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Pussywhipped - App for Feline Covid Track and Trace, the Invisible Leash- Solutions


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Just in, the latest from authorities.
A new test for pussy's suspected of having Covid-19...


Symptoms are coughing up hairballs, sneezing and intermittent purring when they just seem to me and you, to be the at their most content and have absolutely nothing wrong with them, appearing to inhibit the normal nature of being a pussy cat 🐈 

We need to crack down on this!

You must download the track and trace app for cats providing you with an invisible technological leash to your pet 24/7, Pussywhipped...


Pussywhipped - Look for this logo


All our little hairy friends are going to be taken up to the outer limits of our atmosphere and led towards their exit out of a craft just like this one...



If they land on all paws, they don't have Covid-19 and they won't need any further treatment and you can then collect your pussy cat from wherever it lands.
Their location will be linked to a chip we will inject into them before throwing them overboard, you can locate them at your convenience via the 24/7 invisible leash, provided via the app "Pussywhipped".


You can then take them back home with you and collect a free packet of Dreamies - you'll think you're dreaming, just like you're hairy little friend on cloud 9 - issued with every test, from your local Tesco Petrol Station, the only shop in town guaranteed to still be open 24/7 regardless of any curfews on every fucker else!

Tesco Petrol Stations can also be located via the Pussywhipped App.


If your cat no longer appears on the map, this means they died of Covid-19 or are MIA - Missing in Action.

Let's all clap for those Pussy's fighting on the front lines ✊ we're all in this together!
Marginalise anyone who says, thinks or feels differently, they're most likely either a Communist quisling desiring a state of fascism, or an Arab, threatening our rights and freedoms.

Become emotionally entangled in this or forever hold your peace ✌


Stay Home - Protect the NHS - Save Lives - Clap for our Heros and all those Kamikaze Pussy's heading head over heels straight into oblivion, face first right back out their own arse.

They're doing this to save you, from them.

It's only fair, that the same be expected of you to save them, from you 🤫

Otherwise, you obviously just don't love pussy enough and the RSPCA will be around to remove them from such selfish owners who fail to comply with our demands, for cruelty to animals and the failure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Scientists Now Claim That Cats Must Be Quarantined With Owners


There has been no actual evidence that COVID-19 is hopping at will from humans to animals and back to humans, but technocrat scientists are claiming that your kitty can take you down if you don’t quarantine them along with yourself.



Dreamies Cat Advert - Now banned to stop the spread of Covid-19 



Madness Redefined - When you can understand all of this, you will be ready 😇🙏


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Obviously truth is being flaunted right in our face under our nose...




NWO - Changing the World to Utopia or Dystopia?


Island - Brave New World 



This probably isn't based upon any of that 🙄

Or anything taking place today?

Just supercilious nonsense...


We are living in Alice and Wonderland Artificial Time Trap, Governed by the Clock!

This is the Wetiko virus being perpetuated, the true plague of madness upon the mind, usually adhered to via the mechanism of a blind obedience, cultivated through lust and desire to seek out thrills triggered by certain forms off stimulation upon the subconscious mind, speaking to the subconscious mind, along with the mistaken identity of authority for truth.

This creates, drives and seeks to justify an artificial mentality in relationship to human experience and our sensation of reality.

So we live by measurements, degrees, the construct. Instead of using it as a guide we use it as a governor. We trade Spirit for Counterspirt, Spontaneity for Script.


We become bound by it...


The deception and illusiveness of time matches the deceptive and illusive nature of our reality.

They're both as equivocally artificial and illusive.

Governed by a trinity working as one 👌




It's within our face, under our nose and we are quite literally having our faces rubbed in it.

About time we faced up to time and this nature, don't you think?




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10 hours ago, Eliot said:

My girlfriend likes your pussy whipped picture. Haha 


I like it 😉 she sounds like she's kinky?

Perhaps she's a little frisky? 

Maybe enough time has passed within those 9 hours 😁


(((Insert Picture here - Can't find one to do her justice yet)))


The Whore of Babylon is a Redhead in my mind and a Demon with a Strapon.

