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2 hours ago, sickofallthebollocks said:

@Mr H  @BossCrow  @DaleP   and anyone else I forgot...................

Who's yer top 5 favourite rappers of all time then?.....  (number 1 being the best)

Only 5

Explain why you choose who at number 1  ....👍(if you want to😉)


Tough question.


For me there is only one then the rest. Something that transcended hip hop itself. That is the Wu Tang Clan. The RZA created a whole cultural movement. The characters, the art, the lyrics....and no one, no one had ever heard grimey beats like that ever before. And the references to the old Kung Fu films and martial arts is like an inner child wet dream for me. If I had to pick one I'll give kudos to RZA for the vision and commitment at such a young age, and I also love his voice and tempo. Extremely well self educated, can create different personas such Bobby Digital and imo has the best rap line ever.


"Grow like a fetus with no hands and feet to complete us
And we return like Jesus when the whole world need us"….....


After the Wu Tang there's quite a few. Not that these were the best rappers technically or lyrically just ones I liked.



3.Krs One


5. N to the A to the S TY, they call me nasty Nas!


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