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Found 1 result

  1. I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and I have considered myself to be a "different" thinker from the beginning of my life. I am open-minded to all possibilities and probabilities. I do not have any sort of mental-health issue besides what I already stated above, and what I will tell you below is 100% accurate to my knowing. I've had a few strange occurrences happen to me this year, and cannot tell if it's spirituality, insanity, or something else - I've seen a broad range of colours trying to reel me in while asleep, but I feared that I would not come back to this reality in my first instance. It was attempted a second time but I don't think I was ready. My second occurrence happened when I was asking something of a higher power to speak with me, or heal me in some way. That very night, I was brought out of sleep by an angelic-like hum that sounded, and had shapes of a woman I haven't heard in this life but seemed soothing and familiar. I was involuntarily moving my body without my mind commanding me to do so, and felt like I was being scanned and tested without ill intent. I woke up feeling refreshed physically and mentally the next day, and actually cried tears of joy. My third instance, I asked the universe and creator(s) to grant me knowledge and comprehension beyond what I already know so that I could solve any and all problems in our reality. I seemed to find myself in the same place where I heard the voices of my Grandmother and Mother, yet they were questioning if had some sort of ties with the multiverse or something to the degree (I cannot remember exactly). I felt, quite literally, roped back to our reality but was put into an asleep/awake mode. I saw geometrical patterns, almost in a strange fractal-state, and saw eyes within triangles circling around 3-dimensionally to the left of me while also seeing time speeding up (an hour-glass with time seemed to be present). I then saw all symbols and letters I could comprehend spirialing out from the eye, and then it transitioned to realistic human eyes and mouths in a kaleidoscope sort of way. My fourth instance happened (two months ago) recently where I was in a dream-state that felt real, and then my head seemed to drop out of the dream and into an area that felt like I was not supposed to enter. I saw the eye in a triangle rotating again 3-dimensionally, and below it were geometrical shapes similar to that of a tesserract; however, the shape inside the cube was a sphere. If anyone has any type of knowing what I might be going through, what I should do if I revisit these strange happenings, and where I should look in terms of research it would be very much appreciated.
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