🙏 I can't wait to meet her 😇 I hope she brings a cuter younger friend, a hell of a lot more innocent

🙌  Perfection, definitely a holey communion.

May the Lord have Mercy on Arse Holes 👌


There's a difference between some good old healthy domination though, give and take relationships being a modern man and all that 😄 and then there's flat out rape, pedophilia and the killing of babies.

Somewhere, a line gets crossed... ✝️ 


Fertility God - Mass Sterilisation - Pop Control

And we are all being raped, killed and attempted to be sterilised and people are finding ways to enjoy it and justify it, so they don't have to acknowledge they're being raped by predators on man, if our mind isn't in line with their way of thinking for us, so our mind becomes the predators, the abusers mind, some people have mistaken as their own views and concepts 🤔


"The wise woman, overlooked, underestimated and disbelieved by the sleepers! Persecuted by authorities for being anointed with the spirit! 😀 xx" - Janey


Side Note - Let's not get polarised though here, some of them may have done "evil" things like not all these Christians are directly using Christianity to control the world and carry out evil but still, far many more of them have been used indirectly to achieve this. In otherwords, they don't know their intent or full agenda behind their actions, the likes of which, when they have been sent to war!


They - Ruling Class became the only rulers under Merlin, who where pedestalised while those others where downtrodden as being evil, anything satanic and demonic, as they where gatekeepers of knowledge they wanted power over, only for themselves so they could act as God's Gatekeeper at one single central source, not instead having a potential plethora of Shaman or Holy Men and Women within each village and tribe, whom held together their communities in ways that wasn't subservient to that one and same central source under the "Crown" of Thornes, we call being subservient to one God. Anything else, Demonic and Evil.

This Central Source is now becoming Technological, the Global Technocracy.


Religion has nothing to do with it, it's about control.


That's why traditional, native peoples where wiped out as animals, savages or the devil incarcerate.

Those that survived where re-educated into our "civil" way of thinking and had their nature, their behaviours modified and their culture and traditions beaten out of them until they had nothing left to call their own way of life held within a traditional appreciation and understanding of their roots.







This has happened to all of humanity!

We've all had our roots severed, disconnected like severing an electrical connection we have forgotten is turned off, thus our relationship and interconnectedness between all things has been severed.

Our task should be to turn that back on!

First we need to acknowledge this state of affairs exists.



It was a con job then and it still is now!

The only way to "God" is through them.
Anything against them is "Evil".

The only way to salvation is via those authorities whom have surrounded the truth about man's nature with a bodyguard of lies!

So his own place in the world is subjugation, we are "subjects", subservient to their world view and image, like a wild horse tethered to a wheel, a relentless loop of madness, people may think they're actually going somewhere and are not on a merry-go-round and people call this mad pursuit of chasing after their own tails, to find out who they're, for money, success, image or social status, freedom...

They're being fucked in the arse relentlessly and that maybe alright if it's own your terms or based on a mutual acceptance and understanding. But, we are being systematically imposed upon a raped...

Our energy is being wasted and trawled for that of our phantom self, the mask, the ego.
So we live a counterspirt existence.


Ultimately, distorting man's image of himself, his place in the world, developing a lack of trust over his instincts for that of learned behaviour, behavioural modification, it's been going on a hell of a long time, to behaviour that is expected of him or else he is shunned, this new behaviour is classed as civilised and social etiquette.


Cultural Illusions that once have created the world just so, are now being distorted once again, broken down and destoryed into a quagmire, like a witch stirring up her snake oil and rabbits feet brew within her cauldron we'll call the void of earth, until we have a multicultural ethos society, fit for world rule out of division and the clash of cultures, until we have a New World Order, a One World Government.

It is and always has been about control and one constant which is change, the transformation of society to this new world image of control as is desired today.

Truth became confused with "authoritarians" and ones authority was diminished, seen outside of themselves or as being evil internal or insanity when oneself sees the world differently than from how it is expected of him by his peers, by his ruling class.

He most definitely has a mental disorder, requiring psychiatric treatment or pharmaceutical medication for the rest of his life. As he doesn't think or feel like us 🤔



That can't be allowed the insecurity and deficiency, is in him and not us. 

