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Found 1 result

  1. I'll skip the talk about all the nasty things the elite appears to want to do to us. All of us here know what those things are. What is unclear - the precise motive for it all? The benefit they reap. The payoff when it is all done. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for them. What do already insanely rich, powerful, wealthy, high-status people who live free-as-a-bird and have it all gain from making us ill, or enslaving us, or putting us under surveillance, or reducing our number to 500 Million or whatever? If I am a BILLIONAIRE, what use is RUINING THE LITTLE PEOPLE to me? What do I GAIN from doing that? In the past, I explained this behavior away with severe mental illness and murderous psychopathic urges the elite cannot control. Hereditary perhaps. In the DNA. But the high-tier of the elite consists of 10s of thousands of extremely wealthy people. Statisticially, they cannot ALL be psychopaths from birth or have fallen PREY to later-in-life mental illness? So why do they behave this way? Why do they want to ruin the rest of us? Why do they behave like a pack of HUNGRY wolves all around the world all of a sudden? Wait for it... They have been promised SOMETHING NO MONEY IN THE WORLD CAN BUY YOU. E T E R N A L L I F E COMPLETE FREEDOM FROM DEATH, ILLNESS OR INJURY. IMMORTALITY. By SOMEONE or SOMETHING that/who ISN'T THE TRADITIONAL GOD OF THE ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS. And unlike GOD, this SOMEONE or SOMETHING demands EXTREME ACTS OF WICKEDNESS AND OPPRESSION FOR IT. To LIVE FOREVER... like a DEMI-GOD... they have to RUIN THE REST OF US. These people already own hotels, mansions, golf courses or even their own paradise islands. They can already buy or eat whatever they want. They can travel anywhere in the world in the comfort of their private jets. They can live in their own gated communities without having to deal with us lowly commoners at all. But they CANNOT or at least COULD NOT cheat... DYING AT SOME POINT. What is the one thing Billions cannot buy you? Living in this world, in this reality, FOREVER. So something that hates us offered them a deal: "Do everything I demand of you, and I shall give you God-like LONGEVITY, God-like powers over this realm, with no moral strings attached." What was that someone or something? Lucifer? Another God-like evil being or demon? The Gods of ancient EGYPT returned? A very malevolent civilization from another Solar system or even Universe? Impossible to know for SURE. But one thing is for sure. There is a REWARD for what the Elite is doing. They are getting SOMETHING THEY DO NOT ALREADY HAVE in return for what they are doing. And they are putting themselves over US for it. We mean so little to them that they are TRADING US FOR SOMETHING THEY CANNOT RESIST HAVING. You sometimes read things like: "They are feeding off of our suffering and negative energy." There are extreme Psychopaths who get a kick out of ruining their fellow man. But the high elite is tens of thousands of people with - surely - somewhat varying personality traits? How do you get that many individuals to all want to ruin humanity and especially the lower classes? How do that many people turn into 21st Century Nazis? The only alternative to what I have written that I can think of is: Demonic or technological or cosmic mass mind-control or possession of the Elite. Could be an advanced AI. Could be a virus which alters the mind. Could be a chemical drug which alters the mind. Could be good old fashioned demonic possession or LUCIFER doing what he does. Could be an attempt to SIDESTEP God's judgement after having lived abominably. The Elite doesn't say a peep about what is really going on. There is no hard evidence. Without a whistleblower from the inside, all we have is clues and theories. And of course we have: The Book of Revelations Does this make good sense? I am interested to know what others think.
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