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  1. How long can a virus, pathogen, bacteria, protozoa, live on a particle of aluminum or on aluminum surfaces? How much aluminum is in my body currently and where is it held? What are the pathways responsible for removing heavy metals from the human body? What role do a fatty liver kidney and spleen triad play in hindering heavy metals and free radicals removal from the physical body? How much aluminum, carbon monoxide, and other metal particles are in the atmosphere and around major city centers? If I compound an air soluble proton/neutron micro substrate attached to nanoscale particulate of aluminum, how then could I infuse it into a city center or make it airborne for 30 days or longer given humidity and other conditions? How do fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and other halogens react with aluminum in the body along with other metals known to be consumed in the food supply through breathing and pharmaceutical applications along with the health makeup and food industry? How many particles can be held in one small nano micron in a nanite? Among the halogens, only fluorine reacts with elemental carbon. Some simple carbon compounds can be very toxic, such as carbon monoxide (CO) or cyanide (CN-). I find this statement profound given the choice of adding it to the water supply. Keep in mind that small dots spread across large patterns come together to hurt, slow, and poison the human body. Dot connector yeah? This list and sporadic web site links chronicles my week long research into the topic has given me as I wanted to write up all I found to shed some light and from my forensic background to talk about how I came across Alcoa aluminum, how it is tied to the Reynolds family (known cabal family) and the science behind my postulation. I feel like the difference between a conspiracy theorist/new age whack a doodle is long term research, empirical studies, dot connecting the rational in an effort to allow a human to ask their own questions to garner an educated perspective on the long term agenda of aluminum in the air, how the emf lands harder on your brain when riddled with heavy metals and the free radical hydroxide release that occurs while the body is bogged down with excess protein, iron, copper, and zinc folate vitamin A poisoning occurring to those eating general mills cereals of all types. My intention is to introduce data, give resources to think about, and to start a conversation around how to remove these metals from the body and what will happen if a massive coronal starburst hit the earth and the human body is riddled with these metals. A table of data on carbon: Read more: https://www.lenntech.com/periodic/elements/c.htm#ixzz6cqRQQ43D Carbon 14 is one of the radionuclides involved in atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, which began in 1945, with a US test, and ended in 1980 with a Chinese test. It is among the long-lived radionuclides that have produced and will continue to produce increased cancers risk for decades and centuries to come. It also can cross the placenta, become organically bound in developing cells and hence endanger fetuses. Journal of Applied Chemistry, https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/jctb.5010200702 The oxidation of high‐purity aluminum sheet in dry oxygen, moist oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide (at total pressure 1.333 × 103 Nm−2) was studied in the range 673–923°K, using a vacuum microbalance to follow weight gains. High‐temperature oxidation of aluminum in various gases How does aluminum react in different states when in water, gas, solid?https://www.researchgate.net/publication/276243767_The_reaction_of_aluminium_clusters_with_water_A_quantum_chemical_investigation https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0584853987800296 Activation of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide at aluminum surfaces Issues of particles surviving on aluminum surfaces for long periods: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7091010/ Aluminum nanoparticles industry applications. https://www.nanoshel.com/aluminium-nanoparticles-application https://nanografi.com/blog/facts-about-aluminum-al-nanoparticlesnanopowder/ https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfcfr/CFRSearch.cfm?fr=201.323 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3995234/: it will be described how aluminum can exert oxidative stress by stabilizing superoxide radicals either as mononuclear aluminum or clustered in boehmite. The possibility of promotion of Fenton reaction, (The Fenton reaction is a catalytic process that converts hydrogen peroxide, a product of mitochondrial oxidative respiration, into a highly toxic hydroxyl free radical.) The Fenton reaction results in the creation of hydroxyl radicals from hydrogen peroxide and an Iron (II) catalyst. ... This reaction allows for hydrogen peroxide created by radiolysis of water to diffuse to the nucleus and react with Iron (II) to produce hydroxyl radicals, which in turn react with DNA. https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/phs/phs.asp?id=1076&tid=34 https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/medicine-and-dentistry/hydroxyl-radical Hydroxyl radical is the most reactive free radical and can be formed from ·O2– and H2O2 in the presence of metal ions such as copper or iron. Hydroxyl radicals have the highest 1-electron reduction potential and are primarily responsible for the cytotoxic effect in aerobic organism. Hydroxyl radicals react with lipids, polypeptides, proteins, and nucleic acids, especially thiamine and guanosine. Break down · Air Aluminum cannot be destroyed in the environment. It can only change its form or become attached or separated from particles. Aluminum particles in air settle to the ground or are washed out of the air by rain. However, very small aluminum particles can stay in the air for many days. · Water and soil Most aluminum-containing compounds do not dissolve to a large extent in water unless the water is acidic o How acidic is our environment now, how acidic is most humans body given the toxic load currently? What