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Just a follow up on this.


Well it seems that my recent test now comes under this.


Whats interesting is that there was 96% negative results out of 387 employees.


Now if the test is being recalled. It could very well be because the test which was not up to standard. be the fact that it may have been run under the 45 cycles used by the NHS. Hence the 96% negative result. What do people think??



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On 10/4/2020 at 12:46 AM, Ralph Greene said:

Whilst I do not wish to cause alarm, here is something to be considered.

It is plainly obvious how desperate certain parties are to force a vaccine upon us. 

Would it be out of the realms of possibility that they could administer a vaccine without even telling us?

Maybe they say "its just a test and you cannot do anything unless you get this test", (a test that does seem rather invasive, in comparison to the tests they give you in hospital when you are a patient for that bacteria that involve a nose swab that is just inside the nose).






This is something I have wondered about too. 🤔

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