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Found 2 results

  1. DON'T DO IT no matter how much of a 'good idea' you think this is! Searches for 'apply for a loan' explode by nearly 300% as worries mount over soaring energy bills More worried families considering taking out a loan to help them pay extortionate energy bills From: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/searches-apply-loan-explode-nearly-24897176 Stop and think about this for a minute: you're worried about paying your energy bills so you think the solution is to take out a loan so you can pay them? For starters, people are only worried about their energy bills because the 'media' has frightened them into worrying about them, by bandying around huge figures like £3000 or £5000. Secondly, if you're struggling to make ends meet as it is, how on earth does 'borrowing' money in the form of a loan help? Any loan taken out has to be paid back with interest, so you always end up paying back more than you initially 'borrowed'. Also don't forget with interest rate rises, your 'affordable monthly repayments' could quite easily become 'unaffordable' as interest rates rise. It's almost like they want people to increase their debt burden even further. And whats this about "uncertainty about what help will be coming from the Government"? The media have been making a big play about this in the last few days, demanding that it is the Government that needs to 'do something' to help people, by providing more handouts. I disaagree, handouts are not the answer, as that just makes people further indebted and beholden to the State, and of course this is just priming people to get used to and welcoming of the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) which would of course be intrisincally linked to a Chinese-style social credit system.
  2. If ever you encounter a book online which is absurdly priced and it isn't an antique, there is an excellent chance that the book contains information that the PTB in this world don't want you reading. I have encountered this phenomena many times in my life, mainly regarding books about the Tavistock institute, which on Amazon can range in price anywhere from hundreds of pounds right the way through to thousands. Why? Well, to put it simply, the Tavistock institute are at the centre of global mass manipulation and social engineering. They actually shape paradigms of human behavior. Another example is the book "Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness" by Jim Keith. I heard this book mentioned by SRA survivor Jay Parker in one of his talks at the 'Free Your Mind' conference in America and he recommended the book on the grounds that it contains a lot of extremely rare and valuable information, particularly about the Tavistock institute. Here is a price/availability list from a few online booksellers. Fucking tell me that the manipulative fucks who control this world don't have a hand in this: Amazon UK: £175 Amazon US: 'Currently Unavailable' Abe Books: £565 Alibris: Not on website Barnes and Noble: Not on website Better World Books: 'Out Of Stock' Blackwells: 'Not Available' Bookshop.org: Not on website Books a million: Not on website Ebay.com: £300 Google Books: Multiple pages redacted/No ebook available Peachpit: Not on website Powells: 'Out Of Stock' Scribd: Not available for purchase or download Thrift Books: 'Temporarily Unavailable' Valore Books: 'Out Of Stock' Waterstones: 'Not Available' I even tried looking it up on a whole bunch of those free PDF websites, which are normally excellent sources for books about esoteric subject matter, and mysteriously, all PDFs and Torrents had been reduced down to nothing more than a couple of pages, although the book can be read partially on Google books, and, it would seem, entirely on Sribd. Either way, it appears there is a drive to stop people owning a physical copy or a PDF of this. That being said, it seems that it's publisher (very small) is selling it on the website for $16 but I have sent a preliminary email to double check this.
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