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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I've been following this forum for ages, but never felt to join the discussion. However, lately some very wierd things started happening and I would need your thoughts and advice. I am from Slovenia, where we will hold the general election in a few weeks The air is loaded with emotion and tension, especially with the Ukraine crisis going on. I have a gamma wave detector at home and it's been going nuts for the past few weeks. Definitely some wierd shit going on. And then this happened. Yesterday there was a debate, and one of the candidates, a renowned 85 year old diplomate, with years of foreign experience, had this shapeshifting moment and it made me think that a NWO take over is happening. Now, most people just laughed at the guy, but I became scared AF and I said to my wife: "Honey, there is a shapeshifter in that room, and everyone is totally cool with it". At the moment it happened my gamma detector went CRAAAZY. What do you think. Is this a legit shapeshifting evidence? The canadidates name is Ernest Petrič. Here is the video
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