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About Me

Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, My name is Clint and I’m reaching out to you in dire a plea for help with exposing the fact that COVID-19 is legally classifiable as a biological weapon, and that Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIAID) along with the NIH issued US tax-payer money for the creation of this disease. In other words, the Dr. leading the public health efforts on this pandemic is the one who appropriated funding to engineer the virus, and there are statutes that can be enforced to pursue this violation of US and international law. Included below is a documentary and written summary
  2. Intriguing Agenda. Mandatory AI/Neuralinks, all humanity, worldwide c, 2030 (ish). If this truly is the Agenda as David Icke and others suggest, what would be the point of this. Depopulating 'ordinary biological' humans and replacing them with AI/links/synthetic (bio=engineered) forms would allow for surveillance and control (ads, apps etc.) ending the anthropocene age but what would the controller of such a CLOUD collective, let us say, (spider at centre of web) need these humans (2.0) for anyway? It surely would have the ability to create artificial life forms that it could utilize as 'te
  3. If/when Neuralink is available, would you want it or not? Pluses - constant, 24/7 connection to the www/internet, social media etc. Minuses, constant surveillance, monitoring of body functions, brainwaves etc. I would say no, I prefer to log in with an 'external' device as and when I need it, however, many young people (some not so young) tell me they would be happy to have these neuralinks implanted under their skulls linking them directly to the AI/Cloud. Many are open to the idea, including one girl I know who says it would be easier to unlock her car door as she wouldn't have to remem
  4. What... The... Fuck... People like to say that we're insane But AI will reward us when it reigns We pledge allegiance to the world's most powerful computer Simulation is the future What will it take to make you capitulate? We appreciate power We appreciate power I'll evade the human race, putting makeup on my face We appreciate power We appreciate power, power
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