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Found 1 result

  1. While reading about the Saturn-Moon matrix in The Perception Deception, it struck me that this kind of symbolism was displayed during Yuval Harari's WEF speech in 2018. (Attached still image extracted from the video at 00:16:35.) The animated Saturn-Moon symbol is pretty obvious. I'm not as certain about the King imagery--my guess is that he represents Arthur Pendragon. Seems he's holding "Excalibur" and the (Archontic) torch in a way that encloses his body in a triangle/pyramid shape. If I'm right about Arthur, the image would also imply Arthur's "Knights of the Round Table" and supply an answer to Harari's rhetorical question, "Now how exactly will the future masters of the planet look like?" Any other ideas about this symbolism? Incidentally, there may be some subliminal messaging during the Q & A part of the presentation. Look on the screen behind Harari for a foot-high strip of rapidly blinking text. The camera angle makes it difficult to decipher the letters, but maybe someone here will have better luck than I did. (I thought I saw partially formed words like "Die" and "Blood.") Q & A starts at 00:19:35.
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