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Found 1 result

  1. I recall seeing possibly the second Wogan vs David Icke interview where David remarked how awful it is people will laugh at those of us who think apart from convention. Last year, I was mocked and jeered on a forum when I explained I believe the Bible originated from Sumerian texts. I added I believe God to have been a group of astronauts. This was Zecharia Sitchin's view and, later on, Christien and Barbara O Brien. Anyway, the onset of mockery took me by surprise. Members (and it was a science forum), competed to see who could get the most laughs. The moderators apparently encouraged the whole circus and never remarked it seemed a bit unfair to gang up behind numbers. Knowledge-wise, I defended my position logically. However, I left the forum and was surprised by the hostility. Despite all that, I'm not sure if I'm a conspiracy theorist. I suppose the ancient astronaut theory is similar to Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, however. Apart from that, I don't tend to follow views where secret groups get together and arrange an elaborate con. I always figured you'd only need one whistle-blower. However, many others with an interest in UFOs will speak at length of area 52 or hidden spacecraft. My old girlfriend used to talk a lot about Coast To Coast on TV which was about cover-ups. Question. Are you a conspiracy theorist? Do others view you as a conspiracy theorist!
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