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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, tough topic but I think the reality is that it can easily happen with the demons that rule the world. World war 3 is something we all fear and something that would have catastrophic consequences for the world. What makes me bring up this topic is a few things - first the huge migration that is happening around the world that is already clearly completely unsustainable for countries experiencing this migration. As I am from Great Britain, we already have huge problems with congestion in cities and other areas of the country. This congestion is only going to get worse, also the countries infrastructure does not have the capacity to support millions on new lives. The world leaders clearly do not care about these lives as the countries who are experiencing huge migration are the lives who are being ruined by by their governments already (this is after COVID). The UK and US cities can not handle anymore extra lives as places like London are already overflown with people and so is New York and other places like Los Angeles. Having these huge amounts of migrants is going to put huge stress on the amount of congestion associated with living in these places. Secondly (and continuing on with migration) - the global depopulation and climate change agendas can become more effective and efficient with just a few years of war. The amount of emissions let off from military infrastructure compared to consistent ware of 30-40 years of extreme living and extra energy needed to compensate for the affects of the migration is small (I think) compared to a few years of war. (I am saying this as I read between the lines and think that the obvious question is to always ask why) - why are we experiencing huge migration when climate change is important and our nations want to enviroment. Does an influx of new lives to consider ruin the chances of protecting our climate and doing better than others? Of course it does. Furthermore once mass migration has happened and the migrants all have passports or residence then the government by authority can send them to war. The government does not care about it's nations people own lives so why would it care for migrants (again read between the lines and ask why) because I can tell you now government has no care for the lives of migrants and personally I think the bigger picture that the cult of demons wants something more than 15 minute towns (could be a preparation clue) after how catasphoric COVID-19 (SARS CoV) was to the population. Third - wars have been a part of the MSM narrative heavily since COVID was taken off the agenda. The latest edition to world warfare was the disposition of leaving billions in artillery in Afghanistan and then potentially knowing that Hamas/Gaza could finance the purchase of arms from the Taliban to start war with the weapons left behind (again read between the lines and ask why, why did Joe Biden leave all the military equipment in Afghanistan) once enough time had passed to let the dust settle. Ukraine has also been given a huge amount of weaponry from the US which is enough the outlast the war with Russia which they are also loosing (it was a loosing battle from the start). - BRICS can be touched upon with this subject as the organisation actually makes up half of the worlds population. If you have one organisation looking to leave the worlds global reserve behind and the US has the other half of the worlds population, it's a match for a huge increase in the supply of depopulation and thus even further a great reset. I hope we can all look at this topic as something to develop upon and not squabble as this is all happening in the world and the true narrative is never told as we all know.
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