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  1. The theory: - Moving monoscopic 2D content is not a natural image - Its FLAT and unrealistic, like looking at the world through ONE eye without any real DEPTH INFORMATION - When watching TV/Video our brains feel FORCED to translate the image into a more natural 3D image which can be processed - This realtime translation to 3D takes significant COGNITIVE PROCESSING, even though we do NOT feel it - Because the brain is in a VERY HIGH ACTIVATION STATE throughout, it automatically classes what it sees on TV as UNUSUALLY SIGNIFICANT - This is although TV/Video is really just a bunch of fast 2D image sequences edited together - This ACTIVATION STATE which is HIGHER than in normal reality partially OVERPOWERS other BRAIN FUNCTIONS - As a result the viewer essentially WATCHES TV/VIDEO with a LOWER CRITICAL IQ than in normal life and becomes GULLIBLE - The brain MISJUDGES THE VALIDITY of what it sees on FLAT TV/VIDEO because of the UNNATURALLY HIGH COGNITIVE PROCESSING LOAD happening in the background SUPPRESSING OTHER BRAIN ACTIVITY WHICH IS IMPORTANT FOR CRITICAL THINKING - Unless you have IQ POINTS TO BURN, TV essentially LULLS YOU INTO STUPIDITY WITH PROLONGED VIEWING That's the theory. Anybody agree or disagree?
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