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  1. The world's elite currently behave like they have no care in the world. "We'll impose this on you, and that on you, and take this right away, and hurt you in this way, and make you do this". Where does this FEARLESS and ARROGANT CONFIDENCE of theirs come from? They have very likely conquered SPACE. They have been to places we don't even know about. They have found unbelievably rich resources. They are planning for a near future which does NOT revolve around Earth. And they are now working hard to set up that future in such a way that they are TOP DOG there too. While they are doing this, they are making us live through one CRISIS after another on our tired little planet. Why? To keep our eyes AWAY FROM SPACE. Our grasp of space is supposed to be that Elon Musk will EVENTUALLY take us there with his stupid ROCKETS. We are supposed to think that a stupid Space Telescope takes 10BN Dollars to build. In reality, the Elite is already out there, exploring and building. Maybe bringing back precious metals to earth to make lots of off the book money. But they want us to believe that THIS ISN'T TECHNOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE YET. And of course, having conquered SPACE, we regular people now seem EXTRA SMALL and INSIGNIFICANT to them. They are GODS CONQUERING SPACE. We are ANTS watching NETFLIX on phones, doing our grocery shopping and trying to pay off our credit card debts. I BELIEVE THAT THIS IS WHY PEOPLE LIKE BILL GATES ACT SO SMUG AND BIGHEADED. EARTH IS PASSE. IT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE.
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