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In the interest of not swamping the main music section up here, I thought it might be a nice idea for any lovers of Hip hop, Rap,out there,  like me, to have a music section dedicated to the Hip Hop genre, to allow us to go mad a little and swap, share, talk about all things hip hop, and rap related things.

in particular to share their favourite songs from this fantastic, innovative and informative genre of music well known for showcasing freedom of thought and speech.
(as well as its many negative sides), for me it's a mostly positive and powerful weapon against the establishment and I love the beats and incredibly skillful vocalised rhymes by so many talented people over the decades.


So, come on,  Hip hop lovers out there - go for it, throw it on here anything that you love, charty, commercialised or the proper old-school gangster stuff, whatever it is, Hip-hop related, chuck it on here,  maybe tell us why you love it, or just post us your favourites!

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6 minutes ago, Problem child said:

I love that easy e tune. the vid is hilarious

Haa Yeah Problemchild -  That cute kid with the oversized jacket is well cool, and the girls in the wet t shirt competition getting 'squirted on' with hoses etc...  the woke community would shit in their pants if they saw this wouldn't they.  Ha haa good on eazy e - rest in peace and all that. 😀👊

EDIT:  Yeah great tune too - Eazy E was (apparently) very honest about his limited rapping skill - but there was something about his tone in his voice tha tpeople loved - he made some great tracks going solo.

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