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Found 1 result

  1. I am losing it. I don't know how long I can endure having to live this way. The interference into just normal life is becoming unbearable. The rage is overpowering. I ache to walk away from it all and find a dense forest to live in. These zombies are everywhere, their retardation is making me want to roar. They are enough to break a person's spirit; my hands ache to wallop their thick, bovine faces. I don't know for how many years I can handle this. I am trying to stick around for the couple of people in the world I give a shit about, but if they weren't here I'd find some remote wildnerness and stay there. This probably won't be relatable to anyone but I am now at the point that I view 'society' as we know it as a piece of shit which is not worth saving. Everything about it is lowest common denominator and down at the level of lowlife pond scum. Nothing about it works properly, usefully, effectively. Everywhere I go, I want to take every single reference to their stinking fake virus and set it on fire. I want to tear down notices, smash TV's, start mask bonfires and launch every last drop of hand sanitizer into the nearest active volcano. I have been ready to walk away from society my whole life, this has cemented it. If you think there's anything about this cesspit society worth holding onto, you're crazy. Let it burn.
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