That's why we need to lock him away from everyone else 😆



In such a state of affairs, philosophy is dead, as is freedom and everything even remotely of spirit. Instead, we are left with a state of counter-mimicry and counterspirt.

We live as a society that is artificial, placed within well defined roles and limited boundaries as if our lives are upon a movie screen, or a stagnant swamp and nothing but a mere scripted affair.

We created a society that lacks the now, present and everything that could be considered of spontaneity, for that of a world view wrapped in clingfilm, like the sky filled with chemtrails like an oily draped cloaking as if clingfilm is over everything, that we have been eluded by to call these prison walls, security and protection from some great example of either an external threat or to fear ourselves.

When it's this very world view that we need security and protection from. Not the "threats".
That world view seeking to potentially justify all of this, is what we simply need to remove!


Only we are like the cuckold being bound and fucked over - Cuckold Consciousness 

Many examples of weirdos wrapped with such clingfilm - so I hear 👀 fucking weirdos 😆

If you enjoy it, that's your look out, do it on your terms under your own roof.
The rest of society are being raped if they like it or not and told to accept and enjoy it while they're strapped down, by predators and that if you don't enjoy this state of perpetuatal rape and being whipped into submission via psychopaths and narcissists, something is wrong with you?


Out of a bad situation, some people pretend or try to find a way to enjoy and justify the need for them being treated in this way.

That maybe perfectly fine within a limited example like a limited period of time within a concentration camp and then you can get out and return to normal.

What happens when the world becomes such a concentration camp ran by such tyrants whom previously only occupied a limited example?

We've justified too much.
Then they seek to comply with it and thus we ourselves go on perpetuatally to recreate this society by becoming it through the impulse of fear of the consequences of not doing so.

We are ultimately allowing and creating this state of affairs...


John Lennon - Think about it 👌



Give Love a Chance

Find a Redhead and invest in a Strapon 👌

Face Time ☝

So we can find a way out of this mess.

I am on the look out for one, but I'm flat out broke, sorry 😁 



Plus, I'm doing all I can to maintain the traditional stereotype Conspiracy Theorist, a loner who doesn't play well with others, an arse hole, only comes out at night, otherwise, I may become one of them normal people and fuck that! ☝

They're just too weird for me.

I think maybe I just wear my mask on inside out? 🤔


What they keep to themselves I see as important and see a need to speak about and what they speak about I see as monotonous and unnecessary most of the time keep to myself.

There just isn't enough TIME for that bullshit everyday 😆

More important things are on the horizon! 😁



Of course, this is just an attempt to show a game of duality.

It almost certainly isn't all true in and of itself 👀 but a story, designed to take you somewhere.

Especially if your the Redhead I've been looking for? 😏😆

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I loved John Lennon. He wasn't afraid to speak out and do what he could. That's what got him killed imo. Chapman was no lone gunman. Bullshit- he was brainwashed into assassinating Lennon. That's probably why they won't give him parole. The excuse that he might harm Ono and her son is laughable.

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John made some globalist anthems and disseminated "new age" ideas to the baby boomer generation, but maybe he turned on his masters in the end. I dunno.


EMI was operated by British Aristocrat Sir Joseph Lockwood. The company was also one of Britain’s largest producers of military electronics. This being the case, EMI was also a key member of Britain’s military intelligence establishment and worked closely with the Tavistock Institute which was shaped by British Psychological Warfare Division.


The was teeny bopper generation might seem tame by today's standards, but it paved the way for the subversive "entertainment" we see today. You can't destroy wholesome values overnight, so you have to dripfeed the indoctrination.


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22 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

John made some globalist anthems and disseminated "new age" ideas to the baby boomer generation, but maybe he turned on his masters in the end. I dunno.


EMI was operated by British Aristocrat Sir Joseph Lockwood. The company was also one of Britain’s largest producers of military electronics. This being the case, EMI was also a key member of Britain’s military intelligence establishment and worked closely with the Tavistock Institute which was shaped by British Psychological Warfare Division.


The was teeny bopper generation might seem tame by today's standards, but it paved the way for the subversive "entertainment" we see today. You can't destroy wholesome values overnight, so you have to dripfeed the indoctrination.


