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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. I'm seeing a strange drop in overall IQ and critical thinking skills in people I know who are heavy TV watchers, versus heavy internet users. Its almost like the TV is PHYSICALLY making people who watch a lot stupid. There are various ways to insert subliminal shit into a TV broadcast - barely perceptible flashing/flickering/letter sequences, steganographic patterns only the brain can see, or algorithmic manipulation of the depth, motion, colour and perspective/proportions of the video image. Seriously, the people I know who are into TV or Streaming Video a lot are going down in cognitive prowess, and I'm beginning to become suspicious that some kind of new OPTICAL PATTERNING tech is being covertly used. Anybody else here noticed heavy TV watchers going down in intellectual capacity?
  2. Does anyone else subscribe? What are your favourite or least favourite shows on there? I'm loving r complex and also the consciousness series. I also really like Gareth Icke's big mouth series..he's a great interviewer. Really gets the best out of people. He's had lots of practice with his dad I suppose which must be like herding cats sometimes.
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