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Found 5 results

  1. If you think it's a smart idea to use psychedelic drugs of any kind well you might want to reconsider not using based on some recent scientific analysis and study that I have done that shows based on the hours and hours of reading I did along with some side studying I realized that psychedelics of all kinds doesn't actually heal a person from within it does quite the opposite and that well if you thought the scientific community stood with the idea of using such a biohazardous substance that is more or less to me a byproduct of biological and chemical warfare. Even if you think it's safe to use by the word of somebody portraying itself as an educated scientist in say a field of study with a degree, masters degree, doctorate or PhD in biology and chemistry then I would definitely ask the person if they where educated in the universities first and foremost. Where if they don't have that piece of paper saying that there smart enough to tell it's safe and whoever they maybe are probably not very well educated in the first place and there suggestions are a haphazard at best because you need to look at the chemical analysis of this stuff and understand what kind of biological it has on the body and what kind damage it can do to your DNA/RNA and chromosomes and if you think your superman or superwoman in your head and that body is indestructible well it's not and that the body of god can still be damaged by it's own creations and that it's not really immortal and indestructible like everything else it has ever created. I would like to think that psychedelics are a tool for not just rendering the biology of the body take for example conversion therapy that involves the use of psychedelics to turn naturally born transgendered, bigendered, queergendered and intergendered into cisgendered men and cisgendered women so that there is no god in the heavens anymore from the way the cisgendered men and cisgendered women put it and that they would use transhumanism to rebuild god in there own image and keep it on earth forever to make a new satan for the new age of Aquarius and that I always suspected that humanity on earth wanted to capture god from the heavens above and render it's people including itself in it's full embodiment wherever it might on earth and that it's home is not earth but somewhere else out in the black of space far away from earth and that earth is just a colony world of it. https://www.psychedelic-library.org/grofchro.htm https://www.glaad.org/conversiontherapy https://whatistranshumanism.org See the funny thing about the right wing is they hate the use of psychedelic drugs but like to use it on 'homosexuals or transindividuals" in a process called conversion therapy to change and mutate the genetics or chromosomes to more inline with the cisgendered men or cisgendered women of earth. But want to use transhumanism something the right wing calls the devil or satan because it's of the left wing but insists that the likes of transgendered, bigendered, queergendered and intergendered people born from the womb are the people of satan when there not at all like that in any way shape or form at all. Say if somebody who is 47 XXY is a highly evolved individual from birth takes a hit of LSD then chances are they might become 46 XY from that one hit and that possibly means that somebody 48 XXXY who is a highly evolved individual from birth takes a hit of LSD then chances are they might become somebody with 46 XY as an example and that well like I say I caution the use of drugs like this in first place and nobody should suggest to anyone good or bad to use something as dangerous as LSD or any other type of psychedelic drug on the black market because how it can render a people of god with 47 XXY or 48 XXXY into a people of satan which are people who are 46 XY or 44 XX.
  2. NASA wants to broadcast detailed new information into space, including information about the exact location of Earth, our human culture, our Mathematics and so forth https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/telling-aliens-where-we-are-puts-earth-at-risk-20220418-p5ae4k.html Improvements in digital technology mean that more information can now be emitted. The proposed message includes basic mathematical and physical concepts to establish a universal means of communication, followed by information on the biochemical composition of life on Earth. It also includes the Solar System’s location relative to major clusters of stars, along with digitised depictions of it, Earth’s surface, and men and women. The message concludes with an invitation for intelligences to respond. However, Anders Sandberg, a senior research fellow at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, warned that sharing such information with intelligent life presents a risk that must be considered. Sandberg said that although the chance of the message reaching an alien civilisation was low, “it has such a high impact that you actually need to take it rather seriously”. He said that the “giggle factor” surrounding the search for extraterrestrial intelligence meant that “many people just refuse to take anything related to it seriously. Which is a shame because this is important stuff.” Overall, said Sandberg, both the risk and the potential benefit were small. Given the difficulty of traversing vast spans of interstellar space, a message received even by a very advanced civilisation might amount to little beyond, as Sandberg put it, “a postcard saying, ‘Wish you were here’.” A better approach than individual groups firing off ad hoc broadcasts, he said, would be humanity co-ordinating as a species. “We’re not great at co-ordinating, but I think it is a nice exercise.” Toby Ord, Sandberg’s colleague at the FHI, made similar arguments in The Precipice, a book published in 2020 in which he analysed existential risks facing humanity. Ord suggested it might be wise to have “public discussion” before sending messages to aliens, pointing out that “even passive SETI [listening for their messages] could hold dangers, as the message could be designed to entrap us.⁰ “These dangers are small, but poorly understood and not yet well managed.” Overall, wrote Ord, “the main relevant question is the ratio of peaceful to hostile civilisations. We have very little evidence about whether this is high or low, and there is no scientific consensus.
