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Found 5 results

  1. Seen this in many videos: 1) Truther talks complete sense about what is happening for 20 - 30 minutes. 2) Then he injects a whole bunch of really UNBELIEVABLE stuff that doesn't seem to make much sense 3) At the end he says "I know all these things for a fact, because in a previous life which I remember completely I was a Space Station technician working for the Nerobian Federation in the Orion belt, and the Nerobians still give me secret information about what is happening on Earth." KA-BOOOM. Everything he analyzed correctly right before is blown to pieces. Many watching think "Man oh man...This conspiracy stuff is total BS. Not gonna watch this stuff again".
  2. The tactics of psyOp shills. 1. Belittling valid points, that happen to be a soft spot for the subject they specialize in. 2. When they are losing an argument, they often resort to name calling to embarrass their target. 3. Selective omission, tailor making their arguments by missing out important facts, and emphasising other points that are in their favour. 4. Trying to disprove valid opinions similarly by cherrypicking the elements of their arguments. 5. Using well known dishonest sources (MSM) to make their points. 6. Unable to take valid constructive criticism. Anymore tactics would be great to point out.
  3. The producers have been arrested today, but their friend Katie Woodland has uploaded it to Youtube: Let's see how long it stays on Youtube...
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