Yep, to me, the whole use of The Beetles was a Military Construction for psychological means, heavily influenced via The Tavistock Institute. They where continuing forms of engineering of consent, mind manipulation, from lessons learned during WWII in trying to direct society, using The Beetles as a means to do this.

It was a means of experimentation that the military had a lot invested within, on behalf of agents of the traditional Globalist Death Cuit, so it was more than just a music group it was a means of psychological manipulation and advancement of these goals, which have now long since invaded and perversed the majority of the music industry.


I think because of this, this goes a long way to explaining why Paul could most definitely had been replaced and they don’t want people speculating upon this without it appearing as ludicrous nonsense, because of what it may uncover.

There’s some genuine historical affairs taking place here that have been covered up and/or distorted.

It’s the same way they deal with the moon landing fakery, make a mockery out of the idea and spread it or how they attack anyone whom wants to research and expose Zionism. It’s because of the potential of taking them seriously and uncovering them, where they inevitably lead. I mean, seriously, NASA lost the technology to go back to the moon what a fucking joke. The Globalists probably had technological means to do this back then, publicly we didn’t and what we was shown was staged.


So they turn it into a shit giggles affair, by making a mockery out of the idea.
Keep in mind, they didn’t make fun openly of this back in 1966, but today they’re because they don’t want the majority of people to take this seriously because the obvious question becomes, why would they so that?

They’re manipulating and distorting history which they shouldn’t and wouldn’t need to do today if there wasn’t a reason for it 🤔

If you understand they could and would do this, it’s because you’ve understood and learned of the military influence behind The Beetles to begin with. Otherwise, no. None of this makes any sense...




Maybe they started out like many as a genuine band trying to make it and where approached and recruited into this as a means to “Get  Ahead in Advertising”, “How to Make Friends and Influence People” etc

You’d accept it and initially, it’s hard to imagine they could understand what they’re getting into, as they wouldn’t disclose this to them, they’d have absolute no need to do this, they would appear, be treated and feel like a genuine group from their perspective and the band could most genuinely feed their egos in believing this was all because of them and not because advertising, psychological manipulation used via these military techniques, which where being tried and tested and experimental via The Beetles themselves using them as a tool for delivery.

After the death of Paul, it’s not hard to imagine that what you may not have been aware of before would start to become more transparent to you if you had any intelligence, or at the very least, you’d start to feel like a tool or someone else’s commodity, puppet, that could be replaced as easily as this in a moments notice and be left feeling a little shallow and what’s really the point in all this?
it shouldn’t and wouldn’t feel right to most people I’d imagine.


You could then start seeing our questioning these techniques of influencing people through the use of say The Beetles - you -  and you may start to see the same techniques used elsewhere via politics and the media etc

In short, it would awake you to the control and influence taking place pretty quickly...


This I believe happened to John Lennon.

It’s possible he was still being used by them but I don’t think they’d of killed him if that was the case, but there could be another story as to why and how this got out of hand and maybe the use of various drugs played its part within this experimental manner that they didn’t expect to occur and they had no other real means to correct this and so, this was a last resort scenario due to the dangerous influence John Lennon had over people which he had gained through their practices, but no longer had that direct control and influence over him. That made him very dangerous...


It’s the result of experimental techniques in my opinion eventually leading somewhere they didn’t want it to go because some of these experimental techniques had the opposite impact of waking people up to the control system rather than maintaining people into sedation and control. The whole of the 1960s seemed to turn into one big experiment which ended with how to manipulate society back from this state of waking up back to the control system as experiments went too far, largely justified by the Cold War but this was completely the Globalists. The Cold War was them and it was a means to justify all this experimentation.


By a war on drugs the system had justification for a war on society.
They created the problem and then used it as a means to go to war, just as they’ve always done.

Some people still have a hard time even understanding why it is they would do even that.

Seems pretty obvious to me, it’s all about exercising control.


I haven’t listened to all this yet, maybe of interest, there was a documentary a few years back that seems to have been removed and censored is overshadowed by a “mockumentary” and now a movie...

So I can’t find or remember what that genuine documentary was called.



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