would an elderly person have more of in the bones and body especially growing up during the industrial revolution? Today, almost all electrical networks in Canada and the United States are made of aluminum or aluminum alloys, bare or insulated, as well as a large number of underground cables. How intriguing, aluminum is crisscrossed all over and throughout North America. I wonder how aluminum in your body would react with aluminum wires that are electromagnetically charged. How is the human body relaying data information sets through the electrical wiring system in the nerves? The nervous system is the body’s “electrical wiring” and control system. It includes both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system If you blanketed the earth with a varying particular level waveform via orbiting satellites, off-planet satellites and moon-based technology that gyroscopically produces waves could not you land binary programming sets at a quantum level into the human body and brain? What role do heavy metals play in allowing these particles to affect and heat human physiology? What metal do you never put in the microwave? Intriguing right? How do you get human bodies to absorb more microwave, radio, and many other spectrums of EMF? Consider the role a nonoxidizing cheap metal such as aluminum plays in this insidious game, https://www.hyperhistory.com/online_n2/History_n2/index_n2/einstein_theory.html Quantum packets and relativity. In March 1905, Einstein created the quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons. Alongside Max Planck's work on quanta of heat Einstein proposed one of the most shocking ideas in twentieth-century physics: we live in a quantum universe, one built out of tiny, discrete chunks of energy and matter. https://www.ccmr.cornell.edu/faqs/why-cant-you-put-metal-in-a-microwave/ Microwaves happen to not pass right through the water. Nor are they completely reflected by water. So, when we put something with water in it in the path of microwaves, say a potato or popcorn kernel, the water molecules start tumbling and jostling like crazy. The energy of the rubbing water molecules turns to heat. Your potato or popcorn heats up. When these waves hit metal like aluminum foil or gold paint, the metal absorbs the microwaves like an antenna. The energy doesn’t turn to heat, roughly because the metal is not water. (You know that, too.) The microwave energy has to find a place to go. It usually forms sparks that jump from air molecule to air molecule back to the metal sides or bottom of the oven. Where the sparks come and go from the aluminum foil or metal paint, it gets hot. The energy is concentrated. It often burns a tiny hole or pit in the metal. It’s energy just looking for a place to spread out. If you have certain metals stored in the bones blood and organs will you be distorted and taking in these microwaves and emf spectrums? Aluminum in very small airborne amounts can float about in the air for long periods and given the studies which show that viruses can and do live on aluminum surfaces, (why not use copper in hospitals you ask, oh wait for it, your thinking they have your health in the top category of priority? If you want to turn off DNA and create a right nasty free radical cascade that interacts with the iron in the body and production of hydroxyl radicals: Characterization of aluminum interaction with biomolecular building blocks: amino acids, phosphates, etc. so that fundamental understanding of the intrinsic affinity of aluminum for functional groups representing the building block motifs of biomolecules can contribute to the elucidation of aluminum binding sites in biological systems. https://www.intechopen.com/books/electromagnetic-fields-and-waves/the-interaction-of-microwaves-with-materials-of-different-properties: The interaction of microwaves with Materials of different properties., This article speaks of the interaction and absorption of aluminum and copper in EMF microwave radiation. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/concerns/adjuvants.html This CDC link explains away the safety of aluminum salts as an adjunct to trigger the immune response. Well, thank you, CDC you are looking out for me, right? https://www.griffincole.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/iaomt-sources-of-fluoride-exposure-chart.pdf References the naturally found fluoride versus the chemical: fluosilicic acid. Cole palmer is a major producer of the type of fluoride and wait for it. GTCR initially acquired Cole-Parmer from Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2014. There is Thermo Fischer scientific again, a leader in nanotechnology and plasma stem cell research equipment. Thermo Fischer percentages According to company figures, 46% of its sales are in life sciences, 20% in healthcare, and 34% in industrial/environmental and safety. Look into Thermo fisher scientific company they already produce nano nanite technology at large scale leading the field in paints that correct and heal themselves when scratched or dinged. In the near future nanite in biology will correct and heal cells. This exist and will be mainstream very soon. But if you put these nanites in your system how at risk are you to be controlled and integrated into techno totalitarianism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermo_Fisher_Scientific https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/aluminum-dust-from-geoengineering-fueling-super-wildfires-according-to-author-300707890.html, this link speaks of the effect nanoparticle of aluminum and barium is having on wildfire spread. Think about why they put aluminum into vaccines, what role does it play in allowing the pathogen to promulgate through the human body system. Why very early on does the introduction of aluminum begin to coagulate with fluoride and chlorine in the drinking water and in toothpaste. The Reynolds family is a known cabal family having a foothold of control in the aluminum industry providing, you guessed it, aluminum foil and the soda pop industry with aluminum products along with the cigarette industry the Reynolds family, RJ Reynolds anyone? Places large quantities of aluminum in cigarettes to act as a buffering agent for the uptake of nicotine and other chemicals when smoking. See the connection wildfires burning brighter and stronger, cigarettes being more addictive? Oh yes did I mention what cigarettes are lined in. That’s right foil made from aluminum. Winston-Salem is famous for what burnings? Wake Forest University? You mean the collegiate education system is a sham and feeds cash to the cabal families? No say it is not so, https://thetab.com/us/wakeforest/2017/02/02/wake-forest-illuminati-1926 https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FC/FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8A49624_Springmeier.