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Found 1 result

  1. All of us here are aware of the visible and heavily reported on news events - 9/11, Iraq, ISIS in Europe, Economics crises, Global Warming, Lolita Island, Pandemic, Net Zero bla bla bla. But the utterly feckless behaviour of the Global Elite recently suggests that something else completely DIFFERENT AND UNREPORTED has happened. Something has affected the Elite to the point where they behave like PIGS-high-on-cocaine towards us "commoners". There have always been corrupt politicians and businessmen and various scandals involving VIPs in high places. But right now it is as if an ENTIRE HERD OF VIPs is behaving in a "Nah nah nah - we can do whatever the fuck we want to you now!" fashion. Something unreported has happened that has sent a strong "Do what thou willt" signal to the Elite. And they VERY MUCH act as if NOTHING CAN HARM THEM AT ALL ANYMORE, NOW OR IN THE FUTURE. But WHAT precisely changed for them? Was it some kind of big COSMIC/METAPHYSICAL/THEOLOGICAL EVENT that sent them into ATTACK DOG mode? Did they FINISH BUILDING THE COLOSSAL COMPUTER needed to BRING 8 BILLION PEOPLE UNDER AI CONTROL? Have all the satellites needed for BLUE BEAM been succesfully place in orbit? Are they FOLLOWING SOME SECRET OCCULT PROPHECY WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT and it is TELLING THEM THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO DO LESSER HUMANS IN? Is the BOOK OF REVELATIONS PROPHECY COMING TRUE - 666, Antichrist, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? SOMETHING HAS CHANGED that is BEING KEPT OFF THE NEWS RADAR COMPLETELY. But WHAT IS IT that is making the ELITE ACT SO BLOODHUNGRY ALL OF A SUDDEN?
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