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Schizophrenia going mainstream


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Commercial for the “new” antipsychotic Fanapt aired on Fox during Tucker Carlson last night.  Apparently covid has driven masses of people looney and they have a drug for that!

Can’t embed, but here’s one of the ads.  It shows a dude hearing voices (thought that was normal) and a lady who thinks everyone is staring at her with malice. 

What a surprise!  As if putting people under house arrest and telling them they’re going to die if they go out will drive them insane.  



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Though I can’t talk really, I taped paper over the cameras on my iPad and hid from the census lady four times.  The fifth time I opened the door cause she was standing in the rain.  

I yelled at the HOA lady for being shallow because she sent out a notice for us to mow every week and keep our mailboxes uniform.  Didn’t know she sent the notice to everyone in the neighborhood.  My bad.

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If you are on the brink of self harm you should alert someone and seek medical attention.  If you are not and just hearing or seeing things you may want to visit the Hearing Voices Network.



Also, this TED Talk by Elenor Longden may be of help.  She managed to harness the voices in her head and become allies with them.  They now are her aids.  






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Novartis bought Fanapt (Iloperidone) formerly called Zomeril from Titan after it published a study proving the drug was no different from drugs already on the market.  This is how drug companies roll.  


Then Novartis repackages the drug with a new name and image, jacks up the price and banks off the new crop of unwitting consumers. 

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If you have experience with antipsychotics you will know not only are there profound physical side effects but emo and spiritual ones as well. 

“The most profound side-effect is extreme fatigue, which leaves many in a 'zombie state'.”



Why does this matter to everyone?  Because some antipsychotic medications are excreted in urine and wind up back in the water table, in your county water supply and coming through your shower.  

Are we powerless?  Not entirely.  What can be done is reaching out to people and checking on people to see how they’re doing.  A bit of humanity goes a long way to someone losing their mind. 

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I wish there was more awareness on the true nature of antipsychotics. Antipsychotics are soul destroying, the most evil and inhumane drugs that exist, blocking atleast 90% of dopamine receptors is a pretty crude form of "medicine," serving the same function as a lobotomy. Unfortunately many people are forced to take them under community treatment orders, I was forced just falling out of the social norm I'm guessing, with absolutely no psychosis. No delusions, no hospital admissions, voices or hallucinations.


My psychiatrist at the time even lied, completely fabricated a delusion which he told them I held at my tribunal in order to force medication. I wonder why he would go so out of his way to get me on antipsychotics and destroy my life so much that he had to lie multiple times. Which at the time lowered my functioning significantly, made me not be able to take care of my kids, lose my independence, almost made me kill myself, left me apathetic, with no interest in anything anymore, I couldn't even watch a tv show or video while on antipsychotics, it felt like the worst kind of torture and is ultimately a pointless existence. Better off dead than not being able to experience life. 


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There is a theory about schizophrenia and i don't know if its true or not but it's called the Hoffer hypothesis


The Hoffer hypothesis is that if people are under prolongued stress (such as during the current covid crisis and its lockdowns) their bodies will produce more adrenaline and over time the adrenaline can oxydise into adrenochrome creating an adrenal imbalance. Adrenocrhome is psychoactive and causes the schizophrenia. This theory would explain an uptick in schizophrenia during times of crisis and heightened stress among the populace.


Under this theory the use of niacin (vitamin B3) can metabolise the adrenochrome thereby resolving the stress induced symptoms of schizophrenia

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