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The Times article about Gareth Icke's speech at Trafalgar square

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46 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

Grumpy Owl said we can talk about flat earth here, so that's why I post this comment


I never said that, I just mentioned about the 'subject of Flat Earth' being brought up in the linked articles' comments.


If people want to discuss FE, then do so in the following topic:


No more of this in this topic please!

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12 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


I've said this before and I'll say it again. If your child is 'vaccinated', then what 'danger' does any unvaccinated child present (to your child)?



That's his opinion and he's entitled to it. Equally, many people are entitled to their opinion that everything we have been told about masks and vaccines by our governments and media organisations is also "false and dangerous".


If all we've needed to do to 'stop the spread' was to keep washing our hands, wear a face covering and keep a safe distance (which it seems vast majority of people are doing), then why are the 'cases' now increasing? Clearly this has all been pointless then?


It's little simple questions like these that will plant the seed of doubt (hopefully) into peoples' minds.

It is the vaccinated children that are the danger. 

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I thought that I had read somewhere that Gareth Icke's Speech had been deleted. Here is the You-tube link. 

Please let me know if  I have got it wrong about Gareth's You-Tube Speech being deleted (perhaps this is a slightly different video clip than the one that I think Gareth referred to as hitting over 3 million views) or have I got those details wrong?



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Whats happening here is that The Times is trying to rubbish the competition.


The Times newspaper sees davidicke.com as a competitor online.


We have a stronger online presence than The Times does. (You cant even read Times articles; there is a paywall)


So The Times editor needs to resort to being a bitchy schoolgirl to attack the Icke family.


The Times newspaper is a legacy medium that has no future.

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