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Found 3 results

  1. Hi okay so I am a Christian. Growing up, I understood that if people didn't accept Jesus as our Lord and savior and say sorry for their sins they would die and go to hell. That was my understanding. After listening to David Ike for many years, he says that we are consciousness. David Ike claims that when people die, they become Consciousness and then they are forever consciousness. I take this as a positive thing. However what about the people that are murders, psychopaths, and evil satanic worshipers that kill children? What happens to them when they die? Surely those people don't deserve anything positive in the afterlife. In the Bible in my Christian religion they go to hell. However I'm confused about David Ike's theory about people becoming Consciousness again after they pass from this human life form. Is there any accountability for those people that are evil, psychopaths, murders and satanic worshipers that do bad things in their cult? Do they just become Consciousness too and just have a positive experience for all the evil they did on this Earth? Will there be any accountability for them in the afterlife. I wish I understood David Ike's Theory Of Consciousness after death more clearly. Can someone please help me understand what his theory is about those types of evil psychotic people dying and what happens to them in the afterlife?
  2. As I've already said a few times, one of the terrible deficiencies of psychopaths is awareness not only of others, but of awareness as a whole: They are not aware of themselves. Therefore, his parasitic lifestyle goes beyond the material. A psychopath parasites the image of a human being, his reputation, and even his conscience. The latter, in order to be able to be self-aware. If someone is not seeing or hearing him, the psychopath "feels" that he does not exist. That explains what previously, psychology called hyperactivity in children. The case of a student, for example, who doesn't stay in any playing-game group but rotates among all of them, even if they don't invite him, and he doesn't stay in any of them permanently. The so-called hyperactivity was a very fashionable word in the 90s, like manic-depressive psychosis, later called bipolarity and others. It was used as universal cotton to explain any undesirable behavior within the standard. But this hyperactivity, sometimes naively celebrated as an excess of energy that the individual did not know how to channel, was only a deficit of consciousness. A psycho trait. The individual is freaking out (in the play-ground scenario) with the offer of attention, like a shark in a riot of bloody fish. It is a feast of other's consciousness, to be able to feel that he exists. Psychopaths are incapable of being alone, they are the opposite extreme of those who are incapable of being surrounded by people, because they have such a degree of consciousness that others suck like honey. These are the people formerly called HSPs and now INFJs and who knows what they will call them tomorrow. Shamans. An awareness-hungry psychopath, narrowly defined as someone with attention deficit disorder, may go to illogical lengths in his behavior to garner attention. He is the typical person who copies everything from another. He is the typical co-worker (evaluate your experience, you have surely met several of them) who speaks at a strident and unnecessary volume, always uses the speakerphone, enters a room shouting hello or clapping his hands, or slapping the wall or a table with great force, climbs steps with loud footsteps and greets by shaking hands with excessive strength. By the way, the principles founded by schools of psychology that say that behaviors like these demonstrate security and not shyness (like the large and/or replated letters, especially the signature), are principles without any foundation. However, psychotechnical tests continue to measure behaviors like these in candidates, because the entire system is optimized to favor psychopaths and despise PASs, INFJs or whatever traits they want to put (that is, compassion, intuition, imagination, creativity, etc.). Humans with a consciousness deficit (inability to know that they exist), would like to have posters printed and wallpaper the city. I have always lived and collaborated with people like these. On the other hand, all the cultural traditions around the world describe the Demirugo, Lucifer, Djinn, Yaldabaoth, etc, as an entity with psychopathic traits. Someone who does not have creative energy and despises those who do, and who copies and distorts everything he sees created, to satisfy his need to feel like the creator. In other words, a parasite. He does not create anything, he copies and distorts. Take a look at the world and you will see that everything works backwards. This entity hates creative energy so much that it wants to nullify it and take credit for creation. And for this he needs everyone to see him and not who we could call "God". He is obsessed with marking everything as his own, signing everything as his own possession and creation. It is parasitizing the consciousness of creation. AND... Towards the beginning of 2022, at least in my city, the frantic fashion of using the QR code for everything was imposed. Even the empanada sales stands on the street have a printed and laminated sheet with the code, pasted on the window, to identify their establishment. Within a few weeks, everything was flooded with that code. Wherever you look, wherever you turn is this annoying little square. WHEREEVER YOU TURN. I immediately connected and associated it with the consciousness-hungry behavior of psychopathic parasites. He would like to print posters and wallpaper the city, the entire world, physical and digital. And he did. The QR code and nanotechnology implanted through vaccines, which responds to BT signal, would be that narcissistic poster. The mark, I mean.
  3. - It is often assumed that people who deceive others do it to get something tangible out of it, like lots of easy money for example - In actual fact, Psychopaths are very often OBSESSED with being the GREATEST at everything - They HAVE to feel, for example, that they are MANY MANY TIMES SMARTER THAN ANYONE ELSE, otherwise they go INTO A DAMAGING EMOTIONAL CRISIS and their ABNORMAL EGO BEGINS TO FRACTURE - One way to PROVE to their fragile ego that they are SUPER-SUPER-SMART is to go to great lengths to DECEIVE or TRICK someone else - When the the plan works and the target is successfully deceived, the Psychopath FEELS UNBELIEVABLE FEELINGS OF SATTISFACTION and of PERSONAL POWER, because he or she has PROVEN HOW UNBELIEVABLY SMART he or she is by planning and pulling off an elaborate deception There are many public figures these days who TELL OUTRAGEOUS UNTRUTHS to millions of people and SEEM REALLY HAPPY ABOUT DOING IT AFTERWARDS I believe that BEING ABLE TO DECEIVE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE makes these people feel like a GOD-LIKE INTELLECT, A SUPER-GENIUS, A SUPERIORLY CAPABLE MIND THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE I also believe that it turns them into CRACK ADDICTS of sorts, having to STAGE PERIODIC DECEPTIONS in order to FEEL OVER AND OVER THAT THEIR GENIUS IS ABSOLUTELY REAL Sound plausible to anyone?
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