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Carl Vernon


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I’ll be honest I hadn’t heard of Carl Vernon prior to Covid. What do people make of him? 

I personally enjoy his content and basically use him as my daily news. As he highlights the insanity we see being rolled out in 2-3 minute videos. 

I must admit his content does get a bit depressing and disillusioning after a while though (i’m not shooting the messenger).

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I like him but he thinks there's a virus and it just puts me off of people.


If you're believing there's a COVID-19 you're falling for part of the scam.


I think it's all getting to him a bit lately too he's seemed very depressed recently and he clearly struggles (not that I don't). 

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He appears to be suffering like a lot of us are as we are only human. 


Its easy to insult others who are brave enough to put content out there however i must admit he is not my cup of tea. Lacks humour and his accent is grating. And his "tar ta" at the end of the videos i find a bit cringey. Just comes off as bitter. But maybe he should be. 


The only person that is offering some solutions and quality hunour in the alternative for me is mr thomas sheridan. Mainly because its not all doom and gloom. And i dont agree a lot of what ye says either. 

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