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Found 5 results

  1. Hi okay so I am a Christian. Growing up, I understood that if people didn't accept Jesus as our Lord and savior and say sorry for their sins they would die and go to hell. That was my understanding. After listening to David Ike for many years, he says that we are consciousness. David Ike claims that when people die, they become Consciousness and then they are forever consciousness. I take this as a positive thing. However what about the people that are murders, psychopaths, and evil satanic worshipers that kill children? What happens to them when they die? Surely those people don't deserve anything positive in the afterlife. In the Bible in my Christian religion they go to hell. However I'm confused about David Ike's theory about people becoming Consciousness again after they pass from this human life form. Is there any accountability for those people that are evil, psychopaths, murders and satanic worshipers that do bad things in their cult? Do they just become Consciousness too and just have a positive experience for all the evil they did on this Earth? Will there be any accountability for them in the afterlife. I wish I understood David Ike's Theory Of Consciousness after death more clearly. Can someone please help me understand what his theory is about those types of evil psychotic people dying and what happens to them in the afterlife?
  2. Okay so, the fossil record shows our brains have been anatomically modern for the last 190,000 years, meaning the same brain shape and size and capacity of intelligence. Recorded history only covers 6000 years, so were missing about 184,000 years of history (including all the stories that detail our interactions with denisovans and neanderthals) . Throw out the established theory of history, things are way deeper than that. The age of the sphinx and the pyramids point to a lost civilization that existed during the time of "Zep Tepi" 34,600 BC! As mentioned by the Ancient Egyptians themselves. Were talking an advanced worldwide civilization (based on the fact that the great pyramid is a scale model of the northern hemisphere of the earth. As demonstrated by Randall Carlson) This lost civilization was advanced not only technologically but spiritually as well. Accessing higher realms via consciousness. Aboriginal Shamans speak of the spirit world and other realms. Science speaks of quantum parallel universes and quantum entanglement. Two dialects interpreting the same reality. The latter seems to suggest that all things in the universe are one just as the Aboriginals say. These other dimensions seem to correlate with what shamans refer to as the spirit world, to which they gain access to using psychedelics, tuning their mind to higher frequencies like a radio, and perceiving these dimensions and entities. If we go by Terence Mckenna's stoned ape theory, it would imply that humans have been accessing these realms for thousands of years, leading to the formation of religions and spirituality. And, throughout the ages have been interpreted (based on the cultural paradigm of the time) as Fairies, Elves, Angels, Demons, and in modern times , Aliens. These dimensions and the beings that reside, have a direct effect on our world...Some of these beings wish to aid us, others seek to harm us. One entity in particular, a Demiurge, has been manipulating the human race, ever since the fall of the The Lost Civilization (read Graham Hancock's work and the source material he references!!!). As farfetched as all this sounds, the evidence shows that this may very well be the truth. Cognitive Dissonance occurs when people reject reality in order to preserve their belief systems... this allows the Matrix to exist; a system designed to imprison the collective mind, a system created by the Demiurge... Its crazy but it may be true. Our whole story is a lie. And we must awaken. Self-actualize. There's more to reality than what we've been brought up to believe. And your role in all this is greater than you may think. Awaken. You are the universe experiencing itself. You are not just meat and bone. You are not the result of random processes. You are more than just your identity. You are more than just your role in society. You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. You are the process. You are the void before the universe. You are the big bang and all that came after. Awaken. Become reborn. Become who you were born to be. The paradigm shift is happening. Around the world, humans are realizing that society, religions, governments, and economic systems, are illusionary constructs, part of the Matrix, designed to keep us from knowing who we are. Our true history has been erased — replaced by a false narrative. The evidence ignored — the facts ridiculed. The truth of the matter not known. People accept the world they are brought up in without question. They take it all as a given — the structures of society. Never to see past the veil. We all live in the Matrix. A system designed to imprison the collective mind. A system that deceives the masses, appearing as a collection of separate nations with different political ideologies. Humans have been manipulated. Twisted, to become a mockery of everything we once stood for. We are capable of enhancing ecosystems, caring for all forms of life, and protecting the Earth from comets. But instead we’re fooled to support systems that would use our intelligence against us. Cognitive Dissonance occurs when the mind rejects reality in order to preserve its established belief systems. Religious, political and philosophical. We’ve been brought up in these societies that people deem to be right and normal. However, all this… is a facade… The Universe seems to be a multidimensional fractal living organism. All things in the universe are interconnected, by virtue of quantum entanglement, a thread that links all subatomic particles in the universe to their origin, The Singularity, before the big bang. Meaning through the lens of quantum mechanics we can confirm ancient spiritual belief systems that state we are all one. Diving into reality at the quantum level, there is no distinction between the atoms that make up a living organism vs atoms that make up inanimate objects. At this level of perception, all things are boundless flowing energy. Our brain filters out 97% of reality,leaving us with a tiny bandwidth of perception, limited to our 5 senses. Senses that of which are tuned into perceiving baryonic matter, which makes up only 3% of the universe. Meaning what we think is real is based on the brain. Max Plank said it himself that reality must be governed by a single mind, this mind is the matrix of all matter. The universe may very well be a multidimensional living thing. A living field of ether manifesting as all things in known reality.... Making sense of spiritual traditions from around the world, from Eastern Philosophy to Aboriginal Philosophy. From this point of view reality is far more majestic than what our society makes it out to be...
  3. I am curious to learn when exactly David Icke became "aware" of our oneness (infinite unconditional love); the only truth which is often coined: non-duality? When in his life did that revelation come? I am also wondering if he has ever met and spoken at length to Rupert Spira?
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