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Found 3 results

  1. Source: http://www.resonancescience.org/ Scotland (1), Israel (2), China (3), Turkey (4), Egypt (5), India (6), Germany (7), Bulgaria, Sweden (9), France (10), Czech Republic (11), Greece (12) The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol found throughout the world. A fundamental pattern of sacred geometry. The flower of life encodes the structure of the fabric of our reality. Nassim Haramein has recently shown that the flower of life pattern is also the key geometric pattern to describe quantum gravity. In Haramein's peer-reviewed paper, "Quantum Gravity and Holographic Mass," it is shown that the 3D flower-of-life pattern can be used to describe the gravitational field of any object, filling any sphere (a proton, a planet, a galaxy) with tiny voxels (spherical pixels), which perfectly fill space and have the diameter of the Planck distance (the smallest possible vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum, or the size of a fundamental pixel of our reality). Nassim calculates the information present within the volume of any sphere using the 3D flower-of-life pattern and compares it to the information projected holographically onto the surface of the sphere in a similarly 2D flower-of-life mosaic pattern to generate a geometric solution for the gravitational field. Something that has been right under our noses, or paws, in the case of the Fu Lions, all this time! How did they know the geometry of the Planck-scale overlapping spherical oscillating waveforms that make up the proton, and hence, all atoms, and hence, all matter in the universe?
  2. finding it a lil difficult to put this into words....bear with me please SYMBOLS, in other dimensions of awareness, will appear in other forms On the Vibrational Level of Awareness... Vibrations = LINES or WAVES on the spectrum >>> LINES that resonate - resonate energy - resonate sound >>++Positives++ and --Negatives-- In the video above, "SOLOMONS SEAL" INVERTED PENTAGRAM PATTERN OF THE KNOT is represented on the temple carving that Praveen is studying. Note how the carvings represent the arrangement of the STRINGS in order to achieve that specific knot. - when placing STRINGS down that follow the carving, Praveen can then tie the SOLOMON SEAL - KNOT Now, what if the STRINGS represent the LINES / WAVES of Energy Vibration - ++Positives++ and --Negatives-- the satanic pentagram is an INVERTED PENTAGRAM just like the SOLOMONS SEALS KNOT, whereas a NORMAL PENTAGRAM is not satanic. Inverted Pentagram - Solomons Seal = --Negatives-- to BIND AND TIE? NORMAL PENTAGRAM = ++Positives++ to RELEASE AND SET FREE? so i see it as the 'hell-ites' are using knot magic to bind and tie humanity up
  3. At 5 MINS 13 SECS a SHIELD bearing Hitler's INITIALS A H is visible. Is it just me or is this a HALF-CONCEALED SQUARE AND COMPASSES on the shield?
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