-.Bloodlines.of.the.Illuminati.R.pdf The Reynolds family and the Illuminati What can be confirmed, for certain, is the impact the Reynolds family has on our campus. For example, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Reynolds Gym, Reynolda Hall, hell, even our campus is named the Reynolda campus. They are the main reason our campus is even in Winston-Salem. Our connection to the Reynolds family, however, may mean we’re connected with a lot more than we bargained for. In fact, according to the book “Bloodlines Of The Illuminati” by Daniel Lazar, the Reynolds family is known to be one of the most prominent families of the Illuminati with at least three members allegedly confirmed members. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reynolds_Group_Holdings https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcoa Founded in 1888 headquarters in Pittsburgh, (you have heard Lisa Renee talk about this being a hotbed for cabal activity yes? https://www.actionpa.org/fluoride/aluminum.html Yes it gets betters fluoride interacts with aluminum creating a right nasty toxic mess. Fluoride, aluminum, chlorine in synergy are the leading case of so many mental and neurological issues in humanity. I needed to work this out in words as I have thought it thru in detail for months now and I hope to introduce a trail of data and supporting studies to support If it intrigues, you would dig seeing more let me know I will share. These are the two major suppliers, distributors, and purveyors of aluminum to many faucets in the industry. The one that sticks out to me centered in Pittsburgh is Alcoa aluminum. Which state is vital and crucial in the election today? Yes PA. Take a look at the symbol and then look at the Tetractys a known masonic symbol. Reynolds company sold to Alcoa aluminum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reynolds_Group_Holdings As a side note we (my family forensic accounting firm) worked on a forensic analysis of Alcoa to value the stock holding in a divorce case we worked on and this is how I came across the company. Did you know the Moon rules the metals silver and aluminum? Now why would the elite families want control over the moon metal and to introduce it to your body? What really is the moon? What is on the moon? What are we not told about moon cycles? How do pagans worship the moon? What does this have to do with occultism? What does the moon chain lineages do to assert control and domination over the inhabitants of earth? Reynolds Metals became known for the consumer product Reynolds Wrap foil, as well as for developing and promoting new uses for aluminum. (Do you find the submarine name intriguing because I sure do.) Underwater cities and inner earth access by ocean anyone? Its RV Aluminaut submarine was operated by Reynolds Submarine Services Corporation.https://www.reynoldsonline.com/Page/Industrial-Sales. Oh joy, after looking at his site it seems the Reynolds name now supply’s the industrial industry with all sorts of gadgets to further the poisoning of the planet. If you are building a skyscraper, they will provide all the aluminum wiring or transformers you could ever need. I wanted to show the symbol and the base ten Tetractys used commonly in masonic lodges. This is the Alcoa company symbol, do tell, what does that look like to you? This figure was in itself, as a whole, emblematic of the Tetragrammaton, or sacred name of four letters, for Tetractys, in Greek, means Four, This arrangement of the ten points in a triangular form was called the Tetractys or number four, because each of the sides the triangle consisted of four points, and the whole number of ten was made up by the summation of the first four figures, 1 + 2 + 3 +4= 10. TETRACTYS Source: http://www.masonicdictionary.com/tetractys.html These two triangles to the right are from this site and look like the movie about zombies symbol for viral contagion. If you saw the zombie movie resident evil you will recognize it: It is the umbrella corporation. Looks a little like the catholic Maltese cross also, I think. In closing, if you wanted to send packets of code to introduce data sets and instill states of consciousness to impact emotional wellbeing and psychical energy levels the addition, absorption, and introduction of aluminum, fluorine, chlorine, and many other heavy metals along with radioactive isotopes rampant currently in our environment and on our planet is a sure-fire way to progress thermal dictation at a molecular and subatomic degree. The following are tools I find useful in purging all heavy metals including aluminum. Lowering protein intake from carbon based life forms (animals). Using detoxadine (nascent iodine) to clear out the thyroid, glandular system and to assist in pulling metals from glands. https://globalhealing.com/nascent-iodine-detoxadine Parsley, Cilantro and other herbs known for chelation. Silica supplementation and mineral water rich in magnesium and silicate. (Blue ridge parkway and NC have silica rich soil) https://www.aitinstitute.org/aluminum_toxicity.htm excellent site on homeopathic clearing of aluminum and other metals Research how to assist your body in glutathione production as this is so important in purging heavy metals of all types. If any other technique, data, or web links, are known and needed to further the case study and the assist in purging the aluminum from bones please list them and comment of other international conglomerates in the aluminum business.
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