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Found 1 result

  1. In this video David mentioned that very advanced technology is a common theme in NDE experiences. I want to bring attention to this video (enter password - moksha) of Brett Stuart talking about remote viewing session where people described similar things they saw during their experience. They saw how souls that died were drawn to some kind of mechanism they described as vise which stripped them off of their acquired energy and souls that wanted to escape could not because soul catching net was prevented them from that. They also saw few alien creatures that were isolated in a vacuum space protected by some kind of force that made them unreachable. They were overseeing multiple planets and using that extracted lush energy to power their technology and for their expansion to conquer entire galaxy if not multiverse. It's depressing if we are really traped. Also during NDEs I heard people mention encounters with guardian angels, meeting loved ones and those they hold in high regards like religious figures. And that life review thing where one person described as being in a simulation and seeing on a large screen around them their life moments. They also mentioned mechanical sorting devices as they were told to go through. Sounds like a form of control. David gives optimistic view on trap but what if there is soul catching net and technology that doesn't allow escape? How is it possible that such advanced technology would be a thing in that (astral?) dimension? A spirit dimension? If I am to be street-wise should I turn away from white light and resist to do what I am told denying guardian angels, my relatives and any entity that claims to be God? Will everything shatter and I will be set free?
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