  3. Under the title: Could micro clots help explain the mystery of "Long-Covid", I've found a very interesting Artikel in the Guardian Newspaper by the distinguished South African research professor Mrs. Dr. RESIA PRETORIUS, head of the physiological science department, faculty of science at the Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Personally, I am convinced that the inflammatory molecules trapped in the fibrin cleavage-resistent "micro-clots" descreibed in the article are indeed "graphene-oxid-nano-spikes" of the mRNA-vaccination! I very much recommend this article! https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jan/05/long-covid-researche-microclots
  4. Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and I have a bit of a weird request and I thought it would be better to create a public thread instead of messaging people in private. My name is Maia and I’m an undergraduate student of cultural anthropology in the Netherlands and am currently conducting an ethnographic study into hegemonic truth regimes (so basically how power hierarchies or relations can lead to the establishment of an exclusive framework of determining what is ‘truth’ and what isn’t, which often is inherently based on what will help those in power remain in power) and how people deal with the feelings of disillusionment that may arise out of recognising these. I know I probably have slightly different opinions than a lot of people on this forum, and the reason I landed here is because the threads here feature such a variety of different perspectives that the debates are extremely productive and lively without being as polarised as they would be on e.g. Facebook or Twitter (that’s at least what I would expect). This forum is a really good example for different ‘communities of inquiry’ outside of the dominant system. This is a study that I am conducting for my Bachelor at University, but it’s also a deeply personal inquiry. I understand reservations that you may have with the University setting (I also have some) but am hoping that some of you would want to share your insights with me anyways. Maybe an important point to add is that I’m not trying to uncover any ‘hidden secrets’ or stuff like that whatsoever. My ethnographic methodology is about observing everyday-interactions, and about having productive exchanges with people who are able contribute important insights. So, generally, I’m not trying to trick you into telling or showing me something you wouldn’t tell or show me by yourself. Furthermore, I definitely do not claim any expert status or higher ground, which is why I’m trying to rid myself of pre-existing notions of truth that may make me preoccupied in this study (which is hard and maybe impossible to do fully, but should at least make me slightly more receptive for different world-views). I know that some people see studying something in the academic setting as the ‘only’ way of acquiring knowledge and I disagree. Academia is deeply biased and science is always also a product of wider circumstances and relations. I think it is important that alternative ways of acquiring knowledge become normalised and taken seriously, also so that there’s a space for dialogue between people of different opinions and perspectives (much like this forum already does on a smaller scale). Lastly, everything I have said in the above are things I cannot take back. I am ethically required to stick to reassurances I make, but I am open to discussing this and changing it on your own terms. I will also keep every informant I am in contact with completely anonymous, and I would also prefer not to know your citizen name or the place you live in or any other personal details that could disclose your identity. So I was wondering whether there are any people here that would want to talk to me about their beliefs and their notions of truth? I’m specifically interested in your quest for the truth – how you determine which sources are relevant and legitimate and which one’s aren’t and how you discuss these things on the forum but maybe also irl. And maybe about how thinking about these things has changed your lives (for the better or worse?). Ultimately, it’s all up to you. If topics are off-limit that’s fine and if there are things you would like to tell me that’s also great. I can adapt to whatever you find most comfortable: We can continue talking publicly via this thread (so also with other people involved), but we can also communicate via PMs or somewhere else. Ideally I would also like to do some interviews, but we would obviously have to find a way that doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. I think talking to people who are more used to the kind of conversations that happen on this forum would be really helpful for me, as I have read through some threads and sometimes find it hard to completely understand arguments (probably because there’s a lot of information that I missed out on). So also if you’re not interested in talking to me but have some recommendations for books/articles/documentaries/podcasts that would be really helpful, too! I also have an ICKONIC subscription. Thank you for reading , if you did, and if this is an invasion of the privacy of anyone on here I’m deeply sorry.
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