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Found 5 results

  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=THE+ECONOMIST+2012+COVER https://www.economist.com/content/rough-guide-hell
  2. This was a very popular movie when it came out. But WTF is that "CORONA ST" sign doing in the background from about 2 min 25 secs? And why the "Korean not Chinese!" dialogue?
  3. Great song with some vocals by Michael Jackson. But what was it supposed to be about? Paranoia, or Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking?
  4. This just hit the internet: Barcelona Olympics 1992 Opening showing JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS fighting against what appears to be COVID VIRUSES, SPIKE PROTEINS and MORGRELLONS like structures...
  5. Example #1 :Pump Up The Volume by MARRS How spooky are these lyrics really ? : "Rhythmic, systematic, world control Magnetic, genetic, demands your soul" that is when you consider that, as this record was released in 1987, it may be considered 33~coded to the year 2020, their phony 'corona'tion '22' year & so the start of their 'Rhythmic, systematic, world control'; (their fully planned lockdowns go on & off in a kind of rhythm facilitating their systemic world Governmental control) many believe the fake vaccines contain "genetically engineered magneto protein"; it is thought that this could transform someone chemically, in a sense "taking them over", thus : "magnetic, genetic, demands your soul" ( ! ) [ ]
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