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Found 11 results

  1. Looks like it's France that will be facing civil war not Russia. Riots spreading throughout France, President Micron enflaming the situation, hopefully it won't end well for the WEF puppet. Discuss.
  2. Someone from the NGO world told me that Universal Basic Income NGOs are being set up or have been set up in multiple countries. They seem to be set up and run by the usual suspects in those countries. They are being set up to lobby for and promote UBI introduction in those countries. The person who spoke to me on condition of anonimity said that the foundations already exist in countries outside the USA/EU zone. Schwab appears to want Universal Basic Income introduced across the world.
  3. DeSantis gives a rousing speech slamming "Davos jetsetters" and "technocratic elites" bla bla bla. But does he really mean it, or he just another "frontman of ze narrative"? (NOTE: THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM IS THE LONG ONE) https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ron-desantis-flames-davos-jetsetters-technocratic-elites-fiery-inauguration-speech
  4. While reading about the Saturn-Moon matrix in The Perception Deception, it struck me that this kind of symbolism was displayed during Yuval Harari's WEF speech in 2018. (Attached still image extracted from the video at 00:16:35.) The animated Saturn-Moon symbol is pretty obvious. I'm not as certain about the King imagery--my guess is that he represents Arthur Pendragon. Seems he's holding "Excalibur" and the (Archontic) torch in a way that encloses his body in a triangle/pyramid shape. If I'm right about Arthur, the image would also imply Arthur's "Knights of the Round Table" and supply an answer to Harari's rhetorical question, "Now how exactly will the future masters of the planet look like?" Any other ideas about this symbolism? Incidentally, there may be some subliminal messaging during the Q & A part of the presentation. Look on the screen behind Harari for a foot-high strip of rapidly blinking text. The camera angle makes it difficult to decipher the letters, but maybe someone here will have better luck than I did. (I thought I saw partially formed words like "Die" and "Blood.") Q & A starts at 00:19:35.
  5. This is what someone just told me: "What the WEF is doing is a very calculated PSYOP. They are scared to death of losing their privileged position in the world to mass political movements which demand greater equality, greater accountability, greater transparency, tighter regulation of business practices and similar. So they something do something very simple. They put out deliberately outrageous statements designed to REALLY SCARE people, like "you will own nothing and be happy!". They then ensure that NONE of the major mainstream media outlets rail against the statements in any meaningful way. This makes many people think that the WEF is unbelievably POWERFUL, that this future is INEVITABLE and UNSTOPPABLE, and that they are COMPLETELY ALONE and NOT EVEN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WILL COME TO THE THEIR RESCUE. In actual fact, this PSYOP shows how FEARFUL the elite are. They are so scared of the masses holding them accountable even a little bit that they choose a "let US go on the offensive before THEY do" strategy, and use really well designed SCARE TACTICS to PARALYZE PEOPLE INTO COMPLETE INACTION. The WEF doesn't give a damn about LGBT rights for example, but pushes LGBT at heterosexuals as MUCH as possible, because they know it makes them psychologically uncomfortable. The World Economic Forum itself is COMPLETELY DISPENSIBLE - nobody in the business world needs to fly to Switzerland to conduct their business. If the PSYOP goes wrong, the WEF will stop making outrageous statements and gradually fade into the background or.rebrand. Painting everyone who gets triggered by the WEF as white supremacists, racists, antisemites and such is also pure PSYOP. Again, they are going on the OFFENSIVE, before their CRITICS can build any critical mass. The WEF are deliberately creating the image of LARGE DRAGON which CANNOT BE STOPPED. The hundreds of expensive business jets landing in Switzerland at the same time is a pure SHOW OF FORCE. But they temselves are FEARFUL of the future, and the INTERNET in particular. So its all about 'They need to fear US more than we fear THEM'". Expect the WEF to make even more outrageous statements in the future, statements deliberately designed to DISTURB and PARALYZE the average person. There is no guarentee whatsoever that they will WIN IN ANY SIGNFICANT CAPACITY, they know this very well themselves, but they will keep PLAYING THE BIG BAD DRAGON for as long as they can. They will never ever let on that they themselves are also scared."
  6. We keep thinking they want to take our privacy, our property, branchip us and merge us with AI. What if all of that is DELIBERATE MISDIRECTION, just something for the conscientious to rail against on the internet, and they are using it to HIDE AN EVEN WORSE FUTURE PLAN? Something that has to do with our Planet and the mysteries in the greater Universe surrounding us, or with the Metaphysical/Theological, or with the "new laws of physics" Tesla always talked about but couldn't make public before he died?
  7. Top picture: Premiere of "Bullettrain" Bottom: Pitt posing for Rolling Stone in the 1990s while promoting Fight Club
  8. Yuval Noah Harari telling us that the future is SOMEHOW 'INEVITABLE' and, um, yeah, 'nobody can really do anything about it'....
  9. Killer Killer Covid – Mad Mix Press Release… The song will be released 3rd January 2022. We are trying to achieve a chart position, so please consider buying it when it’s available. The views are being manipulated by YouTube, and social media platforms are preventing retweets and reposts. To overcome this censorship, we have created a low-quality version that is small enough to be emailed here - http://www.songcity.co.uk/Downloads/KillerCovidMov(Email).zip and would ask people to download it and send it to as many people as possible and encourage them to do the same (like a chain letter). The high-quality YouTube version is here - https://youtu.be/oHi3KKv3Ok0 (please include this link with your email. We bought a domain name for the songs release, www.killerkillercovid.co.uk however it was suspended before we could even use it! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy (and tyranny free) New Year. Martin Noakes & Mick Manoel Chaves
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