes 'even - more' aggressive lyrics and style, I also think cubes beats and vocal flow is possibly even better than KRS's ?    His beats and melodies  - especially from Amerikkas most wanted album (I'm thinking of: the nigga y'luv to hate) and predator (We had to tear this motherfucker up)  were first class...

Love Eazy E - glad he's in the list - I didn't like leaving him out of the top five for me, love his voice and I think he was also the 'real-deal' too,  and the D.O.C. and MC Mello did some great tunes too...  

Nice one mate...

Agreed. KRS and Ice Cube would be pretty much interchangeable at the number 1 spot for me too. Cube was very consistent especially early stuff. Like his beats and loops too.


Did you hear about the Eazy E memorial bench? 😄







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Eminem - I've never rated or lliked him or his music - that high pitched voice of his and his bontempi organ basic music in his 'tunes'  hardly big beat or raw, certainly nothing to ever want to bounce to in a club.  Wankersville music.
Also, quite some time back now, I wasn't surprised to hear that he is in the 'all-boys playtime luciferian club' aong with fellow pussyboi's Jay ZEEEEE and loads of other low vibrating fame hungry satanic loving babydicksuckers in the pulic 'eye'. 

In this excellent little video by Hugo he quantifies it all very nicely, and points out the bloomin obvious about his latest 'best of' album with it's pathetc, childlike constructed cover and artwork with its 'hidden' meanings,  
(what a bunch of wankers?)

As hugo points out - ALOT of people are awakening to their bullshit and pisstaking and those that still remain stupid to it all will realise soon as well.

Times up for them...


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