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Found 4 results

  1. I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and I have considered myself to be a "different" thinker from the beginning of my life. I am open-minded to all possibilities and probabilities. I do not have any sort of mental-health issue besides what I already stated above, and what I will tell you below is 100% accurate to my knowing. I've had a few strange occurrences happen to me this year, and cannot tell if it's spirituality, insanity, or something else - I've seen a broad range of colours trying to reel me in while asleep, but I feared that I would not come back to this reality in my first instance. It was attempted a second time but I don't think I was ready. My second occurrence happened when I was asking something of a higher power to speak with me, or heal me in some way. That very night, I was brought out of sleep by an angelic-like hum that sounded, and had shapes of a woman I haven't heard in this life but seemed soothing and familiar. I was involuntarily moving my body without my mind commanding me to do so, and felt like I was being scanned and tested without ill intent. I woke up feeling refreshed physically and mentally the next day, and actually cried tears of joy. My third instance, I asked the universe and creator(s) to grant me knowledge and comprehension beyond what I already know so that I could solve any and all problems in our reality. I seemed to find myself in the same place where I heard the voices of my Grandmother and Mother, yet they were questioning if had some sort of ties with the multiverse or something to the degree (I cannot remember exactly). I felt, quite literally, roped back to our reality but was put into an asleep/awake mode. I saw geometrical patterns, almost in a strange fractal-state, and saw eyes within triangles circling around 3-dimensionally to the left of me while also seeing time speeding up (an hour-glass with time seemed to be present). I then saw all symbols and letters I could comprehend spirialing out from the eye, and then it transitioned to realistic human eyes and mouths in a kaleidoscope sort of way. My fourth instance happened (two months ago) recently where I was in a dream-state that felt real, and then my head seemed to drop out of the dream and into an area that felt like I was not supposed to enter. I saw the eye in a triangle rotating again 3-dimensionally, and below it were geometrical shapes similar to that of a tesserract; however, the shape inside the cube was a sphere. If anyone has any type of knowing what I might be going through, what I should do if I revisit these strange happenings, and where I should look in terms of research it would be very much appreciated.
  2. Hi okay so I am a Christian. Growing up, I understood that if people didn't accept Jesus as our Lord and savior and say sorry for their sins they would die and go to hell. That was my understanding. After listening to David Ike for many years, he says that we are consciousness. David Ike claims that when people die, they become Consciousness and then they are forever consciousness. I take this as a positive thing. However what about the people that are murders, psychopaths, and evil satanic worshipers that kill children? What happens to them when they die? Surely those people don't deserve anything positive in the afterlife. In the Bible in my Christian religion they go to hell. However I'm confused about David Ike's theory about people becoming Consciousness again after they pass from this human life form. Is there any accountability for those people that are evil, psychopaths, murders and satanic worshipers that do bad things in their cult? Do they just become Consciousness too and just have a positive experience for all the evil they did on this Earth? Will there be any accountability for them in the afterlife. I wish I understood David Ike's Theory Of Consciousness after death more clearly. Can someone please help me understand what his theory is about those types of evil psychotic people dying and what happens to them in the afterlife?
  3. Aside from the part where the illuminati is a coined phrased pushed around the internet and created by the people of earth to describe hierarchies that are oppressive to the hierarchy they might belong to which is either racial, religious, political or social. Where the action of one competing hierarchy against the other as the other person might put they will see the action of a person belong to the other hierarchy competing against them as the illuminati which is the easiest definition to describe the competing and oppressive hierarchy just like the coined phrase deep state is used much in the same way by other hierarchies on earth too and then other coined phrases like zionist or jew gets thrown around much the same way and well aside from the illuminati being a spiritual and memetic action just like the black bloc is aggressive action used against an oppressor of a competing hierarchy . The concept works roughly the same way and well if you know anything about sociology and the humanities then understanding the coined phrase known as the illuminati should be hard to understand so much so and that well it's easier to cling to conspiracy theories when trying to workout a complex social problem and that well the stuff in the intellectual community may seem like it's against the likes of those who are conspiracy theorists on forums like this and other forums like above top secret and god like productions. What Is A Meme Virus Of The Mind The Selfish Gene The God Delusion
  4. A powerful message from a great person! Henna Maria is a true asset in our community. Enjoy! https://www.bitchute.com/video/mhOFaknNUw3c/
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